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Thursday, September 5, 2013

MORE Evidence Of Dr. Linus Pauling's Discoveries On Unclogging Arteries

I feel that the work done by two time Nobel prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling Ph.D and his associate Dr. Matthias Rath and the ONLY US patent ever received for the CURE OF HEART DISEASE in 1994 is probably one of if not The Greatest Cover Up In US History from a health stand point. Check it out yourself:

LINK: (IT IS LONG, however will answer all of your questions on the only US Patent ever issued for the CURE of heart disease) TO WATCH ALL THE EXISTING VIDEOS PLEASE OPEN THE ACTUAL LINK.

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Linus Pauling's Therapy®
About the Cause and
Linus Pauling's Non-prescription "Cure" for America's #1 Killer

Warning: You are about to enter the Twilight Zone...

This web site was first established in 1996, shortly after Linus Pauling passed. It has been devoted to helping heart patients understand their conditions, as well as a safe and effective "cure" for heart disease invented by the great American scientist Linus Pauling and his German associate Matthias Rath, MD.

Testimonials abound, yet medicine continues to ignore the science and growing evidence. As far as modern medicine is concerned, the material presented here doesn't even exist. 

(The last statement almost makes me cry to think that the profit greed motive of pharmaceutical companies in this country are willing to assist in keeping this information under wraps. Even if it were ONLY 50% effective, it would still be light years ahead of the Statin Drug therapy pushed by the medical community. Truly in my opinion a health care tragedy)
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"I think we can get almost complete control of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes by the proper use of (vitamin C and lysine) ... even cure it." - From Linus Pauling's Last Interview

No Prescription Required The beauty of Pauling's therapy for cardiovascular and heart diseases is that the two primary nutrients, vitamin C and lysine, do not require prescriptions from your doctor. Both are essential nutrients, meaning they are both required for life in smaller amounts. The only issue for heart patients is the correct dosage; exactly how much must be taken and for how long to resolve cardiovascular disease (CVD) AKA chronic scurvy.

The Unified Theory Linus Pauling and Matthias Rath alerted the world to the cause of heart disease in 1989 -- a chronic, sub-clinical vitamin C deficiency -- due to a missing liver enzyme caused by the ancient GULO genetic defect in primate DNA. [1]

Pauling, the founder of modern chemistry, holder of 48 honorary Ph.D.s, and the world's only 2-time unshared Nobel prize laureate, theorized that too little vitamin C elevates cholesterol levels, including the Lp(a) variant that causes narrowing of blood vessels. After Pauling learned that Lp(a) binds to strands of lysine protruding from weak and damaged blood vessels, he invented the high-lysine therapy described here.

"Knowing that lysyl residues are what causes Lp(a) to stick to the wall of the artery and form atherosclerotic plaques, any physical chemist would say at once that to prevent that put the amino acid lysine in the blood to a greater extent than it is normally. - 92-year-old Linus Pauling
His specific high-dosage therapy for heart disease is apparently very effective, and it has been named the Pauling Therapy in Linus's honor.

The Pauling/Rath unified (vitamin C) theory of cardiovascular disease constitutes one of the great potential breakthroughs of modern science. Their remarkable theory, and its intriguing claim that very low cost Lp(a) binding inhibitors will prevent and even dissolve arterial blockages has apparently gone unnoticed by the pharmaceutical industry, the medical profession and the media. [2]

The 'banned' Pauling/Rath Unified Theory Paper (PDF)
Note: This paper was first accepted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, but then rejected and not published.
Breaking News

On his death bed, former Congressman Berkelly Bedell responds to Pauling's therapy for heart disease. (Mr. Bedell was sponsor of the office of alternative medicine while in Congress, and is chairman of the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Bedell's Letter to Owen (pdf)
"Its Almost Miraculous" - Linus Pauling It would be a miracle if the cure for heart disease already exists. It would be even more miraculous if the therapy that leads to the cure works quickly, (even in advanced disease), is completely non toxic, inexpensive, and if it is available at any drug store without a prescription!

