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Monday, January 27, 2014

Omega 7's for Heart Health

In one of my many monthly health newsletters this one came across my computer this morning. I thought I would share the link with you and let you read it for yourself and decide whether to further investigate the data or not.

I have been a fan of Omega 3' fatty acids in fish oil especially KRILL oil, along with organic ground cold pressed Flax seeds on my oatmeal in the morning etc. I am also a BIG fan of the ever expanding wonders and miracle stories from the use of Vitamin C combined with L-Lysine, L-Proline, Co-enzyme Q10, vitamin E and other supplements. I also like organic extra virgin or virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil for health benefits.

I confess, this is my first real exposure to Omega 7', for heart health, however I like to investigate "ANY natural approach to health (vs.) popping prescription drugs with all the unwanted side effects".

In any event, here is some information you probably won't hear about from your family doctor, or diabetes clinic or your cardiologist.

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

Trying to suppress or eradicate symptoms on the physical level can be extremely important, but there's more to healing than that; dealing with psychological, emotional and spiritual issues involved in treating sickness is equally important.
Marianne Williamson 

God bless, and have a great day.



"I'm impressed enough with the
data that I myself use a purified
omega-7...the data imply the
higher the percentage of omega-7 the better."
And as we’ve already discussed, Provinal ™ packs a higher percentage of Omega 7 than any other form on the market!
So by now, you’re probably starting to realize why doctors and researchers are so excited by Omega 7’s hearth healthy potential.
But I’m sure a health savvy person like yourself is probably also thinking...

“Isn’t there more to heart health than
Omega 7’s?”
We’ve only scratched the surface

Hi, I’m Emily Walker. I have the privilege of working with Dr. Stengler on his line of health products...
And we’re so pumped up about Provinal Omega 7 that we’ve entered into an exclusive agreement with its manufacturer. So you currently can’t get it in any other doctor’s formula.

But as you’ll soon see, Omega 7 is only one ingredient in what Dr. Stengler is calling the “ultimate” heart health formula...
The crown jewel in a supplement designed specifically to help support your heart health from every angle...
A brand new “cardio colossus” known as Provicor.
Provicor is a heart health breakthrough that uses cutting edge natural ingredients to help cover every aspect of a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
Including “the most important heart health indicator your doctor may be ignoring”.
More on those in a moment, but first let me tell you what Dr. Stengler discovered about how Provicor helps simplify heart health by addressing multiple concerns in one unique formula.
Including one you’re probably wondering about right now...

What about LDL cholesterol?

Don’t worry—With Provicor...
You’re covered!
You can’t turn on your TV, listen to the radio or walk 10 feet down the sidewalk these days without someone talking about cholesterol...
And while this one aspect of heart health tends to receive more hype and attention than many believe is deserved, it definitely is one heart concern you want to make sure is covered.
That’s why the Provicor formula brings you the very best nature has to offer in terms of supporting healthy levels of LDL cholesterol.
For centuries, practitioners of the ancient Indian Ayurveda have reached for a natural fruit known as Indian Gooseberry or Amla to help keep hearts healthy.
But even though it’s been a mainstay in India for hundreds of years, the hard science and medical studies have only recently started coming to light.
Now, I don’t want to bore you with the science but these results on a standardized extract of amla called AmlaMax are nothing short of amazing.

How amazing is it?

3 separate human clinical studies show
notable improvement in both LDL and Total cholesterol
in as little as 3 months
And research behind AmlaMax just gets better from there. Need more proof? How about this...

Study shows improvements
in triglycerides in just 3 months
and a greater improvement after 6!

Triglycerides may be tough to spell, read and pronounce but with AmlaMax on your side it’s easy to help keep your levels in line.
In the same peer reviewed human research mentioned earlier AmlaMax also showed an uncanny ability to lower participants’ average triglyceride levels in just 3 months when compared to their starting values. And after 6 months subjects saw an even greater decrease in triglyceride levels when compared to their starting values!
And that’s not all...
In these very same studies, AmlaMax also showed a unique ability to increase participants HDL (healthy) cholesterol levels significantly...
Now this is important because not enough people talk about HDL cholesterol these days but it’s absolutely crucial to improving your overall heart health.
You see HDL cholesterol particles are the “cleaners” or “scavengers” of the arteries... They help to pick up unwanted LDL cholesterol and ensure it’s recycled or reused through the liver.
And in one of those studies, AmlaMax was able to increase hearth healthy HDL cholesterol in just 12 weeks!
And believe it or not, we still haven’t reached the end of this natural wonder’s heart healthy abilities...
Now you may be thinking, “We’ve already covered HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels... What else do we need to talk about??”
Good question and the answer is: A great deal more because as Dr. Stengler always says...

