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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vitamin C, L-Lysine and L-Proline for Unclogging Arteries / MORE INFO

Right now after recently having quadruple bypass surgery, and being a type 2 Diabetic, I am VERY INTERESTED in verifiable natural cures for heart disease and supplements that will give me an EDGE on overcoming my gene pool inheritance in regards to heart disease.

I would also like to mention that I am VERY thankful to the medical profession at large starting with a 15 second resting EKG at the Joslin Clinic in Syracuse, NY that led me to a Nuclear stress test EKG which in turn led me to a heart cath and ultimately to the OR at St. Joe's hospital in Syracuse and a quadruple bypass. I honestly believed that procedure saved my life. I did not know my life was in danger until the surgeon and my family doctor etc. told me I was a walking miracle. As mentioned I had ZERO symptoms and felt great and had a very active aerobic and strength training exercise program in place. On the other hand IF I had known about the Vitamin C, Lysine, Proline link to REVERSE existing heart disease and unclog arteries, I would rather have been doing that over the last 10 to 15 years.

Here is yet another link with valuable additional information that is being largely IGNORED by the status Quo medical community. The incredible beauty of this discovery is that it is simple, easy to understand and when you compare the price of Vitamin, L-Lysine and L-Proline to the price of being on statins and blood thinners etc. to me it is NO CONTEST. In addition these three items are digestible and do not interfere with your digestive processes, and do NOT come with a LONG LIST of common and FATAL deadly side effects.


Can it really BE THIS SIMPLE?

I Corinthians 1:27:

King James Bible
But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;


(My Input) excerpt taken from an interview with Dr. Matthias Rath concerning his book and the research done by Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Matthias Rath:

Heart Disease Halted - Interview
Lion Tamer Dr. Matthias Rath Interviewed

Until today, every second woman and man has died of heart attacks, strokes and other forms of cardiovascular disease. Atherosclerosis, the underlying disease, starts early in life. At age 25, every second person has already developed deposits in their artery walls.

Until recently, bypass surgery and coronary angioplasty were the only remedies known to medicine. Now there is a natural answer to the cardiovascular epidemic, and it has just been clinically proven.
One of the great advances in medicine in this century is the discovery that heart attacks and strokes are not diseases, but the result of long-term vitamin deficiencies, and that they are preventable. Animals don’t get heart attacks because they produce vitamin C in their bodies.

Your body cannot manufacture vitamin C, and long-term vitamin deficiencies lead to weakness of your artery walls similar to the sailor’s disease scurvy. Cholesterol and other blood factors are deposited inside your arteries only if your blood vessel walls are weakened by vitamin deficiencies. Thus, cardiovascular disease is essentially an early form of scurvy. This new understanding of America’s Number One health problem was discovered by Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling and Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D.

Since early stages of coronary heart disease have already developed in every second person during the third decade of life, the need for
halting this process becomes of paramount importance. Therefore, the results of our clinical study cannot be overestimated.

They are of great significance for millions of people worldwide. For the first time it has been clinically demonstrated that the growth of atherosclerosis in coronary arteries can be stopped by a natural program of essential nutrients. The study, published in the January 1997 issue of the Journal of Applied Nutrition, was conducted on 55 patients (age 45 to 68) with different stages of coronary heart disease, ranging from early to advanced forms.

The study documented the growth of calcified atherosclerotic deposits in the coronary artery walls of these patients before and during one year of the vitamin program, developed by health Now, Inc. The deposits were measured directly by means of Ultra fast Computed Tomography. This new technique allows diagnosis of heart disease before you feel any symptoms and allows the non-invasive monitoring of the coronary deposits. The results of this study documented for the first time that coronary heart disease is an aggressive process with anexponential growth rate.
The results show that the more advanced disease is, the faster it grows. On average the calcium deposits increased every year by 44%.

A comparison of the growth rate of coronary calcium deposits before and after following a natural program of vitamins, minerals and otheressential nutrients showed that this disease can be stopped in its early stages in the relatively short time of one year. Most importantly, inindividual cases this nutritional supplement program even led to the reversal of existing coronary deposits.

