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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cause of heart Disease?

There seems to be different warring factions on the CAUSE of heart disease. One belief held by and promoted by the pharmaceutical companies and conventional medical wisdom could be called the LIPID THEORY and labels cholesterol as the enemy of good health and if it is NOT kept LOW and under tight management, is the cause of heart disease. They also label cholesterol as GOOD (HDL) and BAD (LDL). The other opposing concept promoted by Dr. Linus Pauling Ph.D. .and Dr. Matthias Rath is known as the "Unified Theory" and believes that heart disease has its roots in nutritional deficiency and can be corrected by supplementing with those missing nutrients in proper amounts and can even unclog arteries that are already in the beginning or advanced stages of blockage from plaque. The medical community seems to still focus on saturated fat as the enemy and statins and blood thinners etc. are the answer along with surgery.  The Unified Theory feels that in a sense Vitamin C could be called  "Nature's Perfect Statin". The Unified Theory as I understand it does not label HDL cholesterol as good and LDL as bad..............just different.

One of the things in the Unified Theory" that made sense to me was that animals  produce vitamin C within their own bodies and never have cardiovascular disease. God of course made them that way and left alone, animals are NOT subject to all of our human weaknesses of eating the wrong food and too much of it. They get plenty of exercise and their thirst is satisfied by water. Human's on the other hand left to our own devices feel somehow that we can eat anything and everything we desire and replace pure fresh water with carbonated sodas, coffee, sugar laden milk shakes etc. We can also eat unlimited amounts cakes, pies, puddings, donuts, baked goods, potato chips, deep friend foods done to perfection in hydrogenated oil, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup. To much of our population exercise is something you HAD TO DO when you were a kid in gym class and after that ordeal you can forget about it for the rest of your life. Humans NEED supplemental vitamin C and cannot produce it in their own bodies.

In America today heart disease is the leading cause of death with approximately 1,000,000 heart attacks taking place every year and a little over 50% of those being fatal. In 1900 heart attacks were very rare outside of congenital heart defects and  infectious diseases.

For the last 60 years plus the medical community and Big Pharma have clung to the Lipid Theory of heart disease and the emphasis has been on lowering cholesterol and saturated fat to prevent strokes and heart disease. It still is despite the ground work laid by Dr. Pauling and Dr. Matthias Rath. The medical community continues to push drugs like STATINS AND BLOOD THINNERS AND KEEPS lowering the bar for cholesterol levels every year. I was recently told that the only way to ensure you will never have a heart attack or stroke is to keep your overall cholesterol lever BELOW 100!.

Darn near impossible at best and futile at the same time as heart disease keeps climbing and we are losing over 1/2 million folks to heart attacks and strokes every year. IF low cholesterol levels were the answer and statins are the way to get there........................then WHY haven't we seen heart disease eradicated by this point in time?

My common sense and limited research have put me on the Unified Theory side of this equation. I have already started yesterday to supplement with 3000 mg of Vitamin C, 2000mg of L-Lysine and drinking my why protein shake every day which contains all 18 amino acids and includes L-Proline in adequate amounts.

This supplementation from everything I read is SAFE, and there is verifiable documented proof that it is effective in unclogging arteries with existing plaque in them. I cannot say the same thing for Lipitor which I will be on temporarily after my recent surgery. I hope within 60 days or so to be back on CholesLo and to continue the Vit C, Lysine and Proline supplementation.

Check out this link for yourself. This has to be one of the biggest, boldest cover ups in medical history.


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