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Thursday, March 14, 2013

CholesLo WORKS - Look At My Numbers

I started on CholesLo on 12/19/2012. I recently had my lab work redone after taking 3 capsules per day during the week and two a day on weekends. I stopped taking Niaspan after my last bottle ran out around the 24th of Dec, 2012.

I have been on Choleslo now for 85 days counting today. I actually had the blood lipid profile done about 2 weeks ago so let's mark the results for 71 days on the CholesLo product.

Here are the numbers:

10/26/12 Lab Work Numbers:

  • Triglycerides  (359)
  • Cholesterol    (183)
  • HDL               (31 )
  • LDL               (80 )
  • Testosterone  (248)

NEW Numbers for latest test (71 days on CholesLo):

  • Triglycerides (216) for a 143 point drop or 40% LESS
  • Cholesterol    (152) for a 31 point drop or  16.9% LESS
  • HDL (good C.)  (33) UP 2 points or 6.45% BETTER
  • LDL (bad C.)    (76) for 4 point drop or 5% LESS
  • Testosterone  (272) for 24 point increase or 9.67% better

Of all these numbers I have had the MOST concern over the years with Triglycerides. I was faithfully on Niaspan for a long time and felt for me personally it was simply NOT effective. I have always been active and more so in the last few months, however I credit the CholesLo product with the 40% reduction in my trigs in just 71 days. I am getting ready to order again and I am a believer in this product. Numbers do not lie.

The other numbers are also headed in the right direction with overall cholesterol showing a 16.9% drop and slight improvements in HDL, LDL and my testosterone level.

Speaking of testosterone, 272 for someone age 65 is within normal limits. I work out a lot and try to eat right and feel it is paying off. I also started eating more protein in the form of WHEY Protein powder. If you are a regular reader please see my other posts on testosterone levels. I had tried Androgel 1.62% and experienced terrible side effects with the worst being blood pressure jumping from an average of 110/72 up into the 195/100 range. Scary stuff, however my BP is back to normal now and it does prove that one can increase testosterone by exercising and taking natural supplements with out side effects. I am also pleased to report that one's testosterone will come back after stopping therapy with Androgel 1.62%. I do not necessarily credit the CholesLo with changes in my testosterone per se.

I am looking seriously at a product from Life Extension supplements called Super Mira Forte which is an all natural testosterone booster without many of the side effects of the various creams and gels out there. I did a recent post on this product. I also found reasonable pricing on this product form the Vita Cost supplement folks on line.



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