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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Will My Body Produce Its Own Testosterone Again?

I mentioned in an earlier post that I went on Androgel therapy for a testosterone level that had dropped from a previous 442 to 312 over a period of about 1 and  1/2 years. I had a bad reaction to the Androgel as my blood pressure sky rocketed  to an average of 195/101 after historically being in the 110/70 range. Since coming off the Androgel, my blood pressure is almost back to normal with readings in the 125/79 to 135/85 range.

I have found some websites indicating that my body will possibly begin to start producing its own testosterone again. I know for sure that walking around with seriously high blood pressure was not something I was going to do and I also had no desire to add any additional blood pressure drugs to the low dose of lisinopril and felodipine I was already taking.

I am going to go back to my workouts doing push ups, squats with the weights, abdominal exercises, and increase my aerobic activity to try and help my body to start producing testosterone at a higher level than before Androgel therapy.

I realize that per their web site Androgel produces blood pressure problems for only about 1 to 3% of all users. I apparently was in that category as the reaction got very serious very quickly and stayed there. In addition I did not notice any increase in energy levels and after being on it for about 2 months at 2 pumps per side per day, my testosterone only went up 10 points anyway. For me personally the side effects and lack of any real world measured improvement convinced me to go off the GEL.

I have been reading a lot about Iodine and the many roles it plays in our overall health. Several sites I have visited indicate a fairly large percentage of the population at large is deficient in iodine levels. As already mentioned in a previous post my level is (42) with the norm being 40-92. I take that as a LOW borderline normal level.

There is a connection between iodine levels and testosterone levels with low iodine levels being labeled as at least ONE FACTOR in low testosterone.

I came across a LOT of information concerning what other supplements should be used along with iodine supplementation:

Specifically selenium should be added and again prefer NATURAL sources one of which is BRAZIL NUTS. You do NOT want to go crazy and figure if two Brazil nuts are good for you and will take care of your selenium needs, that eating an entire bag full for a snack is a great idea. YES YOU CAN OVERDOSE ON SELENIUM AND IT WILL CREATE PROBLEMS FOR YOU...........I suggest no more than 2 Brazil nuts a day.

Another nutrient is magnesium and there is some controversy on whether to use (magnesium oxide common in drug store supplements) or liquid magnesium which is eaiser to absorb and more readily available for your cells. I am coming down on the side of liquid magnesium and your local health food store of several natural websites can provide sources for that.

The combination of  two Brazil nuts daily with a liquid magnesium supplement and iodine either from Crow's 5% Lugol solution or even Nature's Way KELP capsules (see my last post) might do wonders for your overall health.


MY BLOG is for information purposes only and I am NOT practicing medicine.

Here are some sources for liquid vitamins and especially magnesium:

This next one is very resonably priced:

THE next one will allow you to board an airplane without hassles as it is liquid, however it is in capsule form for convenience:

I am personally going off the magnesium oxide tablets and switching to one of the dozens of liquid formulas on the market for better absorbtion.

To my Nature Way KELP capsules, I will add liquid magnesium and 2  Brazil nuts per day.


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