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Monday, July 16, 2012

Pushups To Boost Testosterone

How long have you been out of high school? If it is 10 years or more and you can't remember how long it has been since you did a push up, and you are a type 2 are headed for trouble.

I have posted previous links on the dangers of low testosterone and Type 2 Diabetes with statistics to show that diabetics with low testosterone have a much greater chance of early death than those with normal testosterone levels.

What can you do about it? Well, you can start doing pushups for one thing. Exercise that involves major muscle groups boost your testosterone levels. Doing pushups involves the large pectoral muscles of the chest along with the large deltoid muscles of the shoulders and even the abdominals as stabilizing muscle groups.

Don't worry about how many push ups you can do to start with (or NOT be able to do). IF you persist and are determined to be able to do 20-25 push ups at one time, you WILL be able to accomplish that if you keep trying. Set a time every day or every other day to do as many as you possibly can in two different sets of reps. In 30 days you will be surprised at how many you can do and how much better you will feel.


Don't forget your other large muscle groups including the legs, thighs etc. Doing squats with dumb bells in addition to push ups and possibly some chin ups and pull ups will do wonders for your overall core body strength and your testosterone.

See the additional link for other exercise and diet tips to increase your testosterone.

Exercising is IMPORTANT.  I didn't say it is easy to get started if you have been a couch potato for years. It IS WORTH THE EFFORT.

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