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Friday, October 11, 2013

Food To Avoid If You Have Type 2 Diabetes or Do Not Want To Have It

I am going to post a website that gives a lot of specifics about food to avoid. Some of these are pushed by advertisers as HEALTH FOOD or made especially for Diabetics etc. Before I add the link, IF you can keep in your mind that you MUST learn to read ingredient labels and to understand what they mean, it will go a long way in keeping your blood sugars under control or preventing diabetes in the first place.

AVOID hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and anything that mentions trans fats. That is a START. You need to understand that food manufacturers can list ZERO Trans Fats legally (not morally) on their labels if there is less less than 49% trans fats the manufacturer can label it as ZERO trans fats. Figures don't lie, however liars do figure. To follow this, suppose I had a 20 ounce bottle which was filled up to the 49%  mark or (JUST UNDER HALF FULL) of trans fats but the other 51% was purified mineral water from a crystal clear mountain stream. I could list the crystal clear mineral water and put ZERO Trans Fats on my label. The KEY to this is it has to be less than 49% per serving. The manufacturer can make up as many different SERVING SIZES  as they want to work around allowing them to include trans fats but lie to you and tell you there are NO trans fats. I feel all FUZZY and WARM inside when I think how the FDA is protecting us, don't you?

In agreement with the research that had been conducted on trans fats, in Jan 2006, the FDA came up with a ridiculous set of guidelines requiring food companies to disclose the amounts of trans fats in themtrans
Score one for the little people right?  Wait!
Here’s the thing…. if a food has less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving the manufacturer can list the trans fats as  ZERO!  ZERO!  So if a food has .49 grams of trans fats they can label it as ZERO.

Check out this LINK:

Author's Perspective: Many of our clients tell us that they eat "healthy", but they are shocked to discover that many of the foods that they're eating are actually not healthy foods at all.

Excluding genetic-related diseases, the majority of health-related issues are associated with nutritional deficiencies due to eating so-called "healthy" foods, such as cereal, milk, wheat bread, fruit juice, granola bars, diet foods, salmon, canola oil, 7-grain bread, multi-grain bread, yogurt, etc. [Ref: Chapters 3, 5-7]

Consequently, the primary reason why people suffer unnecessarily with disease in this country (as well as in other countries) is due to the lack of knowledge about proper nutrition and disease, and our misunderstanding of prescription medications. [Ref: Chapter 7]

So-Called "Healthy" Foods That Fuel DiseaseThere are quite a few health-related scams that have convinced us that many of these so-called healthy foods will help to either improve our health or prevent us from developing a disease such as diabetes.

Unfortunately, many of these foods have been marketed to us and our children as healthy foods for years! -- thanks to television, the newspapers, health magazines, radio, and other media.

In addition, so-called experts such as doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and diabetes educators, and other healthcare professionals promote many of these foods as healthy. Why? Because that's were they were told!

But it turns out that many of these foods fuel Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, allergies, auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction, depression, constant headaches, and other chronic illnesses.

Here's the current list of so-called healthy foods, and the list continues to grow:
Author's Note: My original list had 15 foods, but the list keeps growing! Got any new ones?