One example was a 50-year-old business executive who entered the study after learning that he had developed beginning coronary heart disease. The x-ray pictures are cross-sections of this patient’s heart and coronary arteries, taken with Ultra fast computed tomography. With this technology the Doctors could see the presence of calcified deposits in the coronary arteries. After about one year on the vitamin program
the coronary deposits had entirely disappeared.

In summary, the clinical study documents for the first time that: atherosclerosis is an aggressive disease, and without nutritional supplementation can progress annually on average by 44%,
  • · coronary heart disease can be diagnosed early, before symptoms occur, and can be prevented at this early stage,
  • · a natural program of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients can stop the growth of coronary heart disease during its early stages in the relatively short time of one year.

The fact that coronary deposits can disappear without angioplasty, bypass surgery or drugs, indicates that the cardiovascular epidemic can be controlled, or even eradicated, in the next century. We are now entering an era where we can reverse heart disease without surgery.

This is the story of one doctor’s quest to eradicate heart disease that led to amazing new discoveries about the link between nutrition and cardiovascular health. Dr. Matthias Rath, physician and researcher, has devoted his career to discovering the causes and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Rath came to this country from Germany in 1990 and became the first Director of Cardiovascular Research at the
Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine.

His groundbreaking work in establishing a clear connection between deficiencies of certain key nutrients and the development of heart  disease has resulted in, among other things, the first U.S. patent for a technology to reverse heart disease without surgery.

Dr. Rath’s research, and his startling findings, revolve around two simple yet powerful concepts: that a deficiency of certain nutrients causes a loss of stability in blood vessel walls, and that cardiovascular disease originates when the body "over corrects" this unstable condition with deposits of fat molecules. In the following interview, Dr. Rath outlines the ways in which his findings lead to these conclusions.

Dr. Rath, your book is entitled "Eradicating Heart Disease." Do you really believe that this deadly disease can be eradicated?

Dr. Rath: Absolutely
. There is an interesting phenomenon that startles most people when they hear about it: heart attack, stroke -cardiovascular disease in general - is virtually unknown among animals. It isn’t impossible for it to happen, but it simply doesn’t occur, regardless of the animal’s diet, level of activity or other factors. And yet coronary and cardiovascular diseases are epidemics worldwide among people. They are the number one killers in all industrialized countries, accounting for about half of all deaths.

For years, scientists have puzzled over this phenomenon, and now at last research is shedding some light on it. With the exception of man and a few other species, animals synthesize the vitamin C they need in their bodies. We do not produce vitamin C, and must attain the levels we need from food and supplementation.
If you don’t get enough vitamin C, your body cannot produce adequate collagen and collagen is the substance which gives your cardiovascular system its structural integrity. Low vitamin C intake over many years leads to chronic instability of the vessel walls.

Deposits develop over time as a reaction to this instability. Once you understand heart disease as a vitamin deficiency, treatment is easy, non-intrusive and risk free.

But if it were as simple as a vitamin deficiency, wouldn’t we know that by now? With the millions of dollars that have been spent on research in this field, how can this just now be coming to light?

Dr. Rath: Well, I guess sometimes the simplest ideas can be the hardest to see. But there is also an economic factor involved. Vitamins are not patent able. Therefore, there has been little incentive for vital research and clinical studies.

Also, linking disease and nutrition challenges the way many doctors think. This is changing, and more and more doctors every year are considering nutritive factors. But this kind of vast orientation change takes time.

When you mention "vitamin deficiency," most people probably think of scurvy, the disease sailors got a hundred years or so ago when they failed to get any vitamin C in their diets. Is the vitamin deficiency that leads to heart disease the same kind of thing?

Dr. Rath: As a matter of fact, it is the same thing. Heart disease is a form of early, or chronic, scurvy. When a person develops scurvy, their body is totally depleted of vitamin C and all bodily tissue degrades quickly. The first symptom you see is bleeding gums. And what is this bleeding? It is leaking of the blood vessel walls.
As the scurvy progresses, the blood vessel walls - not just the gums, but throughout the body - break down and are no longer able to contain blood as it is pumped through them by the heart. Eventually the blood escapes from the blood vessels, and death results.

The reason that a lack of vitamin C causes scurvy is the same as the reason that a shortage of vitamin C causes heart disease. Among the most important functions of vitamin C in the body is the production of collagen. collagen molecules form the structure of the entire cardiovascular system.

