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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More On Alkalinity (vs.) Acidic / HOW TO ACCOMPLISH THE GOAL

There is a lot of information available on the world wide web concerning the PH Miracle, alkalinity (vs.) being acidic etc. I have several posts on the topic indicating what foods to eat and what to avoid in order to achieve that alkalinity in your system.

I hope here to address the concept of drinking more water, and specifically Ionized water to benefit your body's PH. Again, I have NO financial interest in any of these products. I merely wanted to make you aware of some of the items out there to convert tap water and bottled water into healthier water, and encourage you to stop drinking carbonated drinks whether sugar free or not because of the PH level of the average 12 or 16 OZ cup of soda. (See my post on ASPARTAME for more information)

I receive a periodic health related news letter from "Health News". In the latest issue is an article entitled, "Your Body Needs Alkaline Antioxidant Water". Inside the news letter is a flyer offering something called an Ion Pod.For $99.00 as of the time of this post, you can receive 3 Ion Pods. Shipping is free, and you also receive a FREE PH test reagent, and a FREE acid/alkaline food chart. For an additional $17.95 one can also order a travel size Ion shield or Ion disk.  You can reach Healthy News for comment or to order from at 1-800-604-6766.

LINK to Healthy Habits

How It Works / Their proprietary mineral cartridge uses minerals to transform ordinary water from ACID to ALKALINE. The cartridge lasts up to one full year and is easily replaceable. Since our bodies are approximately 70% water, drinking the alkaline water had positive effects, It first affected the body's water PH and then the Blood PH. With the blood being alkaline, oxygen can be better transported by the blood cells to the tissues of the body.

The alkaline water is said to have positively influenced arthritis, gout, blood pressure, skin problems, digestive problems, sever psoriasis and YES dramatic lowering of blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics. The results were positive and fast and blood glucose levels remained much lower as long as one continued drinking the alkaline water.

Here is another site you may want to visit in your quest for helping your body maintain a healthy alkaline PH. This site goes into more detail on the workings of your system and the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. Realizing that no matter how much preaching I do, and a host of other people on the PH Miracle for diabetes, most people feel they are just too darn busy and don't want to be bothered with all the facts and figures. To me, it seems that if you are not buying into the weight resistance and aerobic training, giving up the diet and regular sodas, eating more fresh fruits and veggies, getting off the refined sugar and high carbohydrate and empty calorie snacks and think we have a screw loose somewhere on the hydrogenated oil research; then adding alkaline ionized water, will go a long way towards improving your health anyway. Eventually you will feel so good, you will jump on board with the rest of the research.

Link To Drinking Alkaline Water

Excerpt from above link:

"The Acid Equation
When it comes to pH (potential of hydrogen), most people know more about why this matters in a pool or aquarium than in our own bodies. But did you know that our bodies are more than 70% water too? In fact, our blood is 83% water and has a very specific pH: 7.365. If our blood varies more than .1 pH from that level, illness and death quickly follow. Our body works constantly to maintain that pH balance.
The food we eat and water we drink has a pH, too. Here are a few common examples:
  • Cola soda carbonated beverage - pH 2.0
  • Standard cup of coffee - pH 4.1
  • Ground beef - pH 3.2

So the critical question is this: if 90% of the average American diet is made of acidic food and water, how does our body manage and dispose of all this acid? Of course our bodies have ways to deal with this problem:
  • Respiration – the average person gets plenty of fresh, clean air each day
  • Perspiration – the average person gets plenty of cardio exercise each day or performs manual labor to the point of exhaustion
  • Urination/Defication – the average person has an finely-tuned digestive system that processes and eliminates everything not required to live a healthy life
Oh wait! I must be describing the lifestyle of some other nation, possibly that of Japan or Korea where the healthy life expectancy is off the charts!

Although not through ideal procedures, our bodies do have a way of dealing with all this acid: neutralization. The body plays a clever trick and leaches (removes) calcium and magnesium (alkaline minerals) from our bones to help offset the over-acidification. Even worse, the acid that can’t be eliminated or neutralized is stored as solid waste.
pH Balancing & Hydration
According to the functional theory by many acclaimed research scientists and medical doctors, all diseases can be traced back to two simple problems:
  • Dehydration – water is the fluid of life. When we become dehydrated, we reduce our body’s ability to process nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Further, we starve the body of the fluid by which it cleanses and detoxifies the organs and blood, leaving toxins running rampant in our bodies.
  • Over-Acidification – our bodies prefer an alkaline environment. When acid builds up, it robs every available resource to maintain pH balance. Excess acid is stored in the body and slowly poisons us over time."

Link to Alkaline Drops / 2 month supply

EXCERPT on Alkaline Drops:

Alkalife pH Alkaline Water Drops

"You can enjoy alkalife alkaline water without buying a water ionizer
Alkalife® is an Alkaline Concentrate. Two drops in a glass of drinking water changes the water into alkaline water. Many have reported health improvements simply by drinking alkaline water each day. The Japanese have been enjoying the benefits of alkaline water for over forty years.
In a series of blind tests carried out during product development, Mr Sang Whang evolved the present day formula, which is patented and unlike any purportedly similar product on the market. It contains a special ratio of mineral ingredients to naturally eliminate acid without any long-term side effects.
One bottle has approximately 600 drops, which equates to two month's use.
Alkaline water made using Alkalife® has been tested non-toxic according to FDA approved toxicity tests - by FDA and DEA registered independent laboratories."


John 7:38 KJV
He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

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  1. The pH range is from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Anything below 7 is acidic (low on oxygen) and anything above 7 is alkaline. The blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid in the human body are designed to be slightly alkaline at a pH of 7.4. Cancer cells become dormant at a pH slightly above 7.4 and will die at pH8.5 while healthy cells will live.

    body ph