Apples: pesticides, coated; buy organic; or wash very well or peel off skin
Artificial sweeteners: i.e. Splenda (sucralose), Sweet 'n Low (saccharin),NutraSweet (aspartame), Equal (aspartame) and neotame (similar to aspartame) -- they're all deadly, toxic, carcinogenic chemicals!
Baby aspirin: don't be fooled by the word "baby"! may cause internal bleeding!
Baked beans: excess sugar, syrup; eat kidney beans, green beans
Bottled juice: excess sugar
Bottled teas: excess sugar, honey
Bottled water: More than 52% is tap water!, plus the plastic issue
Bottled water with added minerals: a marketing gimmick
Bran muffin: loaded with calories, fat, sugar, flour
Bread: contains flour, hydrogenated oil, HFCS; use sprouted grain bread instead
Brown rice: check the fiber content, buy organic
Canned tomatoes: make sure they're organic
Canola oil: man-made, hydrogenated
Carrots: root vegetables absorb herbicides, pesticides -- get organic
Cereal: gateway food to cow's milk, full of sugar, processed grain, GMOs
Cereal in box with fruit: refined sugar, corn syrup, petroleum-based dyes, no fruit!
Cereal ("natural" cereals): loaded with GMOs, pesticides, other chemicals
Cheerios: but it's supposed to lower your cholesterol! -- right ...
Chicken Wrap: tortilla carb-heavy, too much fat with the cheese
Corn: GMO, acts more like a grain than a vegetable
Corn-fed beef: corn -- that's how you get fat -- and fast!
Corn oil: bad for the cardiovascular system, excess Omega-6 fats
Diabetic foods: i.e. Glucerna (run the other way! -- full of chemicals and trans fats p.s. There's no such thing as "diabetic food"!
Diet foods/drinks: full of chemicals that create cravings
Diet microwave meals: high in sodium, trans fats
Diet soda: Are you kidding me? full of carcinogenic artificial sweeteners
Dried fruit: full of sugar, eat whole fruit instead
Eggs: eat organic eggs
Egg whites: Lack Vitamin B-12, folate, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Omega-3s, choline, which are contained in the yolk!
English muffins: mostly refined flour now
Energy bars: full of sugar!
Enriched wheat flour: this is refined flour!
Essential oils: Many products state 100% pure essential oils on their label, but it just means that the small amount of essential oils is 100% pure. Read the fine print and you'll they contain only 5%-15% essential oils and the rest is petroleum, mineral oil, canola oil, glycerin, etc.
Extra virgin olive oil: ensure it's first-pressed
Farmed salmon: dyes, other chemicals, little Omega-3s; avoid Atlantic salmon
Fat-free foods: usually full of sugar or other chemicals
Fish: mostly farmed, very little Omega-3s -- stick with wild salmon; avoid mercury-loaded shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish
Flaxseed oil: ensure organic, goes rancid quickly; whole flax is better
Fruit bars: full of refined sugar, HFCS, PHO
Fruit cocktail: full of sugar -- avoid the heavy syrup
Fruit juice: lots of sugar, pasteurized, HFCS and dead chemicals
Fruit snacks: fruit rollups contain refined sugars, trans fats, artificial colors, no fruit
Frozen dinners: full of chemicals and trans fat
Frozen yogurt: it's not yogurt! Mostly sugar, dead probiotic powder, nonfat milk
Grains: Avoid most grains especially if you're diabetic, only use organic/gluten-free
Granola: read the ingredients!
Granola bar: HFCS, trans fats
Granola cereal: denser and higher in fat than other cereals
Green powder: dried grass, fillers, processed, little nutrient value
Half-and-Half: fat adds up after 2-3 cups of coffee
Herbs and spices: shelf life -- lost potency, buy organic
Ketchup: HFCS, other chemicals
Low carb diet: As long as it's the right carbs! Anything "low" is problematic
Low-fat foods: usually full of sugar and/or salt, high GI
Low-sodium foods: usually full of synthetic chemicals to "taste" like salt
Margarine: contains hidden trans fats, canola oil; eat (organic) butter instead
Meal replacement bars: full of sugar!
Microwave popcorn: be careful, especially the popcorn with the fake butter!
Milk: cow's milk is full of antibiotics, growth hormones -- save your children!