They function like the steel girders in a skyscraper - they form a supporting grid that assures the strength and stability of the veins, arteries and other blood vessels. With no vitamin C, collagen production ceases and in a relatively short time the entire system loses its structural integrity. This is scurvy. Today most people get enough vitamin C to avoid getting scurvy.

However, enough to prevent scurvy isn’t necessarily enough to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. If your diet includes only minimal amounts of vitamin C, collagen production is reduced and blood vessels weaken. Tiny lesions develop in the vessel walls, and the blood vessels lose elasticity.

In order to combat this, the body sends clusters of fat molecules into the blood vessel walls, acting as repair agents to do the work that collagen should be doing. but like a plaster patch on a wall, the result is a repair that is not as strong or stable as the original structure.
Over time, the body overshoots the repair mechanism. Arterial deposits are nothing other than nature’s "plaster cast" against the weakness of the blood vessel walls.

If these deposits develop in the arteries of the heart they lead to the heart attack. If they develop in the arteries of the brain they lead to

Are there other factors involved besides vitamin C?

Dr. Rath: Yes. Animals that do not produce vitamin C in their bodies, such as humans, do produce a specific type of fat molecule called lipoprotein (a). this molecule is naturally very sticky. the reason why cholesterol particles and other fatty particles deposit in the blood vessel wall is because some of them are coated with these sticky lipoprotein molecules, which form a biological "adhesive tape" around the fatty particle.

So it is actually the stickiness of the lipoprotein particle which makes the fat globules accumulate inside the blood vessel wall, which leads to the build-up of deposits and eventually to the clogging of these arteries. In summary, the new understanding is that less stickiness means less risk for heart disease.

Of course, now that the stickiness has become the focus of therapeutic attention, it is logical to say, well, let’s look for "Teflon" agents which can prevent and neutralize this stickiness, and thereby prevent the spread and build-up of new deposits, and more importantly reverse already existing deposits by loosening the fatty particles, the LDL and the other cholesterol particles, from the arterial wall and thereby decrease the clogging.

And are there actually "Teflon" agents that can do that?

Dr. Rath: Yes, there are. Part of the work I’ve been doing, and the patents I’ve received, involve using the natural amino acids lysine and proline for just this purpose. These two nutritional supplements are the first generation of "Teflon" agents that we know, and of course since they are natural supplements, eventually everyone can take immediate advantage of these new discoveries.

So there are two factors which make humans more prone to heart disease than animals?

Dr. Rath: Yes. First, animals produce a lot of their own vitamin C, which humans do not do. Our ancestors have lost this ability to produce their own vitamin C. All the vitamin C for our bodies must come from our diet.

The second factor is, animals do not have these sticky particles, they just have normal fat particles. This stickiness is the second reason why human beings are much more prone to this disease than any other living beings on this planet.

You hold a patent in this area. Can you explain that, and the studies that led to the patent?

Dr. Rath: Certainly. the scientific search - the drive - that I was involved in over the past eight years, started by looking inside the human arteries. What is it exactly that leads to the build-up of deposits, and kills millions of people every year from heart attacks and strokes?

The key we found was really the adhesive tape - the lipoprotein particle. No adhesive tape - no stickiness - no fatty deposit, period! So, the
patent that we received comes directly from this discovery, and that it is the possibility to use the amino acids, lysine and proline, as agents
to reverse these deposits, to get the fatty deposits out of the wall and thereby decrease the risk of heart disease.
This is the core of the patent. Of course, in order to get the patents, you have to have a certain amount of experimental evidence, and first
clinical evidence. So, we already have a series of testimonials from people following this program, who have been taking higher amounts of
vitamin C, lysine, proline and other important nutrients.

A person who has angina pectoris experiences chest pain, which results from the narrowing of the coronary arteries. people following this
program report to us regularly that within four to six weeks they almost entirely get rid of this chest pain.
The blood circulation through their coronary arteries has obviously improved, and therefore the chest pain, which is a sign of the suffocating
heart muscle, does not occur anymore. Studies which will document the reversal of deposits in the coronary arteries of heart disease
patients are in and the results are remarkable.

Beyond vitamin C, lysine and proline, are there other nutrients that you recommend supplementing?