We owe a deep debt of gratitude for this miracle to America's greatest scientist, the late Linus Pauling, Ph.D., and his German associate Matthias Rath, MD.
Pauling/Rath Patents
5,278,189 - Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease with Ascorbate and Substances that Inhibit the Binding of Lipoprotein(a)
5,230,996 - Use of Ascorbate and (Lysine) for Organ and Blood Vessel Treatment Prior to Transplantation.
5,650,418 - Therapeutic Lysine Salt Composition and Method of Use
Can It Really Be So Simple?Briefly, researchers discovered cholesterol lysine-binding-sites that lead to heart disease.[4] [5] [6] [7] Medical doctors have heard about the "lysine binding sites", but they aren't told that these receptors are ONLY found on one form of cholesterol; a sticky form of LDL cholestrol called Lp(a).

This discovery was verified in human beings in 1989. A German team led by Beisiegel discovered that only Lp(a) was inside the clogged aortas of those who had died of heart disease. They did not find any ordinary LDL (bad) cholesterol [8] in these arteries near the heart. (Matthias Rath, then a medical student, was on the team. He made the probable connection between Lp(a) and vitamin C and brought this news and idea to the attention of Linus Pauling.)

Eureka!Upon hearing of this discovery, Pauling invented the heart disease therapy presented here.

Rationale: If Lp(a) causes heart disease, and if Lp(a) attaches to the artery at the lysine binding sites, then the solution is apparent: Give Lp(a) in the blood something else to attach to.
Linus Pauling's brilliant invention (and now therapy named in his honor) increases the blood concentration of vitamin C and of lysine to neutralize the Lp(a).

"I recommend that every person who is at risk of heart disease should take 5 or 6 g of vitamin C and at least 2 g of lysine, although larger amounts may be necessary." - Linus Pauling

Lp(a) and the Lysine Binding Sites
"Many investigators contributed to demonstrating that it is lipoprotein(a) that is deposited in plaques, not merely LDL, but lipoprotein(a), or Lp(a) for short. If you have more than 20 mg/dl in the blood it begins to deposit plaques and causes atherosclerosis. The question then is: What causes Lp(a) to stick to the wall of the artery and form these plaques?

"Countless biochemists and chemists discovered what in the wall of the artery causes Lp(a) to adhere and form atherosclerotic plaques and ultimately lead to heart disease, strokes, and peripheral arterial disease. The answer is that there is a particular amino acid in a protein in the wall of the artery - lysine - which is one of the twenty amino acids that binds the Lp(a) and causes atherosclerotic plaques to develop. I THINK IT IS A VERY IMPORTANT DISCOVERY"

"Knowing that lysyl residues are what causes Lp(a) to stick to the wall of the artery and form atherosclerotic plaques, any physical chemist would say at once that to prevent that put the amino acid lysine in the blood to a greater extent than it is normally. You need lysine, it is essential, you have to get about 1 gram a day to keep in protein balance, but we can take lysine, pure lysine, a perfectly non toxic substance as supplements, which puts extra lysine molecules in the blood. They enter into competition with the lysyl residues on the wall of arteries and accordingly count to prevent Lp(a) from being deposited, or even will work to pull it loose and destroy atherosclerotic plaques."

- Linus Pauling (From the Linus Pauling Video on Heart Disease, 1992)
Subsequently, researchers at the University of Chicago discovered the proline-binding-site on Lp(a).[9]
Confirmation from the Eye

Dr. Sydney Bush, a noted British optometrist, is the founder of CardioRetinometry, a new medical field that analyzes the future health of the heart. "We are looking into life's secrets," Bush said, "When we look inside the eye - to call it a crystal ball of your future is an understatement." In addition, Bush found that vitamin C can improve that future. With Cardioretinometry, doctors can actually track how much vitamin C diminishes the amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels."

Why Don't Doctors Know?Most people haven't heard about this because there have been no published studies. (No one goes to jail when a cure for a major disease is not evaluated by science.) The Pauling-therapy for heart disease works quickly. Patients have consistently reported symptom relief in ten days or less, even in advanced disease. The effect is rapid and undeniable, thus the reasons that most people haven't heard about this are not based on science, rather malfeasance.
NIH Refuses to Study Pauling/Rath Therapy The Pauling therapy is simple. Take high doses of two nutrients that are required for life. Doing so can prevent and even cure many forms of cardiovascular and heart disease - in days or weeks. The question becomes how much should one take?

