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Friday, January 11, 2013

Canagliflozin / NEW Type 2 Diabetes Drug By Johnson and Johnson

News of another new drug in  the news that works differently than most. The drug is called Vanagliflozin and is being produced by Johnson and Johnson. What makes it different than most existing drugs? It works by causing blood sugar to be excreted through the urine as opposed to changing insulin levels.

IT apparenlty is NOT APPROVED YET  and if it is will be sold under the name of INVOKANA.

As to be expected this drug contains side effects and comes with concerns for those who are going to try this approach. It is to be taken ONCE a day and in clinical trials does show promise of lowering not only blood sugar levels, but also blood pressure and apparently contributes to weight loss.

It is NOT recommended for those with existing kidney problems.

Concerns are:

  • Possible elevated stroke risk
  • Possible increase for heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems within 1st 30 days of taking the drug
  • It can also raise LDL which is the BAD cholesterol

Let's face it, type 2 Diabetes is dangerous to one's health also and if left untreated, or if the patient has no interest in changing his or her diet, or exercising, and taking certain recommended supplements along with losing weight etc. the disease itself has draconian side effects and will eventually KILL you.

THAT being said, my approach is always to study any prescription drug you are advised to start taking BEFORE you jump on the bandwagon and personally, I refuse to be some drug companies guinea pig or experiment and end up in the trial study a year or two down the road on the deceased list.

Case in point, a similar drug to Canagliflozin (Named Dapagliflozin was REJECTED by the FDA last year over the possibility of increased risk of bladder and breast cancer) although at the same time it is apparently being marketed in Europe under the name FORXIGA and was approved in November of last year for sale there.


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