Cholesterol is only half the story

Wondering about the other 50%?
Let’s see how Provicor can help...
For years most doctors focused almost exclusively on cholesterol levels as the key indicator of overall heart health...
So you can imagine their surprise when patients with perfect cholesterol levels were still flocking to their offices with heart health concerns.
And they couldn’t solve this riddle...
But when Dr. Stengler read a groundbreaking study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, he knew he’d found the answer.
What was it? It’s one of the most important indicators of heart health your doctor may be ignoring... Inflammation.
Just how critical is inflammation?
Well, that same landmark New England Journal study found that levels of inflammation can be as good an indicator (if not better) of overall hearth health than cholesterol levels!
And that means you’d better pay attention to inflammation if you want to ensure your heart stays healthy...
And AmlaMax works as a virtual inflammation watchdog! Let me explain how...
Now, your overall level of inflammation can be measured by studying what’s known as C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels in your blood... The lower the better.
And it turns out our old friend amla steps up again by helping to make sure your CRP levels (and therefore inflammation) are in tip-top shape.
Once again, in the same landmark human research, AmlaMax was able to...

Reduce CRP levels in just 3 months!

And after 6 months, study participants saw an even greater decrease in CRP levels compared to their starting values. So, just like with, HDL, and Triglycerides... the longer participants took AmlaMax, the more their numbers improved.
So with Provicor, you get a cutting-edge heart supplement that specifically targets healthy inflammation levels along with groundbreaking support for LDL cholesterol, HDL (healthy) cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides levels.
And we’re just getting warmed up!
Want to see how else Provicor can help keep your heart strong? Then let me show you how you can take advantage of...

The French secret to
beautiful blood pressure

Believe it or not... it all starts with another heart health mystery. This one was such a stumper it even has a name: The French Paradox.
You see, the French were renowned for heavy drinking and eating foods high in unhealthy saturated fat...
Yet their hearts were still amazingly healthy.
How did they do it? Well, it just so happens the medical community was wondering thevery same thing.
And after years of research and decades of coming up empty-handed, doctors finally focused on the grapes in the wine the French were notorious for drinking and...

VoilĂ !
The French Paradox was finally solved...
and it’s good news for you!

It turns out the grapes were jam-packed with antioxidant power that helps support normal blood pressure. And some say that’s what helped the French keep their hearts ticking like clockwork.
And Dr. Stengler has gone to great lengths to ensure you get a grape seed extract in Provicor that is...
  • Structurally unique
  • Includes 90%-95% Polyphenols (the active compound in GSE)
  • Clinically researched to help keep your blood pressure in the normal range
It’s a blockbuster blood pressure compound known as MegaNatural-BP®. And I’d bet money that even the most stubborn doctors just can’t argue with the science behind this heart health phenomenon.
In a 2009, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial performed by the Department of Preventative Cardiology, University of California Davis School of Medicine...
Twenty-five subjects were given either 150 mg of MegaNatural-BP, 300mg of MegaNatural-BP or a placebo...
And as you’ve probably guessed, the MegaNatural-BP groups proved better at maintaining healthy blood pressure in the normal range over the placebo group, hands down!
In fact after just 4 weeks both MegaNatural groups had decreased both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure significantly... whereas the placebo group showed virtually no effect!
And these amazing results confirmed a previous study done on MegaNatural-BP in 2007.
But believe it or not, Dr. Stengler wouldn’t let us stop there. So we added another unique way that Provicor helps keep your heart pumping strong...

The miracle energy enzyme that
earned one researcher a Nobel prize

In the ongoing struggle to maintain a healthy heart your body has one natural ace up its sleeve...
An amazing enzyme that helps boost your cellular energy, strengthens overall heart function and may help maintain healthy blood pressure. Put simply, CoQ10 could be one of the most important natural enzymes in your body.
A powerful antioxidant that destroys age-inducing free radicals to keep your heart and your body more youthful.
But there’s a problem...