We, under the auspices of the Vitamin C Foundation, submitted two study proposals to the United States National Institutes of Health, (NIH) Office of Alternative Medicine. We were inexperienced in submitting such proposals, but the NIH was free to solicit its own studies. Either proposal would have fairly evaluated the Pauling therapy on heart disease.
The 2002 Study Proposal
The 1998 Study PropoaslThese submissions (and subsequent rejections) are a matter of public record.

Probably the main reason that this important discovery has been ignored is economic:Think of more than half the hospitals in your region closing.

With medical science asleep at the switch, we have been promoting and closely monitoring the effect of Pauling's therapy on heart patients for almost twenty years. [10]One thing has become crystal clear: The large doses recommended by Linus Pauling are key to success [11] [12]. Neither nutrient has any known lethal toxic dose in animal or human studies.

The reports have been so amazing that we documented the protocol and success stories in a book Practicing Medicine Without A Licence.

This long-term experience, (initially with dying heart patients who gave up on orthodox medicine and were taking a myriad of heart medications), leaves little doubt that :Cardiovascular (Heart) disease at its root is a vitamin C deficiency. Science can not dispute this assertion because it has never been tested at Pauling's recommended dosages.

So why after all these years and so many reports of success does medical research still have its collective head in the sand? We can only think of one reason:
The method for reversing heart disease invented by Linus Pauling does not require a doctor.

August, 2011
"Dear Owen Fonorow,

I want to thank you for saving my life!

It was articles written by you that were published in the "Townsend Letters" ten years ago, when you described the Linus Pauling protocols regarding cardio-vascular disease. In 2002, I began following Dr. Pauling's recommendations and continue until today with the results recorded in the attached medical records.

I feel indebted to you, Dr. Fonorow, for providing me with information that has enabled me to live the last ten years of my life in excellent health. Thank you for keeping LInus Pauling's legacy alive.

If the information contained in the enclosed (13 year & experience with Lp(a)) can be of benefit to your cause, you have my permission to use said information , in any manner, shope, or form, with no strings attached.

Thank you sincerely,

Dave G. Cramer
((a humble 84 year old follower & believer)

Testimonials represent a cross section of the range of results that appear to be typical with these products. Results may vary depending upon use and commitment.

Reversing Heart Disease with a Vitamin
In my clinic, we have a saying, "Heart disease is easier to treat than low-back pain." This treatment, when done correctly, works wonders. Out of all my heart disease patients, I have had only one who did not improve significantly, and that one patient did not use the recommended type of vitamin C. Another patient last year completely reversed her heart disease in 2 months."
Dr. Cobb is a physician who is familiar with the protocol and uses it in his practice. Article reprinted with permission from

New article by Dr. Cobb. Three Cases of Heart Disease Reversed (PDF)
"Her MD then told her that "I don't usually get to tell a patient this, but" - she didn't have heart disease any more, there was no need to put stents in, and she should come back in two years.

"In financial terms, my total income from these 3 reversals of heart disease is $65.00."

Without discovering your website, I might not be here today! "Thanks" seems hardly adequate.
Best Wishes,
David Leake
Here is David on youtube describing how he ended is 17 year nightmare...

A Patented Heart Disease Cure That Works.3gp
Note: Mr Leake has documented his long battle with heart disease, culminating in his doctors declaring him free of disease, in a wonderful new book: A (Patented) Heart Disease Cure That Works! .

And here is Mr Leake's proof: His online medical records:
The exciting news for most heart patients, especially those diagnosed with severe heart disease and who are suffering heart pain, is that their symptoms can be reversed in as little as ten days by following Linus Pauling's specific dosage recommendations. Results are dramatic, and if the person can be helped, they will know in a very short period of time -- as long as they are compliant, that is, keep taking the correct high "Pauling" dosages.
(See Owen Fonorow's protocol and the recommended Pauling-therapy products)

There is a problem.Former patients begin feeling so well, over the years, that they stop taking their high doses of vitamin C. Stopping the Pauling therapy (vitamin C and lysine) seems to invariably lead to a relapse, usually a heart attack, in about six months. We believe that the very high dosage can be lessened over time, but we don't know by how much. It is clear that vitamin C should not be stopped altogether, and continuing high dosages is cheap "insurance."

