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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Links To Research on Brown Adipose Fat and Counteracting Obesity and Diabetes

I have been reading  some information from different sources on the role of Brown Adipose Fat in counteracting diabetes. This is brown fat as opposed to white fat. Sites I have visited  are talking about diet, some supplements and even something as simple as turning your shower to COLD for 30 seconds while showering.

Some of it sounds a little crazy, however this does not appear to be some pseudo type science with no basis in fact. Even the Joslin Clinic which is the clinic I personally go to are involved in research in this arena.

There are on line "Infomericals" out there wanting you to spend money to get their book or video etc. I am neither for or against any of these as I simply do NOT KNOW enough about this development to make DO or DON'T comments and recommendations.

I just wanted to list a couple of links and make readers aware that this is being researched and just may produce valuable insights into controlling and maybe even curing diabetes as we go forward.

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Here are some links for those wanting to look at this research:

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