You’re running out of this natural
heart helper at an alarming rate...

You see, when you’re young your body creates all the CoQ10 you need. But as you age, your body naturally produces less and less.
And what’s worse, you’re at even greater risk of deficiency in this wonder compound if you happen to be taking a statin drug.
But fortunately, supplementing with CoQ10 can help replenish your CoQ10 levels and produce amazing heart healthy results.
Now you’ve more than likely heard of CoQ10 but new studies seem to be published every day on this miracle enzyme so you may not have heard that CoQ10 helps promote a....
STRONG HEART: one of the biggest studies performed on CoQ10 and published in the medical journal Molecular Aspects of Medicine showed the majority of the 2,359 participants maintained healthy heart function after just 3 months of CoQ10 supplementation...
ANTIOXIDANT TRIPLE THREAT: Multiple studies have shown that CoQ10 (once converted to its antioxidant form in the body) has the ability to destroy unhealthy free radicals in the bloodstream. But scientists have also noted that CoQ10 has the amazing ability to literally convert certain free radicals into healthy vitamin E and Vitamin C forms!
BEAUTIFUL BLOOD PRESSURE: Results from thousands of study subjects have shown CoQ10 may help support health systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
That’s why Dr. Stengler insisted on a whopping 100 milligrams of this heart healthy hero in every dose.
And believe me, you won’t have to wonder if it’s doing its job because...

CoQ10 is a heart health miracle
you can actually feel working

In 1978, a biochemist named Peter Mitchell was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering that CoQ10 supplies the spark your body needs to convert nutrients into energy.
So you’ll not only feel confident that CoQ10 is helping maintain your normal blood pressure, fighting free radical damage and supporting your overall heart function... But you’ll also be able to face each and every day with a vigorous spring in your step as CoQ10 infuses each and every cell in your body with life-enhancing energy!
CoQ10 helps give Provicor a heart health difference you can feel...
But Dr. Stengler still wouldn’t let us stop there!
Provicor has already gone above and beyond what you’ll find in most heart health supplements by combining 4 groundbreaking cardio ingredients that help maintain your heart health from every angle...

But the health benefits of Provicor don’t stop there...not by a long-shot

Provicor also doubles down on your cholesterol support by infusing every heart healthy soft gel capsule with a dose of plant sterols.
These unique plant compounds are heart healthy phytosterols which have been shown in a meta-analysis involving 84 clinical trials over 6,800 participants to help maintain healthy LDL and total cholesterol levels.
Honestly, I can’t think of a supplement that provides more support for your heart and entire cardiovascular system than Provicor.
With Dr. Stengler’s exclusive Provicor formula you get the brand new, ultra-purified form of Omega 7 that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else...
The unsung heart health hero, AmlaMax, that provides you unparalleled support for your LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and provides support for healthy CRP levels...
The secret behind the “French Paradox,” MegaNatural-BP which helps support normal systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels...
The heart health powerhouse, CoQ10, which provides all around support for your heart and infuses you with life-giving energy, fights free radicals, and may even support healthy, normal blood pressure.
And the all-in-one cholesterol supporting plant sterols, which give you an extra layer of support for your LDL cholesterol levels and cholesterol ratios!
With all this support packed into one bottle...

Provicor puts an end to
“Cardio Confusion”

C-reactive proteins, triglycerides, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, LDL, HDL, Total cholesterol...
Phew... Taking care of your heart can be a mind-boggling mess sometimes.
And no one knows that better than Dr. Stengler. Every day, patients come into his clinic scratching their heads about what to do for their hearts.
That’s why he wanted to create this all-in-one solution for you.
Provicor makes it combining all these pivotal elements of heart health into two, easy-to-swallow gel capsules.
And these are two gel capsules you won’t find anywhere else!
Remember Provicor uses a unique form of ultra-purified Omega 7. And Dr. Stengler’s the first to combine this unique form of Omega-7 and these heart health all-stars into one simple formula that you can’t get from your doctor... Or any other doctor!
So act now and secure your share of this exclusive supply before the bottles start flying off the shelves because...

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