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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fast Food Little Known Facts

Nothing earth shatteringly new here, however here is some information concerning some of what you might be getting at your local fast food chain.


More Chicken McNugget 'strange fiber' photos released by Natural News Forensic Food Labs

Saturday, August 17, 2013

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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(NaturalNews) More microscopic photos of the "mysterious fibers" found in McDonald's Chicken McNuggets have been released by the Natural News Forensic Food Lab. The forensic microscopy investigation was conducted by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, using clean laboratory protocols.

These new photos, shown below, appear to depict microscopic hairs, fibers or strands of varying colors and shades throughout the McDonald's Chicken McNugget samples. All the following photos were taken at 200X magnification. The hair-like fibers you see here are much smaller than a human hair or animal hair (see comparison below). The Chicken McNuggets were purchased on August 15, 2013 at a McDonald's restaurant in Austin, Texas.

Natural News broke the story yesterday about mysterious fibers found in Chicken McNuggets, and the story has been covered and thousands of other websites across the 'net.

"These microscopic images of strange fibers in Chicken McNuggets do not mean they are unsafe to consume," reiterates Mike Adams, who led the microscopy research project. "But they do raise many questions about the origin of the ingredients used in Chicken McNuggets, and they possibly raise red flags about quality control procedures used in the manufacture of this popular fast food."

There has been a wave of public speculation (see comments, below) about whether these fibers are related to a mysterious condition known as "Morgellon's," which also appears to involve the presence of strange, unexplained fibers in humans. You can see examples of Morgellon's morphology at:

Here are the new images just released by the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, with notations:

This black strand appears to be a multi-fibrous "tangle" of unknown origin:

This is one of the more mysterious fibers we've found. Notice that the semi-transparent fiber appears to have a "sheath" surrounding the center portion of the fiber. This seems to indicate the likelihood of a biological origin:

Here's another black fiber "tangle." We found these frequently as we searched through several Chicken McNuggets:

Here is yet another "tangle" we located:

For comparison, we added a dog hair fiber to this slide so that you can see the size difference. The large brown hair arcing across the entire frame is a dog hair. The much smaller black hair-like fiber is what we found in a Chicken McNugget:

Here is an extreme close-up of a black fiber we managed to remove from a Chicken McNugget. Notice that it appears to be segmented. This may indicate it could be made of biological cells connected end to end:

Here are some additional fibers and hair-like structures we found in McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. All images are at 200X magnification:

Click here to see more images from the first batch we released when we first broke this story.

I am not picking on McDonald's here per se, as I have eaten my share of burgers and chicken McNuggets there over the years. Here is some information on a 14 year old hamburger from McDonald's that looks very much like the one they may have just put into your bag when you stopped for lunch.

Fast food for the most part IS FAST. That doesn't mean it is nutritious too.



David Whipple kept the fast food meal for a month to show friends how the preservative-packed hamburger would keep its composure.
Still going: A Utah man has unearthed a McDonald's hamburger, pictured, he bought in 1999
But he forgot about it, finding it two years later in his coat pocket and then he decided to continue the bizarre experiment.
However, even he was shocked to see that the hamburger still looks the same a whopping 14 years later.
'It wasn't on purpose,' Whipple told TV show 'The Doctors,' of his decision to keep the burger for such a long time.
McDonald's: The burger was bought at McDonald's in July 1999
Owner: David Whipple, left who still has the receipt, right, forgot about the burger in his coat pocket
Owner: David Whipple, right, save the burger in its original bag, left, for 14 years
No more pickle: The pickle disappearing is the only thing that has changed over the years
No more pickle: The pickle disappearing is the only thing that has changed over the years
'I was showing some people how enzymes work and I thought a hamburger would be a good idea. And I used it for a month and then I forgot about it. 
'It ended up in a paper sack in the original sack with the receipt in my coat pocket tossed in the back of my truck and it sat there for, I don't know, two or three months.' 
He said his coat ended up in the coat closet of his Logan, Utah, home.

Owner: David Whipple kept the original receipt, pictured
'My wife didn't discover it until at least a year or two after that,' he said. 'And we pulled it out and said "oh my gosh. I can't believe it looks the same way."'
The burger had no signs of mold, fungus or even a strange odor, the show's hosts said. The only thing that had changed over the years was that the pickle had disintegrated.
Whipple, who still has the original receipt for the burger, said he now shows the sandwich to his grandchildren to encourage them to eat healthily.
'It's great for my grand-kids to see. To see what happens with fast food,' he said.

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