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Monday, January 31, 2011

My A1C Readings Since October 2004

I am going to list here all my A1C readings since October of 2004 when I started with the Joslin Clinic.To date My highest was in Jan 2009 at 10.2 and my lowest was 6.5 in  May of 2005. Today 1/31/2011, my A1C was 7.3.

  • Oct 2004   (7.5)    / FIRST A1C (WASN'T SURE WHAT AN A1C WAS AT THE TIME)
  • Jan 2005    (7.7)
  • May 2005 (6.5)
  • Sept 2005 (6.8)
  • Dec 2005  (7.1)
  • Mar 2006 (6.8)
  • July 2006  (6.6)
  • Nov 2006 (7.7)
  • April 2007 (7.8)
  • Aug 2007  (7.0)
  • Jan 2008  (7.1)
  • April 2008 (7.1)
  • July 2008  (7.1)
  • Jan 2009  (10.2)..........**coming off 5 months of intense pain from herniated disc and sciatica
  • April 2009 (8.2)
  • July 2009  (8.0)
  • Oct 2009  (6.9)
  • Feb  2010 (6.7)
  • April  2010 (7.2)
  • July 2010   (6.9)
  • Oct 2010  (6.9)
  • Jan 31/2011  (7.3)  / Started my  BLOG and started putting my research and education and eating habits to the test.
To date since October 2004, I have had (6) A1C reading sunder 7.0. Memory tells me I made a concentrated effort during those times to eat right, exercise, and educate myself. Sometimes I think it is too easy just to take your meds, and get lazy. I know better now, and it is time to put my money where my mouth is and make a sincere effort to keep all future A1C reading under 7.0 and hopefully eventually closer to 6.0. I will do that by stepping up the exercise, paying attention to what I believe are the TWO best concepts I have read about, and that is:

Controlling the PH factor

Avoiding foods with Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils in them

Last, but not least paying attention to my own research and staying on top of developments, and continuing on an intelligent natural supplement program, which includes replacing hydrogenated oils with extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and flax seed oil. It also involves eating a variety of nuts, eating more greens (celery, broccoli, kale, green beans, Brussels sprouts, baby spinach, large raw salads, and two does of "All Dan Energy Greens every day). In addition I am going to start on ground Chia seeds. I spoke to someone in a health food store today whose father was a Type II diabetic and after eating Chia seeds every day for a couple of months was able to get off all his diabetic medications and have normal BG readings.

I will work on avoiding all carbonated drinks, and especially the colas because of the average 2.5 PH factor and the acid overload they cause. In their place I  will DRINK MORE WATER.

I will continue to eat mostly oatmeal for breakfast with 2 teaspoons of flax seed oil and a heaping teaspoon of cold milled ground flax seed and some light fruit mixed in.


** Jan 2009 highest A1C reading I believe is from the intense pain I went through for months before finally getting (2) nerve block shots the following month . Pain is a form of stress and stress can elevate one's blood glucose readings.

Psalm 100:5 "The Lord is good, his mercy is everlasting"

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