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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Magneisium - ARE You Getting Enough?

I had a friend send me a link to the role of magnesium and especially the magnesium/calcium balance to prevent cardiovascular disease. Rather than try and reinvent the wheel here and since I am not a scientist, I am simply going to post the link here as I feel this is important information for everyone to know. I am not qualified to evaluate the info or give any medical advice on same, and once in a while I like to just post the article and that way, you get it from the Horse's Mouth so to speak.

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New International Version Jeremiah 29:11
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Importance of Calcium–Magnesium Balance and Danger of the Rising Ca:Mg Ratio Calcium supplement recommendations have become common in medicine, however, without the necessary balancing with magnesium. As a result, recent studies are showing what the Magnesium Hypothesis of CVD long ago predicted: a rise in Ca intake from foods and/or supplements, without a concomitant balancing rise in Mg intake, can bring on heart disease. Why is this? The earliest animal studies of the Mg Hypothesis showed how low Mg status in animals caused calcification of soft tissues (see Appendix I). In the 1990s, Resnick and colleagues showed how high cellular Ca:Mg ratios manifest in tissues as the “fight or flight” response, bringing on clinical symptoms of CVD (see Fig. 4, Appendix V). After decades of rising dietary calcium intakes not balanced with rising dietary magnesium intakes (see Fig. 5a, 5b and Appendix V) and a population where a majority of US adults are not getting their daily Mg requirement, [See Below], dietary Ca:Mg ratios are on the rise [see Fig. 6 and Appendix V] and studies are showing that Ca supplements not balanced with magnesium increase the risk of heart disease (see Appendix V).

I suggest opening the link and reading the article for more information. Dan

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