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Sunday, June 9, 2013

(TRANSGLUCOSIDASE) Enzyme in the news to STOP Starch Induced Blood Sugar Spikes

Do you have a problem with blood glucose spikes especially after a high carbohydrate starchy meal? I think most of us do. There is an enzyme making the news lately called Transglucosidase / Pronounced (trans-gluco-side-ace) and here is why you need to know about it.

Impressive laboratory studies have recently shown that when this enzyme comes in contact with starchy foods and natural enzymes in the digestive tract, there is a 31% reduction in rapidly digested starch, which is the kind that causes those blood sugar spikes after a big meal and it also causes an 11% increase in slowly digested starch, causing it to get converted to sugar more slowly if AT ALL.


If you are a PRE-diabetic that is big news. Hey, it is also BIG news if you are a full blown type 2 diabetic. WHY?

Latest guidelines from the "Institute of Medicine" indicates a healthy diet as one whose carbohydrate intake should be 65% of daily food intake. (Questionable????)

Here are some HIDDEN dangers of such a high starch diet regimen:

  • Starch is probably the BIGGEST source of sugar in your diet - even if you eat whole grain bread, brown rice and perhaps whole wheat pasta.
  • Starchy foods are HIGH in glucose precursors - all starch gets turned into SUGAR in the digestive process / some faster and some slower than others
Impact of insulin EXCESS:

Insulin is a hormone that is absolutely necessary for carbohydrate and fat metabolism, however when it is secreted in excess, it can become a death hormone. Chronically ELEVATED insulin levels put a body at risk of dying from diseases such as cancer, stokes, heart attacks and ultimately lead to a "Burnt-Out" pancreas incapable of any glucose control at all. EVEN non-diabetics with normal fasting blood sugar levels are at an increased risk IF their after meal glucose levels rise TOO HIGH, TOO FAST.

The MOST DANGEROUS PERIOD  is approximately the first two hours after a starchy meal when all starch gets turned into sugar and can cause spikes in your glucose level and INSULIN levels into the DANGER ZONE.

By taking a supplement including TRANSGLUCOSEIDASE before A STARCHY MEAL and adequate soluble and insoluble fiber you can go a long ways to counter acting this situation. The American Diabetes Association recommends 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day and most of us do not get ANYWHERE NEAR THAT LEVEL OF FIBER.

One source of this supplement is "Life Extension" and their supplement is item #01731 available directly from Life Extension and retails for $54 per bottle (reduced to $37.50 if you buy 4 bottles at a time). Other discounts may be available for being a Life Extension member. This is a powerful supplement combined with getting adequate fiber especially with starchy meals and should go a LONG WAYS in reducing BG spikes after a meal. ONE capsule contains 450,000 (IU) or international units of Transgulcoseidase)

Another source I found on line is and they offer a product called Enzymedica- Reduce capsules for $17.59 per bottle so (5) bottles would run you $87.95 plus shipping.. These are 30 capsule bottles and they also offer 90 capsules bottles for $45.59. Go online to

There are  differences in the exact dose age and contents of the two products listed above. I KNOW Life Extension Magazine has top notch products and there monthly magazine is where I learned of the concept to begin with. The product contains 75,000 (IU) of glucoreductase which includes transglucosidase of 75,000 units. It also contains zine gluconate 15mg, some chromium picolinate, and cinnamon extract 20:1 / 50mg.

This is not a bad product or a rip off, however from a cost effective standpoint, one capsule of the Life Extension formula  would be roughly equal to (6) capsules of the formula. Looking at it from that perspective, the order of FIVE bottles for $87.95 plus shipping is still less potency than (1) bottle of the Life Extension formula or $37.50 EACH when you purchase four bottles. Something to think about. At this point in time I can find only the two supplements listed above. I am SURE that will change as time marches on and the word gets out.

I will do another post soon on the problems of blood glucose spikes and having too much INSULIN.


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