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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

10 Top Green Powdered Super Food Drinks Rated

Since I personally own a Vita Mixer and often make my own green smoothies in addition to drinking a When protein shake every day, I have not purchased any green powdered drink mixes for a while. That doesn't mean I do not think they have any value. I personally think one of the most reasonably priced comes from  the "Institute For Vibrant living".

Their two top sellers are:

All Day Energy Greens and Go Ruby Go. The first one is a green powdered drink containing 38 super foods in a quick, easy to mix tasty drink. The Go Ruby Go contains 42 delicious energizing fruits and nutrients in one easy serving.

I have read the reviews, plus this was my "Go To" green supplement until my daughter purchased a Vita Mixer for me. I still had some of the All Day Energy Green Powder" left after getting the Vita Mixer and often added a scope of it to a smoothies made from celery, baby spinach, carrots, sweet peppers and other veggies.

Right now they have a BUY ONE AND GET TWO FREE sale on almost all of their products. If you buy  the Energy Greens for $39.95, you can get the Go Ruby Go for FREE along with one of their other products such as Berry Essentials, Long Life Food Source, Beautiful Barley, Super Wheat grass Combo, and one for type 2 diabetics called "Gluco Harmony". / which contains 9 Ayurvedic herbs and spices proven to lower BG levels.

Again, I do NOT have any financial interest and do not receive any remuneration for anyone purchasing their products. I simply have USED them in the past and was very satisfied with the taste, the product itself and the service i rec from Vibrant Living Institute. 

Right now with the buy one and get TWO FREE.....$39.95 plus $7.99 shipping goes a long ways in this economy.

Here is a LINK from someone who has rated what they feel are the top ten super food type powder mixes. Take your pick if interested as none of them are BAD. Some are more expensive than others.

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George Bernard Shaw 

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