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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What About Lecithin For Heart Health?

I recently ran out of my Lecithin supplement. I have taken it for years and started taking it on advice from Dr. David Williams. He has a website which I will post a link to, particularly on the subject of lecithin. I remember getting interested in lecithin and Dr. William's site years ago when I was put on (2) medications that gave me several unwanted side effects. The "Deadly Duo", as I  referred to them were LIPITOR and TRICOR.

I was put on these two drugs since at the time my triglycerides and overall cholesterol levels were out of whack along with my LDL/HDL ratio. The statin drug Lipitor has dangerous side effects all by itself, however when prescribed along with TRICOR, it can be a nightmare.

Following are some links to the dangers of Statin drugs:

LINK to Dangers Of Statin Drugs

LINK To Lipitor and Tricor Side Effects Including Rhabdomyolysis

(My Input)

This post was about LECITHIN, not drugs, however the reason I started on lecithin was research that convinced me the dangerous side effects of Statin drugs far outweighed their usefulness. I was also experiencing early signs of muscle problems and after reading some of the horror stories of people in wheel chairs and having a severe muscle disease called (Rhabdomyolysis), I took myself off the drugs. If you are on Statins I would suggest you talk to your doctor about side effects and muscle and kidney disease.

In any event, the reason I started taking lecithin is because I learned that Statins do absolutely NOTHING for any plaque or blockage or build up already in your arteries. Lecithin apparently does play a part. The medical community at large does not buy that premise and I personally believe it is because it is difficult to patent lecithin and make it into a drug, therefore there is NO profit in it for pharmaceutical companies. NO profit = No interest./ MY personal opinion and NOT cold hard fact etched into stone.

I went into the hospital about a year and 1/2 ago for three days. I had a LOT of tests run, including but not limited to carotid artery scans, echo cardiogram of the heart, EKG's, blood tests, brain scans etc. All of this was the result of a single vasovagal episode. The good news is that they could not detect any blockage in my arteries, my heart was fine, valves opening and closing properly, EKG was fine etc.

I personally think the lack of any detectable blockage in my arteries was the result of taking lecithin supplements for years.  Following are some links to the use of LECITHIN for heart health:

LINK to Lecithin Benefits

LINK to More On Benefits Of lecithin

There is some controversy over whether or not Lecithin is really effective in keeping one's arteries clear. Based on my family tree and heredity, heart disease runs in the family. For me to have reached age 63 and get a report of 3 days testing that my arteries are clear is great news for me. I will CONTINUE to go the natural route whenever and where ever I can as opposed to taking prescription drugs.


James 1:5
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