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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Benefits of Celery for High Blood Pressure and MORE

I have done a couple of posts already on the benefits of eating celery and drinking celery juice made in a Vita Mixer or Ninja machine or any other high speed processor that can liquefy the celery (and other veggies) without discarding the fiber, pulp etc.

Here is a list of proven celery benefits:

  • Contains 8 different anti-cancer compounds including acetylenies, phenolic acids and coumarin
  • Alkalizing nature of celery fights inflammation in the body
  • Alleviates acids that can cause allergy symptoms
  • LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE / contains phytalides which relaxes muscle around arteries and dilates the vessels allowing normal blood flow
  • Lowers overall cholesterol and LDL cholesterol which is generated by the body to combat dietary and metabolic acids (CELERY IS GREAT FOR NORMALIZING YOUR PH)
  • Reduces inflammation caused by an acidic diet - There is evidence that type 2 diabetes is caused at least in part by having your PH of the interstitial fluid surrounding your cells too acidic.
  • Promotes healthy kidney action
  • Diuretic qualities promotes urine flow which again helps the body to eliminate excess acid
  • Contains organic alkaline minerals to soothe the nervous system
  • ALSO proved to be a factor in possibly preventing memory loss, urinary stones, gall bladder stones, bursitis, constipation,  and to aid in weight loss AND MORE.

SEE an earlier post I did on June 6, 2011 on INTERSTITIAL FLUID:;postID=6722162398823841776

Celery is probably one of the best buys for the money in your local grocery store or farmer's market etc. The value for your hard earned dollar is there. I encourage you to buy enough celery to enable you to make a celery shake and or eat 3 to 4 stalks of celery WITH THE LEAVES EVERY DAY.

You will be glad you did. Look in some of my older posts for green smoothie recipes containing celery, apples, carrots, cucucumbers, etc.


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