Dr. Rath: Yes. What you have to keep in mind is that your cardiovascular system is your largest organ. One person’s cardiovascular system
has the surface area of about half a football field! This system is made of millions of individual cells, and keeping those cells healthy is of
paramount importance. So it is essential to follow a well-thought-out nutritional supplementation plan.

One important and powerful antioxidant I have researched is pycnogenol. I recommend this very highly. Pycnogenol is a little known extract of a European pine bark that is tremendously effective in fighting free radical damage. It is absorbed very quickly by the body, and helps potentiate vitamin C and other antioxidant activity. Pycnogenol is a fairly expensive nutrient, and rather hard to find, but it is very
worthwhile to seek it out.

I also recommend including other antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta-carotene, along with vitamin C, for their protective ability.
Moreover, many of the B vitamins are important as cell fuel, as are several key minerals and CoEnzyme Q10.

Are there any dangers in using these supplements in the amounts you recommend?

Dr. Rath: The answer is no. Clearly no.

So there is no downside and quite a bit of potential for preventing or even reversing heart disease.

Dr. Rath: Yes. I think the dimension of these discoveries has not yet been understood. What we’re talking about is that today medicine has
only surgical treatments for heart disease. We are now entering an era where we can reverse heart disease without surgery, based on
nutritional supplements. These new safe, effective treatments represent a complete change in our approach to these health problems.

Thank you, Dr. Rath.
Dr. Rath: You’re very welcome.



Listen to Carol 2 and Carol Smith on Jeff Rense National Radio Show 

(My Input) Amazing STUFF. We have Big Pharma to thank for the lack of knowledge of these discoveries and testimonials.

Hi Owen,

In answer to some questions on your forum on how I found out that my heart was clear from plaque.:::: I had a Nuclear Stress test late in 2006 that showed my heart in real distress. The pictures that the test recorded, showed that my heart's arteries were nearly completely darkened in by plaque. This means that the arteries were all clogged, i.e., getting very little oxygen. My doctor said that I needed a bypass or a stent and must start on statin drugs immediately. I turned it all down. Needless to say he was really worried. I was very sick...couldn't walk far or fast, out of breath, blue feet...I felt like I was dying. Sooooo I started taking the Linus Pauling cure that I had been reading about... smile... I started feeling better within the first week. Each time I went to see my cardiologist he would comment on how well I was doing. My EKG's were even getting better. Then I took another Nuclear Stress test in late 2007, which showed my heart to be clear of plaque.

My doctor drew a picture of before and after for me. My feet went from blue in 2006 to skin color in 2007... My cardiologist said he no longer recommends a bypass or statin drugs. I have new energy...and a new life. A few months later in 2008, I had an echo cardiogram performed which showed my heart had gone back to normal size and that my valves were working perfectly. Previous to 2006 it had been enlarged. And that's the simple truth. My doctor is still amazed. I'm still working on the AFIB. You can put this on your forum... Carol 2

A Owen's book documents the amazing (then) 12-year history of the Pauling/Rath theory and therapy for reversing coronary heart disease.

Owen's enhanced Pauling-therapy protocol for reversing heart disease from the book is available as an excerpt (PDF file). This protocol prevents and often reverses coronary heart disease, something Pauling predicated was possible after the patient corrects an ancient genetic (GLO) defect. Owen's protocols are based on his 14+ years of study and recommending the Pauling therapy to heart patients.

"Heart patients who elected to follow Linus Pauling's advice recovered in approximately 30 days, and many experienced significant relief in as little as 10 days. The recoveries only occurred after these former patients adopted the high dosage vitamin C and lysine therapy as specifically recommended by Linus Pauling. These patients usually adopted the Pauling-therapy without their doctor's knowledge or consent." - Owen Fonorow from Practicing Medicine Without a License ? The story of the Linus Pauling therapy for heart disease

Patented Heart Disease Cure That Works.3gp
Note: Mr Leake has documented his long battle with heart disease, culminating in his doctors declaring him free of disease, in a wonderful new book: A (Patented) Heart Disease Cure That Works! . 

And here is Mr Leake's proof: His online medical records:

The exciting news for most heart patients, especially those diagnosed with severe heart disease and who are suffering heart pain, is that their symptoms can be reversed in as little as ten days by following Linus Pauling's specific dosage recommendations. Results are dramatic, and if the person can be helped, they will know in a very short period of time -- as long as they are compliant, that is, keep taking the correct high "Pauling" dosages.
(See Owen Fonorow's protocol and the recommended Pauling-therapy products)

There is a problem.

