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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dangers Of Taking Insulin?

I have been reading lately about the detrimental effects of taking insulin and especially getting started on insulin too early as a type 2 diabetic. A recent article I read indicated most NEWLY diagnosed type 2 diabetics start out on Metformin as the 1st medicine. That applies to me and several years later I am still on a low dose of Metformin. I am also on a low dose of Glipizide and have been almost from the beginning. My last A1C was 6.5 without insulin therapy.

I have read different articles over the years on insulin whether administered by a needle or being on an insulin pump. Many of the people I have personally known on insulin have gained an appreciable amount of weight over time and also have had their insulin dose age increased periodically. Personally I believe there is a sense of "False Security" when on insulin (especially the insulin pump device) as I think the patient seems to think , HEY, Look at my A1C numbers. I don't have to watch what I eat or exercise and my A1C readings are least for a while!

I am going to post a LINK here from a study called, "Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in  Diabetes" or (ACCORD).

You can read the study for yourself here.

Some other studies show that (All-cause mortality was 44% HIGHER in insulin patients - The Opposite of the Expected Findings).

It is a personal thing with me and based on reading a lot and observation of folks I have met on insulin therapy and the insulin pump, that their general health decreases over time while giving them confidence that they are getting good control. I have met people that have been on insulin for a long time WITHOUT exercising any self-control or discipline in their eating and exercise habits who now are going blind, and  suffering with severe cases of diabetic Neuropathy etc. It is enough to make me want to cry.

A study involving 43,345 veterans who started on metformin and then intensified therapy by adding either insulin or a sulfonylurea. 92% of those went with sulfonylurea. The study showed increased risk of primary outcomes for those  who added insulin. They were 30% more likely to have a heart attack, be hospitalized for stroke or die from any cause (composite measure) and that is where the above listed 44% higher all risk mortality figure using insulin came from).

Here is a LINK to a natural formula to heal nerves and improve diabetic Neuropathy:

As previously mentioned, I walk 150 mins PLUS weekly, watch what I eat pretty closely and rarely cheat or have deserts anymore. If I do have a piece of cake or a sliver of pie etc. I make it a small one and occasionally. It also helps to be selective at a barbecue, or family gathering and decide BEFORE ARRIVING what you are going to and not going to eat.


Engage in conversation, take your time and EAT what you put on your plate and then excuse yourself to go to the SINK and rinse your plate off and you are DONE. Too many folks wolf the first plate down and before your Appestat control mechanism has time to say you are full, you are half way through a second helping.

If you are at a family gathering where there are anywhere from 4 to 12 or more pies, cakes, brownie plates, bowls of pudding, ice cream, candies etc. etc. IF YOU MUST, choose "ONE" and have it with a cup of coffee or tea and then go back to the sink and rinse that plate off and watch TV, or play cards, or games, or engage in conversation (a LOST art).

I AM NOT PLAYING DOCTOR HERE. I am an observer and I know what my own weaknesses were at family gatherings with all the rich food and sugar laden desserts.

Evidence shows if you are new to type 2 diabetes, you have a choice at least in some cases to discipline yourself, decide to lose weight, make lifestyle changes, decide what is most important to you. Is the second piece of pie more important that gaining control over your life and lowering your blood glucose levels? Only you can decide.

Type 2 diabetes is a life long battle, however you can control your A1C by eating right, exercising regularly, drinking a lot more WATER and staying away from the carbonated colas whether diet or regular and doing some strength building and core toning exercises. Water is better for you than orange juice or other fruit juices, better than any carbonated soft drinks like Pepsi, Coke, Root beer etc. whether sugar free or not. Wholesome home made green veggie drinks in a Vita Mixer or Ninja type machine should also be used.

(TIP) A large glass of home made celery juice goes a long way to alkalizing your PH and aiding digestion. Most of us have systems that are too acid from too much meat, dairy, sugar, baked goods etc. If you do not own a Vita Mixer or Ninja type juicer, take a hard look at buying one. Celery juice has been proven to lower your blood pressure also with NO side effects.

God Bless,


"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1

Another one I really like:

"Faith is the bird that FEELS the dawn and SINGS while it is yet dark"

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