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Monday, March 10, 2014

Blood Lipid Profile

I have been posting my blood lipid profile for the past couple of years now and today I have my latest numbers.

  • Overall cholesterol is 157 and anything under 200 is considered good / 120-231 mg/dL
  • HDL (so called GOOD Cholesterol) is 35 / they like it over 40 / 29-83 mg/dL
  • LDL "Bad Cholesterol" is 78 and that is considered optimal range / 62-185 mg/dL
  • Triglycerides are at 220 which is just on the low side of high, OR the high side of LOW depending on whose charts and recommendations you look at/ 16-231 mg/dL

If you read my numerous posts on the work done by Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Matthias Rath on heart disease being a ......VITAMIN C deficiency, you will understand I am not terribly concerned about this report.

Go to my labels section and look up posts on Vitamin C. Dr. Linus Pauling received the ONLY US PATENT ever given for the cure of heart disease. It consists on mega doses of vitamin C, along with 2 amino acids (Proline and L-Lysine), vitamin E, Co-enzyme Q10 and other nutrients.

There is a LOT of research and evidence that this is a much better route to follow that trying to get your overall cholesterol under 100 and to be taking blood thinners and statin drugs etc. with their long list of side effects including fatalities.

Does that mean that I totally ignore blood lipid profile numbers? NO, it does not. In fact I take a product (also mentioned in previous blog posts) called CHOLESLO which can be purchased online for around $99.00 for a 3 month supply.

That particular product works better than anything else I have ever tried with ZERO side effects. Look it up, have your own numbers run periodically and do the research. It just might save your life.

God Bless,


"The fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much" James 5:16 KJV

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