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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Green Smoothies Tips For type 2 Diabetics

I feel so much better after being on a regime of green smoothie drinks for a while now. I have done some research on Green Smoothies and thought I would jot them down here for you.

  • My smoothies contain only water, fruits and vegetables, and normally 4 ice cubes (occasionally a little yogurt, or a stevia packet to taste)
  • My basic green smoothie consists of 2 or 3 stalks of celery cut up into 1 inch long pieces, 1 medium apple cored with peeling left on, a small handful of red grapes, a handful of baby spinach, 1 Stevia packet, perhaps a tablespoon of low fat yogurt, an 8 ounce glass of cold water and 4 ice cubes (BLEND till totally liquified)
  • I personally use a Vita Mixer,  which in essence is a blender with special blades on steroids (you can do things with a Vita Mixer that you will never accomplish with a blender)
  • I do not use cruciferous or starchy type veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower, beets, peas, corn, green beans etc./ they don't mix with the fruit that well and may cause gas etc. (EAT those veggies however, preferably steamed)
  • When you drink the smoothie treat it like food (because that is what it is) and swish it around in your mouth to make contact with your saliva. DO NOT chug it down, take your time. I call it drinking my salad, however I often eat raw salad in addition
  • Raw Green Smoothies can be a great addition to a plant based diet and contributing towards normalizing your PH Factor
  • Drink your smoothies between meals and NOT with a meal
  • IF you don't like the taste, experiment on your own, but keep it simple - you will NOT KEEP MAKING them and drinking them if it doesn't taste good.
  • DON'T try to put every green veggie known to man and 8 or 9 different types of fruits into the mix / Keep your smoothies 30-40% fruit and the other 60-70% green veggies / it is easier on your digestion
  • ROTATE your greens every week or so. I keep celery as a constant for myself because of the effect on lowering blood pressure, however I switch off between romaine lettuce and spinach etc. (experiment to keep it interesting and to avoid too much of any one veggie at the expense of others)
  • Consume it immediately or within 1/2 hour or so. Some say you can keep it in the frig all day and continue to sip it which of course you can, however the vitamin and nutrient contents starts to diminish shortly after the smoothie is made.
  • The green smoothie is actually proven to be more easily digested than if you had sat down and eaten an apple, a handful of grapes, a handful of baby spinach etc. / It is because you have broken the cell walls down making it easier to digest than had you sat there and chewed it)

In closing, I do not have any affiliation with VitaMix company except, I LOVE their machines. At the same time, friends tell me they are too expensive. Following is a link to a competitor with a 4 and 1/2 star rating. I do not own one and have never used one, but you may want to take a look at it at just over $300.00.

LINK to Waring MX1000 3 HP Machine For Smoothies


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