Milk, 2%: sounds healthy but it's still cow's milk, full of saturated fat, hormones
Milk, Skim: It's still cow's milk!
Multigrain foods: cereals, crackers, breads may not be "whole grain"
Oatmeal: yeah, I know -- everyone is shocked by that one; replace with vegetables esp. if you're diabetic, otherwise use steel-cut oats
Olive oil: Fakes use hazelnut, soy, other oil! Get first-pressed, buttery, rich, luxuriant taste, minimal 'peppery' taste, dark bottle, store in dark
Organic juice: organic? in a bottle? yeah, right -- it's pasteurized!
Pasta Primavera: butter, cream, pasta cancel out veggies
Pasta Salad: pasta is primarily refined flour: high GI
Peanuts: overly-processed, excess salt, roasted, loaded with Omega-6 fats
Peanut butter: full of sodium, trans fats and HFCS -- try almond butter
Plant sterols: avoid foods with plant sterols, may damage health, heart, cells
Popcorn: as long as you avoid the man-made butter!
Potato chips, crackers (non-fried): made with refined grain or starches plus other chemicals; try Terra Chips (made with sliced vegetables), or Tortilla chips and SunChips (a 100% whole grain chip fried in olive oil).
Potatoes: root vegetables absorb herbicides, pesticides -- get organic
Potatoes, sweet: don't add the excess butter, sugar, cream!
Potatoes, white: avoid, unless you eat with the skin and organic
Protein bars, shakes: full of HFCS, PHO, other chemicals
Protein powder: mostly synthetic, full of chemicals
Rice cakes: they're nasty, have no taste -- must be healthy -- No! High GI! Na
Tilapia: used to be a good fish, now overly-farmed
Salad, Caesar: avoid fatty dressings, cheese; use mixed greens, low-fat dressing
Salads: remove the croutons, pasta, limit the cheese, salad dressing
Salad dressing: HFCS, saturated fat, artificial additives; make your own!
Seven-grain bread: read the label -- usually flour is the first ingredient
Smoothies: sold by Burger King, McDonald's and other fast food places are full of fat, sugar, syrup, food dyes, other food chemicals, and fake fruit!
Soy: yeah, we Americanized a good thing from the Asians, eat only fermented
Soybeans: GMO, phytic acid, carcinogenic nitrosamines
Soy milk: too much sugar
Soy protein: unless it contains genestein and daidzein
Splenda: it's artificial! use a natural sugar, i.e. stevia, xylitol
Sugar-free food: but artificial everything else, hidden sugar, look for --ose
Sushi rolls: cream cheese, mayo, seafood tempura-battered, soy sauce: Na)
Tea: avoid milk which deactivates catechins; also, avoid chlorinated tap water!
Tilapia fish: mostly farmed!
Tofu: excess sodium, saturated fat, sugar, decadent sauces,deep-fried
Tomatoes: avoid canned tomatoes
Toothpaste: contains sulfates, abrasives, detergents, fluoride; use bicarbonate of soda or an herbal-based powder
Tuna: Albacore tuna has more mercury than light tuna because the albacore are larger and longer-lived
Tuna Melt: excess fat, cheese, extras
Turkey burger: excess fat, cheese, other toppings; replace with tuna burger
Turkey hot dogs: full of nitrates, antibiotics, growth hormones, other chemicals
Tylenol: run the other way and save your liver!
Vegetable oil: overly-processed, unstable
Veggie burgers: excess cheese, refined flour
Veggie stick: coated with flour and salt
Vitamin pills: i.e. One-A-Day, Centrum -- they're just "rocks" of synthetic minerals
Vitamins (Prenatal): mostly synthetic, may contain traces of heavy metals
Vitamin water: contains synthetic vitamins
Water: avoid tap water, full of chemicals, toxins, bacteria, etc. -- get a good filter!
Wheat bread : yeah, not as healthy as we thought
Whole grain bread: read the label -- usually mostly flour, may have PHO
Whole grain muffin: usually mostly flour
Whole wheat bread: not that whole -- mostly refined flour
Wraps: excess fat, cheese, mayo, flour
Yogurt: tastes nasty so you would think it must be healthy
Yogurt cups: excess sugar, dead bacteria
Yogurt drinks: taste better, but full of sugar!

Note: If you can avoid corn, wheat, and soy products, and foods with flour, sugar,PHO, HFCS -- that's about 75% of the unhealthy foods.                                     

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