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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

Most of us could stand to lose a few pounds. Green coffee bean extract formulas are in the news. As a fan of Life Extension Magazine and the research work done by these folks, you might want to take a look at their particular formula. It is called "CoffeeGenic" and in addition to green coffee bean extract, it contains some other ingredients which make it perform better. In one placebo controlled study, subjects took 350 mg of green coffee extract three times daily with meals. Study subjects were not asked to change their calorie intake or exercise level, however obviously some did and some did not. The findings were published in Jan 2012 indicating that men and women lost an average of 17.6 pounds which amounted to over 10% of their body weight in just 12 weeks.

Those are impressive results which also included a 4.44% reduction in body fat.

Published studies show that the active ingredient in green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid. This ingredient demonstrates a wide range of supportive properties related to insulin sensitivity, and to glucose formation and absorption. It helps to limit after meal glucose surges, supporting blood sugar levels for those already in normal range.

Because of the ability to limit after meal glucose surges and supporting blood sugar levels already in the normal range, I feel this is a supplement worth taking a look at.

Other ingredients are:

  • Green tea decaffeinated extract
  • Iodine
  • Chromium
  • Integra-lean African Mango IGOB-131

(I have no financial interest and do not derive any income from Life Extension supplements)

They currently list a bottle of 90 vegetarian capsules for $48 which is a one month supply. IF you are a member of Life Extension, and purchase (4) bottle at a time, the price is $31.50 per bottle.

Here is a link to another green coffee bean extract product endorsed by TV's favorite doctor, Dr. OZ:


FACT: Most Green Coffee Products Don't Work.

Why? Because most products do not come from the same source proven effective in clinical studies nor do they have enough real Chlorogenic Acid to be effective. In addition, they are not formulated with the proper dosage.

The Truth is that the quality of most green coffee bean extracts is just plain bad.
Green Coffee Ultra™ was rated the #1 by Consumer Health Review:

Green Coffee Ultra™ was rated the #1 Green Coffee Product by Consumer Health Review. Click here to see full article. Green Coffee Ultra™ meets all of the doctor's recommendations (see chart below). Accept no imitations. Make sure you green coffee extract is the same extract proven effective in clinical studies.
The Truth about Green Coffee:

According to America's favorite doctor, Green Coffee is "The Magic Weight Loss Cure for Every Body Type" (click here for video). This statement spurred hundreds of companies to start selling green coffee bean extracts in bulk, but the quality of most of these products is below average.
Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Work?

Yes, pure green coffee bean extract is safe and has been shown in clinical studies to break down fat and help with weight loss. The problem is when companies try to use a low quality extract or use a weak amount that they become ineffective.

The most famous clinical study of green coffee was published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal and used GCA® green coffee with 50% chlorogenic acid. Results revealed that the addition of green coffee extract helped reverse the weight gain induced by a high-fat diet and appeared to protect against the buildup of fat in the liver.On average, the participants in that study lost 17 lbs each. That's 16% of their overall body fat and 10.5% body weight. The full clinical study can be found by clicking here.
So, How Do You Know If a Green Coffee Product is Any Good?

4 Factors To Check In a Green Coffee Product:

1. Check the label - Make sure it has only 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract(not synthetic grown in a lab) and has no binders, fillers or added ingredients - like green tea, African mango, acai, kelp, caffeine, etc. Adding these ingredients takes away from the quantity and effectiveness of the green coffee extract.
2. Make sure it has at least 800mg of green coffee per serving. Most products contain only 400mg of actual green coffee, which is just a fraction of the amount found effective in clinical studies.
3. Make sure it is made with GCA Green Coffee and has 50% Chlorogenic Acid. GCA is the only green coffee used in the clinical study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal.
4. Make sure that the manufacturer is FDA registered and cGMP certified.
The product must conform to the tested grade strength and purity of USP quality standards. If the product is not of the highest quality, stay away from it.

3 Factors to Avoid In a Green Coffee Product:

1. Avoid "Free Trials" that usually look too good to be true. - Many companies offer free trials to hook you in. But once you buy, they make it difficult to cancel and you are stuck paying more than you would for a better product.
2. Avoid Automatic Re billing. - Many companies will automatically bill your credit card monthly and make it difficult to cancel.
3. Avoid Proprietary Blends. - If you're looking for a high quality Green Coffee then make sure there are no added ingredients that might lower the amount of green coffee and interfere with its progress.

So, What Green Coffee Should You Buy Now?

Step 1: Buy Green Coffee Ultra™. It's the only product we know that not only meets all of these standards but exceeds them.

Green Coffee Ultra™ is produced in the United States in a state-of-the-artFDA registered laboratory that conforms to the tested grade strength and purity of USP quality standards and is manufactured under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's cGMP certification.

Step 2: When you get your supply take 2 capsules a day. That's 1600mg's of Pure Green Coffee per day. That's the actual amount needed to be effective, so don't be fooled by those offering any less. If this green coffee bean extract does not help you lose weight, then none of them will.

So look, if you're serious about losing weight, then you should try a product that is serious about helping you achieve your goals. We put in the research and made sure Green Coffee Ultra™ is the best product available. And if you buy today, you can get a packaged deal for less than $23 a bottle... click here to see the prices.

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