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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recipes For Paleo Type Diet

As mentioned in the last couple of posts, I am going to post some of my son Jeremy's recipes here. I will be posting hopefully more of his recipes and comments on his diet here soon. Dan

Gluten Free Pancakes (Makes about 12+)

Blend Together
Eggs (3-4)
Ripe Bananas (3-4)
Coconut Oil (2-3 tbsp melted)
Cinnamon Powder (3-4 dashes)
Honey (1-2 tbsp)
Pour contents in mixing bowl
Then add the following
Coconut Flour (Holds contents together, don't need too much, start with 1/4-1/3 cup)
Sorghum Flour (Add for texture and taste after coconut flour, leave batter more wet than dry so pancakes form and flatten out some while being cooked)
Chopped / diced banana (1/2 banana adds texture to batter, mix in well)
Blueberries (As desired)
Cocoa chocolate chips (Optional as desired for taste)

Note: Coconut flour hold very well, don't overdo it. I don't measure but start with about 1/4 or so and mix in, then add more as needed. Then add the sorghum flour to create a better taste. If the batter is sticking too much and staying in place while you stir it, its too dry. Add more coconut oil or another egg to correct.

I use a nonstick pan on medium heat with melted butter (1/2 table spoon / 4 pancakes)
Remember to add more butter after each 4 pancakes is added to frying pan.
Cook for several minutes then flip and press slightly to help flatten.
Flip another time or 2 until most of pancake appears solid.

Great with eggs and bacon.
Flavor with real maple syrup or raw honey.

My Average Meal

1) Fat Source
2) Vegetable Source
3) Protein Source
4) Seasonings to add flavor

In frying pan melt butter (1 tbsp or so to start) Coconut oil can also be used, but butter tastes better in the end
Add in fresh or frozen vegetables (I buy frozen in bulk (Sodium free), don't used canned.
For eggs, frozen green beans are best, with other meats I like to mix several veggies
Add seasoning to your taste (I prefer Oregano, salt free garlic & herb seasoning and some honey with extra butter.

Once vegetables are cooked and flavored, you can add in eggs on top.
I then let them cook through the white a bit, season more, then flip and season again.
They hold the vegetables together in the whites and taste amazing.
I finish it with goat cheese to taste and more garlic.

If using chicken or other meats, I usually fry with water until contents are cooked all the way through, then pour off water and add seasoning, butter and honey and cook until most of the water has evaporated and the chicken hold a light brown color. Then I add the vegetables and cook them with the chicken until the vegetables are ready.

I can try to do something more detailed with pics this week.
My recipes are simple but not completely measured, so people can experiment a bit with the consistency of the pancakes etc to their liking. I like mine just slightly runny for the batter, too dry or too much coconut flour makes for a pancake that falls apart and doesn't taste very good.


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