The vast medical-pharmaceutical-governmental complex still laughs and refuses to study any of this! We know it can be hard to convince loved ones because of this, but here is asample letter to use when sending a relative or friend my book and one of our products. As hard as this is to believe, you, your friends and relatives can ignore the science, or you can take your cardiovascular health into your own hands. It usually takes an end-stage patient less than one month to find out whether the Pauling therapy can work for them.

Owen Fonorow

Vitamin C
Practicing Medicine Without A
Natures Perfect

For more than a decade we have observered amazing reversals which often occur in 10 to 14 days without any known risks. In case after case.

Listen to Linus Pauling
The story of the invention, and the first three cases of the Pauling Therapy.
(8 minutes) mp3
Dosage is key. Amazingly, medical "science" has ignored the Pauling Therapy. The "profession" has not published a single study of Pauling's recommended dosages of vitamin C and lysine, or conducted public clinical trials. Not one. (Consider this: Medicine has conducted more than 1000 trials of the statin prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs, most showing little or no heart benefit.)

Linus Pauling's Original Dosage Recommendations (1 minute) mp3
This complete lack of interest has allowed organized medicine to dismiss the Pauling/Rath claim a priori as unproven, without comment or critique.

Become an informed patient. After a little reading, you will soon know more about heart disease than your doctors. - Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath and Concerned Citizen


An important part of the story are the products invented by entrepreneur William Decker, Founder of Tower Laboratories. These tasty drink mix products have no fillers. These drinks allow patients to easily achieve the dosages Pauling recommended, while avoiding the large number of pills that would otherwise be necessary.

Place your order for Tower HeartTechnology products and Vitamin C Foundation Cardio-C products from here

Discounts for Tower products good on first time retail sales only and NOT monthly autoships.

If you prefer calling, Tower's order line number is 877-869-3752 and we mention Owen sent you to you place your first-time Tower order and get the discount.

Order Cardio-C and Ascorbade on-line directly from the Vitamin C Foundation. (Or call Vitamin C Foundation at 800-894-9025).

Mention Owen when you register at or call Tower directly. Please use this link to order directly from Tower. Registered users may receive a 30% discount on their first Retail order. If in doubt, call us at 877-869-3752 and we'll place the first order for you.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?Maybe your cardiologist has answers. Unfortunately, it has been our experience that most cardiologist have little idea what really causes heart disease. This is a strange statement. If you doubt it, why not try an experiment. Ask your doctor the following:
Most animals do not suffer heart disease, yet gorillas and other high-order primates (including humans) do. Why?

Why do most atherosclerotic plaques form in the arteries, but not in the veins?

Why do the plaques narrow and clog coronary arteries on the surface of the heart but not inside the heart?

Why aren't blockages (infarctions) more common throughout the blood stream, especially where the blood pools or moves slowly, i.e., in the ears, fingers or nose?

Why do more than 50% of the heart attack and strokes occur in people without any of the generally accepted cardiovascular risk factors?

Why do people with low cholesterol still suffer heart attacks and stroke?

Why do about half of the surgical heart procedures fail? (In other words, why do the plaques grow back with a vengeance?)

Why has the cardiovascular mortality rate declined since the 1950s, and decreased by almost half during the 1970s, after Linus Pauling's Vitamin C book become a best seller?

Why is cholesterol elevated in heart patients?

Why have major cholesterol-drug studies not released the raw data to scientists?

Why do drug companies routinely cut studies short just after mortality in the study groups begins to rise?

Why hasn't medical science investigated the Pauling/Rath theory?

The "cholesterol" theory has no answer to these questions, but the Pauling/Rath unified theory does.

Listen to Owen Discuss the Pauling Heart Therapy on the Jeff Rense Show (Streaming Windows Audio)

Find the answers to the above questions and more in a new book about the Pauling therapy, Practicing Medicine Without A License? The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease.

Owen Fonorow;

The most valuable book I have ever owned is "Practicing Medicine Without A license." Please let me know when I will be able to obtain a copy of the Handbook Volume 2. Thank you for you valuable time.

