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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

CURE Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease

Would you like to get off most or all of your medications?
Would you like to lower your blood pressure?
Would you like to lose those unwanted pounds?
Would you like to eliminate heart disease and type 2 Diabetes from your vocabulary?


I WANT YOU TO CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND PROMISE ME YOU WILL WATCH IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH and then watch it again the next day. Then think about following the regimen outlined on the video and in the text.

  • WHAT do I have to do? First have a desire to really get healed of all of the above, then consider taking action on it. First of all have a complete physical done, run your blood lipid profile  and perhaps take a treadmill stress test. Also get an A1C test run before you make the lifestyle changes.
  • THEN decide to wean yourself off Dairy products (milk, cream, cheese of all kinds including cottage cheese, ice cream, chocolate and rich deserts. Avoid refined sugar in all its many hidden forms. 
  • Avoid all JUNK empty calorie, salt laden, artificial ingredients laden munchie crunchie foods.
  • Then stop eating meat, poultry and even fish. Get off the red meat (steaks, hamburg etc.) first.
  • Then follow the VEGAN diet outlined in the video for at least 90 days and then have another physical and blood lipid profile completed and compare. Dramatically step up your intake of fresh vegetables of all kinds, and perhaps include a daily green smoothie. During the 90 days keep accurate records of your blood glucose readings and have another A1C completed.

Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. MD has a track record of positive results and makes a LOT OF SENSE.
Do you want to take prescription drugs and perhaps insulin etc. the rest of your life while progressively getting worse or at best maintaining status quo of do you want a shot at getting well and reversing damage done in your body by dietary habits?

What he is recommending here is NOT moderation or simply cutting back on certain foods or even just eating less. He is suggesting a radical change in habits for most people and apparently has the statistics to back up his claims.

Do NOT take my word for it. Listen to the video and do some research!

You will be glad you did. NO, I am not associated with nor do I receive any remuneration of any kind if your listen to the video and follow the advice. I am just a type 2 diabetic like yourself and the purpose of this blog is to report findings that make sense to me.

God Bless,


"When someone's lost, aimless and adrift,
  Take the time, give 'em a lift.
  Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery,
  BUT TODAY, you can be their gift"

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