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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Side Effects Of LOVAZA (fish oil supplement)

I have learned that the FDA has approved a new drug called "Lovaza" to compete with over the counter fish oil (Omega 3 type supplements).

MY VOTE stays with the over the counter Omega 3 fish oil caps and more specifically the better "Krill Oil" caps as spelled out in a previous posts from:

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I thought I would post the dangerous side effects of the Lovaza supplement and my personal opinion is that one would be better off using Krill Oil and Flax seed oil etc. as opposed to going on another prescription with a list of more side effects to deal with.

A partial list of side effects include burping, upset stomach, abnormal taste, infection and flu like symptoms, headache, muscle aches, chills, fever, runny nose, sore throat, general and BACK pain, skin rash, irregular heart beat, and chest pain.



  1. Lovaza is not really a pharmaceutical. It is FISH OIL with the saturated fat removed. It is EPA and DHA. It is likely as good as Krill Oil and better than Flax Oil. It may be better than plain fish oil in so far as it has less saturated fat.

    Still eating Salmon tastes better. Trader Joes's frozen salmon pattys is quite affordable, although fresh wild salmon is reallye expensive

    1. Lovaza is however very expensive (see link posted here) and I have not seen the long list of side effects with any other fish oil, krill oil product. Please read this link:

      Thanks for your comment, Dan