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Saturday, April 11, 2015

CHOLESLO is One Of My Favorite Can't Do without Supplements

I have been on a product called CholesLo for a over two years now and have been extremely pleased with the results. It works better than any other supplement I have tried to date for lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and improving LDL/HDL ratio etc. You can (at the present time) order 5 bottles for around $120.00 which I think is a bargain for the results that many including myself experience. No other supplement I have tried including (Niacin) and a host of others have shown the results I have personally had with this product. NO COMPARISON with "Statin Drugs" and I love that I have not experienced any side effects. I had terrible side effects with the statins drug routine and now refuse to take them. Today I ordered 3 bottles on the buy (2) and get (1) free program and also had a 15% off coupon which cost me around $98.10 for 3 months supply of the product. I very seldom recommend specific products and NEVER unless I have personally tried them and know they work if taken as recommended. Dan

This is not to be considered medical advice. It is simply a personal ENDORSEMENT for a great product. I have never been cheated or had any orders from HFL messed up or different from that which i ordered. Dan

Excerpts off from one of HFL's websites:

Is Choleslo Safe to consume?

You must be wondering about the side effects of Choleslo. Does Choleslo have any damaging or negative side effects? Is it safe? Consider this facts:
choleslo-trusted-supplement1. Choleslo is recommended, formulated, and also endorsed by 4 reputable Doctors. They are Dr. Sam Robbins, Dr. Spring Chen, Dr. Michael Kaufman and Dr. Steven Chen. Doctors will never recommend an unknown supplement without solid proof that it is safe and working. Since Choleslo provide solid proof of the effectiveness and the safety the doctors are willing to recommended it.
2. Choleslo is not manufactured in some unknown facilities or in China. This natural cholesterol supplement is manufactured in US by FDA and GMP approved facilities. This mean Choleslo is made with a high quality standards.
3. The facilities and the company manufacturing CholesLo have an “A” certified ratings for purity testing from NPA Good Manufacturing Practices since 2001. Rating “A” is achievable only if each ingredient used is tested for the purity and safety. At the moment only 5% of nutritional supplement companies have an “A” certification ratings.
Those facts shows that CholesLo is safe and effective cholesterol lowering supplement. This supplement is safe to consume in a long term.

What are the benefit by taking Choleslo?

The main benefit will be balance cholesterol level. Beside that there are some other health benefit also.
  • – Choleslo will increase your  HDL (good cholesterol) level and decrease your LDL (bad cholesterol) level. – CholesLo is also very able to support liver health.
  • – It will repair and cleanse the liver.
  • –  It will lower the triglycerides and Homocysteine levels.
  • – Choleslo will improve your blood sugar levels also.
  • – Proven to reduce the “inflammation”
  • Yes, there are so many benefits by taking this natural supplement.


God Bless,

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