Sincerely Yours; Gloria G.Read more about this book here .

OWEN'S NEW BOOKA Owen's book documents the amazing (then) 12-year history of the Pauling/Rath theory and therapy for reversing coronary heart disease.

Owen's enhanced Pauling-therapy protocolfor reversing heart disease from the book is available as an excerpt (PDF file). This protocol prevents and often reverses coronary heart disease, something Pauling predicated was possible after the patient corrects an ancient genetic (GLO) defect. Owen's protocols are based on his 14+ years of study and recommending the Pauling therapy to heart patients.

"Heart patients who elected to follow Linus Pauling's advice recovered in approximately 30 days, and many experienced significant relief in as little as 10 days. The recoveries only occurred after these former patients adopted the high dosage vitamin C and lysine therapy as specifically recommended by Linus Pauling. These patients usually adopted the Pauling-therapy without their doctor's knowledge or consent." - Owen Fonorow from Practicing Medicine Without a License ? The story of the Linus Pauling therapy for heart disease

Book Excerpt Chapter 7 - The Pauling Therapy Protocol (PDF)

Read all about this book.

Order the Book.

Important Cases
Carol "2"

Listen to Carol 2 and Carol Smith on Jeff Rense National Radio Show

Hi Owen,

In answer to some questions on your forum on how I found out that my heart was clear from plaque.:::: I had a Nuclear Stress test late in 2006 that showed my heart in real distress. The pictures that the test recorded, showed that my heart's arteries were nearly completely darkened in by plaque. This means that the arteries were all clogged, i.e., getting very little oxygen. My doctor said that I needed a bypass or a stent and must start on statin drugs immediately. I turned it all down. Needless to say he was really worried. I was very sick...couldn't walk far or fast, out of breath, blue feet...I felt like I was dying. Sooooo I started taking the Linus Pauling cure that I had been reading about... smile... I started feeling better within the first week. Each time I went to see my cardiologist he would comment on how well I was doing. My EKG's were even getting better. Then I took another Nuclear Stress test in late 2007, which showed my heart to be clear of plaque.

My doctor drew a picture of before and after for me. My feet went from blue in 2006 to skin color in 2007... My cardiologist said he no longer recommends a bypass or statin drugs. I have new energy...and a new life. A few months later in 2008, I had an echo cardiogram performed which showed my heart had gone back to normal size and that my valves were working perfectly. Previous to 2006 it had been enlarged. And that's the simple truth. My doctor is still amazed. I'm still working on the AFIB. You can put this on your forum... Carol 2

: Owen's First Nationwide Radio Interview on Rense, May 22, 2008 (Windows Media Player) C
Listen to Carol 2 and Carol Smith on Jeff Rense National Radio Show

Hi Owen,

Well I had my Doctor appointment this morning to discuss the results of all the tests my doctor had ordered. The good news is that everything was in normal ranges... His words were "You have no kidney or liver damage and also NO nerve damage to your eyes or feet which is pretty amazing considering that you have been a diabetic for almost 50 years." He said to keep doing whatever I have been doing because it is working and then he said "WOW". It made me feel good. Blood pressure was 112/60 68 and my heart is behaving again, and I am doing great.

Of course, he did bring up the fact that he wished I would consider taking Cholesterol pills. I asked "WHY?" since my test results were all very good. He just said that "it is a benefit for all patients to be on Cholesterol pills." I just smiled and said Cholesterol isn't the bad guy, cholesterol didn't cause my last two heart attacks, and I will not take any Cholesterol meds. I don't need them and he didn't argue with me. I truly believe that if I wasn't taking the high-dose Vitamin C in the Tower Laboratories products and the Unique E, I would not have received these great results again. Tower Ascorsine-9and Unique E are an unbeatable team to good health and every Diabetic and heart patient should be faithfully taking them.

