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Saturday, March 16, 2013

CholesLo Side Effects (vs.) Lipitor?

See my last post for my own blood lipid profile numbers with just 71 days on Choleslo. Over the years I have been on Lipitor and Tricor (A DEADLY combination) and most recently for a long time on Niaspan. In the mix there somewhere I tried Nialor. I am now on CholesLo and am very impressed with my lipid profile numbers and will be staying on this product as I just ordered another 3 month supply.

What about any side effects of CholesLo? a NUT SHELL there are no reported side effects. On the other hand the results have been nothing short of amazing.




CholesLo – Natural Cholesterol Supplement For Complete Heart Health

CholesLo is a natural cholesterol lowering supplement that is a safe alternative to statins. If you are taking any high cholesterol medications you may want to continue to read my review. We all know how important a healthy heart is and understand that part of that is to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Maybe you are struggling to get your numbers in balance and your current diet and exercise isn’t quite doing it or you may be looking at using a statin alternative that contains natural ingredients.

Cholesterol Lowering Supplements – Natural Alternative To Statins

CholesLo – Natural Cholesterol Supplement
CholesLo is one of the only nutraceuticals that has been medically endorsed as a natural and safe alternative to statins such as Lipitor®, Zocor®, Crestor® and similar prescription drugs.
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It is a doctor approved supplement to not only help you to lower your bad cholesterol and raise your good levels, but it also helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

How Does CholesLo Work?

So how can a natural cholesterol lowering supplement help you to obtain ideal cholesterol levels? The patented ingredients work together to help you to obtain the perfect LDL and HDL levels and lower both bad cholesterol and triglycerides and homocystiene levels.
Since most of your cholesterol problems begin in the liver, CholesLo® actually helps to repair and cleanse this essential organ so that it can function properly and effectively.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There have been no reported negative side effects with CholesLo. It is a natural product and therefore the side effects are greatly reduced. If you do have any concerns it is recommended you consult with your health care professional about using any cholesterol lowering supplement.

Healthy Heart Naturally
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What about side effects of Lipitor and ther statins?


I am NOT playing doctor here, however I  was on both Lipitor and Tricor for a while until I could no longer tolerate the side effects. I will never go on either of them again. I think you should do your own research and possibly give CholesLo a try. Consult with your doctor FIRST and have him or her look into it and find out about weaning yourself off lipitor and or other statins and see what the pros and cons of doing so are. For me it is NO CONTEST. I have also had better actual results with CholesLo than anything else I have personally tried.

  • Side Effects of Lipitor Tablets

  1. Common Side Effects: Headaches

    • According to the FDA-required study, 16% of people who took Lipitor reported headaches. The study did not specific which type of headache (cluster, tension, migraine, spinal). As of 2009, no major drug interactions have been reported between Lipitor and anti-headache medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. However, it is unclear whether these drugs would offset the Lipitor-related headaches.

    Common Side Effects: Infection

    • In the same study, infection was reported in 10% of people taking Lipitor. These infections occurred primarily in areas including sinus, chest and urinary tract. While uncomfortable, none of these infections required hospitalization.

    Common Side Effects: Muscle & Joint Soreness

    • 5.6% of subjects reported muscle and/or joint soreness. The soreness tended to be isolated but could be anywhere on the arms, legs and back. It's not clear whether the site of the pain correlated to repetitive stress. For example, if you're training for a marathon and you were to experience this side effect, the pain could arise in your knees and legs, but that might just be a coincidence.
      IMPORTANT: Report any muscle or joint pain to your doctor, as it could be a sign of rhabdomyolysis, a condition where muscle begins to break down much faster than your body can repair.

    Dangerous Side Effects In Unhealthy People

    • Because Lipitor is designed specifically for lowering cholesterol, the FDA study used subjects who were healthy, save for their high cholesterol levels. In real life, however, many people who take Lipitor for high cholesterol have other serious health problems like metabolic syndrome, diabetes and liver disease. Because of these problems, their body functions are significantly altered and may react dangerously to Lipitor.
      If you experience any of the following symptoms, call a doctor immediately.
      - Unexplained weakness
      - Fever
      - Nausea or ill feeling
      - Dark urine
      - Abdominal pain
      - Yellowing of the white of your eyes (jaundice)
      - Yellowing of the skin (jaundice)
      - Unexplained increase or decrease in urination
      - Allergic reactions (swelling, difficulty breathing, wheezing, hives/rash)
      Even if your medical history is normal, these symptoms might mean that Lipitor is reacting to an undiagnosed health problem.

    Anecdotal Side Effects: Mental Fogginess, Dementia, Memory Problems

    • These particular side effects were not reported in significant numbers during the FDA test, but there are message boards online with anecdotes that Lipitor caused mental fogginess, short-term memory problems and hastened Alzheimer's-related dementia.

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