Former patients begin feeling so well, over the years, that they stop taking their high doses of vitamin C. Stopping the Pauling therapy (vitamin C and lysine) seems to invariably lead to a relapse, usually a heart attack, in about six months. We believe that the very high dosage can be lessened over time, but we don't know by how much. It is clear that vitamin C should not be stopped altogether, and continuing high dosages is cheap "insurance."

The vast medical-pharmaceutical-governmental complex still laughs and refuses to study any of this! We know it can be hard to convince loved ones because of this, but here is a sample letter to use when sending a relative or friend my book and one of our products. As hard as this is to believe, you, your friends and relatives can ignore the science, or you can take your cardiovascular health into your own hands. It usually takes an end-stage patient less than one month to find out whether the Pauling therapy can work for them.

Owen Fonorow

Vitamin C
Practicing Medicine Without A
Natures Perfect

For more than a decade we have observed amazing reversals which often occur in 10 to 14 days without any known risks. In case after case.

Listen to Linus Pauling
The story of the invention, and the first three cases of the Pauling Therapy.
(8 minutes) mp3
Dosage is key. Amazingly, medical "science" has ignored the Pauling Therapy. The "profession" has not published a single study of Pauling's recommended dosages of vitamin C and lysine, or conducted public clinical trials. Not one. (Consider this: Medicine has conducted more than 1000 trials of the statin prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs, most showing little or no heart benefit.)

Linus Pauling's Original Dosage Recommendations (1 minute) mp3
This complete lack of interest has allowed organized medicine to dismiss the Pauling/Rath claim a priori as unproven, without comment or critique.

Become an informed patient. After a little reading, you will soon know more about heart disease than your doctors. - Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath and Concerned Citizen


An important part of the story are the products invented by entrepreneur William Decker, Founder of Tower Laboratories. These tasty drink mix products have no fillers. These drinks allow patients to easily achieve the dosages Pauling recommended, while avoiding the large number of pills that would otherwise be necessary.

Place your order for Tower Heart Technology products and Vitamin C Foundation Cardio-C products from here

Discounts for Tower products good on first time retail sales only and NOT monthly auto ships.

If you prefer calling, Tower's order line number is 877-869-3752 and we mention Owen sent you to you place your first-time Tower order and get the discount.

Order Cardio-C and Ascorbade on-line directly from the Vitamin C Foundation. (Or call Vitamin C Foundation at 800-894-9025).

Mention Owen when you register at or call Tower directly. Please use this link to order directly from Tower. Registered users may receive a 30% discount on their first Retail order. If in doubt, call us at 877-869-3752 and we'll place the first order for you.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?Maybe your cardiologist has answers. Unfortunately, it has been our experience that most cardiologist have little idea what really causes heart disease. This is a strange statement. If you doubt it, why not try an experiment. Ask your doctor the following:
Most animals do not suffer heart disease, yet gorillas and other high-order primates (including humans) do. Why?

Why do most atherosclerotic plaques form in the arteries, but not in the veins?

Why do the plaques narrow and clog coronary arteries on the surface of the heart but not inside the heart?

Why aren't blockages (infarctions) more common throughout the blood stream, especially where the blood pools or moves slowly, i.e., in the ears, fingers or nose?

Why do more than 50% of the heart attack and strokes occur in people without any of the generally accepted cardiovascular risk factors?

Why do people with low cholesterol still suffer heart attacks and stroke?

Why do about half of the surgical heart procedures fail? (In other words, why do the plaques grow back with a vengeance?)

Why has the cardiovascular mortality rate declined since the 1950s, and decreased by almost half during the 1970s, after Linus Pauling's Vitamin C book become a best seller?

Why is cholesterol elevated in heart patients?

Why have major cholesterol-drug studies not released the raw data to scientists?

Why do drug companies routinely cut studies short just after mortality in the study groups begins to rise?

Why hasn't medical science investigated the Pauling/Rath theory?

The "cholesterol" theory has no answer to these questions, but the Pauling/Rath unified theory does.

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