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Monday, June 10, 2013

Fiber Sources For Diabetics

In the last couple of posts, I talked about the enzyme Transglucosidase for slowing down the digestion and conversion to sugar in the digestive track of starchy meals. In addition I talked about getting 20-35 grams of fiber per day and making sure you included fiber sources with any starchy meals.

The fiber requirement of up to 35 grams can be done quite easily if you start incorporating beans into your diet. Here are some examples:

Margaret Holmes Seasoned Butter Beans - 15 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein in one can
Sylvia's Restaurant Seasoned Black Eye Peas - 18 grams of fiber and 30 grams on protein in one can
Glory Seasoned Southern Style Field Peas and Snaps - 9 grams of fiber in one can
Grandma Browns single serving can of Home Style Baked Beans - 24 grams of fiber and 24 grams of protein
Wegman's Dark Red kidney beans 24.5 grams of fiber and 30.5 grams of protein in one can
WATCH the Bush's beans and Cambell's Pork and beans as the sugar content is very high....again most of it is in the sauce and not the beans themselves. I always drain as much of that off before serving as I can or lightly rinse them in a colander.

What about sodium content? I have to say HIGH, however most of it is in the liquid seasoning and you can drain most of that off or even rinse before eating. Better yet, you can buy butter beans, black eye peas and snaps etc. in the produce section and cook up your own.

Another fiber source would be Chia Seeds in your green smoothies or sugar free Metamucil powder, oat bran powder etc.

The purpose of the fiber with starchy meals is to help slow down the digestion process and conversion of starch to sugar and thus elevating or spiking after meal BG levels. It of course also helps your colon health.


A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.
Paul Dudley White 

Proverbs 17:22 KJV

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.


  1. Thanks for the info! My brother can use this info since he has had diabetes for 10 years. He has been through the constant struggles of monitoring his glucose levels and using insulin syringes. But with the proper diet changes he has been able to gain more control of his diabetes.

    1. Thanks for your comment Delores. He may want to read the post on Transglucosidase (enzyme) to prevent blood glucose spikes after a meal. Being on insulin, he would have to keep close tabs on his BG levels and make his doctor aware that he would like to try this product. Dan