Thank you so much for helping me find the wonderful Tower product that works! - Carol Smith

: Owen's First Nationwide Radio Interview on Rense, May 22, 2008 (RealPlayer)

Listen to Carol 2 and Carol Smith on Jeff Rense National Radio Show(Aug 14, 2008)

Read more testimony including more of Carol's amazing 10-year experience using Tower Labs Pauling-therapy formulas and A. C. Grace's Unique-E

THE UNIFIED THEORY AND THE GORILLA The lack of attention to Pauling's ideas has resulted in an epidemic of sudden death of gorillas in zoos. Gorillas like man suffer heart disease because they cannot make their own vitamin C.

Unfortunately, the gorillas dying in captivity supports the Pauling/Rath theory. However, Pauling provided the solution to the plight of gorillas -- as well as humans. With your help we can save lives. Owen and Sally's paper on gorilla deaths.

Linus Pauling Vindicated

The Original (Archive)

How to Contact Owen

"The lower your vitamin C blood and tissue levels go, the greater your chances of developing significant heart disease." Thomas Levy, MD, JD, Board Certified Cardiologist and author of Stop America's #1 Killer
Do You Suffer From a Treatable Heart Condition?
How often to you suffer chest pain?
Almost never or never
A few times (much less than half the time)
Sometimes (about half the time)
Most times (much more than half the time)
Almost always or always
Have you suffered a heart attack?
Never to my knowledge
Once and it was mild
Several mild heart attacks
I am lucky to be alive
Have you had a heart bypass operation?
Never to my knowledge
coronary bypass
Quadruple coronary bypass
Multiple coronary bypass operations
Do you know your cholesterol numbers?
I do not know my cholestol and Lp(a) numbers.
Total Cholesterol less than 200 mg/dl and Lp(a) less than 20 mg/dl
Total Cholesterol between 201 and 250 mg/dl and Lp(a) elevated
Total Choesterol greater than 250 mg/dl and Lp(a) above 40mg/dl
Have you or are you now taking heart medications?
Never to my knowledge
I take a statin cholesterol-lowering drug
I take over two to five different heart medications
I take more than six prescriptions related to my heart disease
Have much vitamin C do you take regularly
I take more than 10,000 mg of vitamin C daily
I take more than 5,000 mg of vitamin C daily
I take more than 1,000 mg of vitamin C daily
I only take vitamin C when I feel a cold coming on
I take the recommended 200 mgs or less daily Never or almost never supplement vitamin C
Add up your score. If less than 10, your vitamin C intake is probably close to optimal. However, if your score is 20 points or more, you would be wise to heed Linus Pauling's advice!

Question #6 is the most important and the answer is usually inversely proportional to the earlier answers. In other words, the less vitamin C you take regularly, the more serious we predict your heart disease is.

Kim, H.J. et al., Ascorbic acid synthesis due to L-gulono-1,4-lactone oxidase expression enhances No production in endothelial cells. []
Fonorow, O.R., Chronic Scurvy: The Suppression the Real Nature, Cause, and Cure for Heart Disease, (2005), []
Weisgraber KH, Innerarity TL, Mahley RW., Role of lysine residues of plasma lipoproteins in high affinity binding to cell surface receptors on human fibroblasts. (1978) [].
Lerch PG, Rickli EE., Studies on the chemical nature of lysine-binding sites and on their localization in human plasminogen. (1981) []
Hochschwender SM, Laursen RA., The lysine binding sites of human plasminogen. Evidence for a critical tryptophan in the binding site of kringle 4., (1981)] [
Anglés-Cano E, Hervio L, Rouy D, Fournier C, Chapman JM, Laplaud M, Koschinsky ML., Effects of lipoprotein(a) on the binding of plasminogen to fibrin and its activation by fibrin-bound tissue-type plasminogen activator. (1994) [].
Beisiegel U; Rath M; Reblin T; Wolf K; Niendorf A., Lipoprotein(a) in the arterial wall. (1990), [](abstract)
Klezovitch O, Edelstein C, Scanu AM., Evidence that the fibrinogen binding domain of Apo(a) is outside the lysine binding site of kringle IV-10: a study involving naturally occurring lysine binding defective lipoprotein(a) phenotypes. (1996), [].
Fonorow, O.R., The Cure for Heart Disease: Condensed, (2004), []
David Leake, D Leake CAD History 1989 to 2011, [
Linus Pauling, et. al., Sucess Stories (collected by Owen Fonorow), []
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseas
  1. e.

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