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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Best Alkaline Foods (vs.) 10 Worst Acid Forming Foods

Thought I would do a post with the 10 best and 10 worst foods for a diabetic (or for anyone for that matter). The best thing anyone can do for their diet is to pump up their PH level. What is PH? It stands for potential of Hydrogen and is the ratio measurement for acid and alkaline. The perfect PH level for human beings is 7.36 to 7.41. By maintaining this level or close to it, the trillions of cells in your body are free to absorb and use vitamins and other nutrients and excrete the waste.
When waste does not get eliminated because of too much acid, the cellular waste ferments, rots and does not exit the body in a timely fashion. Waste can cause pain in your tissues, muscles, joints, colon and major organs and sets your body up for illness and disease.

The best thing you can do starting today is to eat these 10 foods on a regular daily basis:

  • Wheat grass             7.0 alkaline forming
  • Parsley                     7.0 alkaline forming
  • Kelp                        7.0 alkaline forming (can be purchased as kelp tablets)
  • Watercress              7.0 alkaline forming
  • Avocados                6.0 alkaline forming
  • Celery                     6.0 alkaline forming
  • Melons                    7.0 alkaline forming (all kinds of melons)
  • Watermelon             7.5 alkaline forming (high in sugar)
  • Papaya                    7.0 alkaline forming
  • Pears                       6.5 alkaline forming
  • Black Mission Figs   7.0 alkaline forming
  • Lemons                    7.5 alkaline forming

10 Worst Foods (acid forming)

  • Bleached white flour           1.5 acid forming
  • Sausage                             1.0 acid forming
  • White Cane Sugar              1.0 acid forming
  • Any soda drinks                 1.0 acid forming / diet Coke and Pepsi are worse than regular in this regard
  • Macaroni                           1.0 acid forming
  • French Fries                       1.5 acid forming
  • Custard                              1.5 acid forming
  • Hamburger/Beef                 1.0 acid forming
  • Black Tea                           1.5 acid forming
  • Any refined cereals             1.5 acid forming

In general terms fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming and meat, dairy and most grains are acid forming.

It also helps a LOT to take a supplement such as All Day Energy Greens, or Super Wheat Grass, Barley Grass powder etc. from your health food store. See my other posts on PH Miracle diet for type 2 diabetes, being over weight, etc.


What we already know is a great hinderance in discovering the unknown.
Clude Bernard, French Physiologist (1813-1878)

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