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Monday, January 20, 2014


Estrogen levels in older men are a real problem if not controlled. I have done several posts on the need to balance testosterone and estrogen levels and older men especially those who do not eat right or are inactive, tend to have harmful levels of estrogen in their system.

Most of us do not eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower have been noted to help keep high estrogen levels in men in proper balance.

I often think that if our original ancestors (Adam and Eve) had not partaken of the "Tree of the knowledge of good and evil" and had instead said NO to the Serpent and continued to eat freely of the "Tree of Life" which produced 12 different types of fruits, how much better off we all would be today.




Was the tree in the Garden of Eden a real tree or merely a symbol?

Would it be correct to say that the two trees mentioned in Genesis 2:9, viz, the “Tree of Life,” and the “Tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” are only symbols, and not literal trees? Does the latter tree represent the limit or boundary of the liberty God gave to-Adam?
Mere statements of opinion, even when said to be shared by “leading theologians,” carry no weight, unless supported by scriptural proof. Personally, I have never beard of any theologian or indeed anyone else who held such views as stated above, although of course, modern unbelief hates the story of the fall of man, and would fain get rid of it at any cost. But if the tree of knowledge is only a symbol, representing “the limit or boundary of the liberty God gave to Adam,” (!) (whatever this exactly means), of what is the tree of life a symbol?
The two trees are mentioned first in Genesis 2:9: “And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree, that is pleasant to the sight, etc.: the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Here the same Hebrew word for tree is used throughout, and in each case the tree is said to have been made to grow out of the ground. Surely they are literal trees all through. Again, in verses and 17 the tree of life is not mentioned apart from the trees whose fruit might be eaten; the only exception being the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This would be very strange if it were intended to convey the injunction that they might eat of all the literal trees (including the symbolic tree of life), but that they must not eat of the symbolic tree of knowledge. It is the same in Genesis 3:2, “We may eat,” says Eve, “of the trees of the garden, but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it.” Here we see that the tree of knowledge was like the tree of life, in the most accessible part of the garden, even the midst. How could two abstract symbols be in the midst of the literal garden? Eve clearly understood the tree of knowledge to be a literal tree, and so it is to the end of the chapter— “Hast thou eaten of the tree?” etc. The tree of life certainly was literal too, bearing fruit capable of maintaining the human body in its daily wear and tear—a kind of elixir of life, so much sought after since. I see that Cruden gives an interesting note in his Concordance under “Tree” in this sense: “Tree of life so-called because it was a natural means of preserving man’s life and freeing him from all infirmities, etc., during his abode on earth.” This agrees with the fact that after the fall God deprived his creatures of access to the tree of life, lest their existence should be indefinitely prolonged in a sin-haunted body.

Following are some tips to lower the estrogen levels.


15 ways to lower estrogen levels in men

In no specific order, here’s how you reduce your estrogen levels.
1. Drink 2-4 cups of green tea per day. There are numerous studies indicating green tea for lowering estrogen levels. The researchers speculated that the green tea acts by reducing the circulating levels of estrogen in the body thus rendering it useless.
2. Stop drinking out of plastic. BPA is the most well known xenoestrogen but in reality it isn’t even the most dangerous one. Almost all of the plastic available has some type of xenoestrogen in the product regardless if it’s a cup or a toy truck.Believe it or not cash receipts are even a source of xenoestrogens as well as the metal cans that hold your tomatoes in the winter.

Want to lower your estrogen levels? Avoid plastic at all costs.

3. Start eating broccoli on a daily basis. One of the most potent anti estrogen supplement is DIM which is found heavily in broccoli. Acting as detoxifying aid, DIM helps your body to process the estrogen instead of your kidneys fighting a losing battle.
4. Lose fat. Seriously! Each fat cell in your body is a estrogen hosting organism. If you give your body less chances of retaining estrogen then you’re setting yourself up for success right?
5. Lower estrogen with specific targeting supplements. This goes hand in hand with the point above about losing fat. I’m not really sure how some fitness trainers can advocate that you don’t use supplements when attempting to lean out. Yes, it’s entirely possible for you to lose weight without supplements but what those trainers don’t realize is that when you begin the fat breakdown process those fat cells are releasing estrogen into your body.
You need to meet the battle head on. I’ve already mentioned green tea and DIM but don’t overlook various forms of carnitine and a heavy dose of omega-3 fish oil.
how to lower estrogen 300x200 15 Quick Ways To Lower Estrogen Levels In Men Naturally6.Reduce your total training load. Yes, weight training increases your testosterone but it also causes an increase of the stress hormone cortisol. No one under trains unless they don’t workout at all, that isn’t an option. Most people overtrain. Reducing your total training volume and the freqeuncy of your workouts will result in a favorable hormonal shift.
7. Sprinkle flax seeds on your salads. Flax seeds and flax seed oil exhibit a strong anti-estrogen effect since they contain lignans. Numerous research studies have validated this so you’d be smart to use some flax seeds to lower your estrogen.
8. Improve your gut health. A little known but common gut bacteria known as B-glucoronidase might actually push estrogen away from being detoxed and back into circulation in your system. Luckily for us Lactobacillus has been shows to reduce this bacteria. Start with at least 4 billion strains and work your way up from there.
9. Start eating more nuts. Macademia nuts and almonds, among others, have been shown to provide favorable increase in testosterone. More testosterone means less estrogen.
10. Reduce your exposure to electrical magnetic waves. Stop carrying your cell phone in your pocket and reduce your visual exposure to the computer after work hours. EMG waves from the cell phone and computer screen decrease the anti estrogen hormone, testosterone.
11. Stop eating commercially raised meat. Make the shift to organic, free range or better yet, grass fed meat. Commercially raised meat is exposed to numerous hormones that case havoc once inside our body.
12. Eat more dietary fiber to lower your estrogen levels since regular bowel movements can remove excessive estrogen from the body.
13. Avoid toxic environments. I’m not telling you to stay at home all day but start making smarter choices about where you go if you know it’ll be bad for your health. Example, my city runs a popular concert serious every month in a local park that brings in relatively known acts. I stopped going to it because it’s like walking in a cigarette factory.
14.Take 1,000 mg’s of Maca two to three times per day. This adaptagenic herb can increase sex hormone product and detox harmful substances from the body.
15. Increase your flexibility. While not a direct measure of lowering estrogen levels, stretching at the end of a hard workout or a long day has been shown to have a calming effect on the body. The more relaxed that we are the better our body will be able to perform this natural functions. Sounds out there I know but stress can do some amazing things.

The final word on lowering estrogen levels in men

These tips take time to implement but they are very powerful at ridding your body of estrogen. I can’t push my point home enough how you must slowly remove all the offenders from your life if you ant lasting change. Take a step or two above and don’t use any other until you have the first two down to a daily ritual.

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