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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

6 Stages Of Type 2 Diabetes Control and REVERSAL by DeWayne McCulley Review

One of the books in my arsenal against diabetes was written by DeWayne McCulley and is entitled Death to Diabetes. This book was a best seller and is still available for anyone really serious about getting off the slippery slope of having your type 2 diabetes get a little worse every year as you grow older, and simply depending on prescription drugs, and ever increasing doses of insulin to keep you alive. While all this is happening, you find yourself possibly losing your eye sight, dealing with ever worsening diabetic Neuropathy and a host of other ailments from being a diabetic.

THINK it won't work for you?

"My people perish for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6

Consider DeWayne's condition when diagnosed with diabetes:

He was first diagnosed with a blood glucose level of 1337 which is more than 1000 points above normal. Factor in 2 blood clots, pneumonia, high cholesterol, and living on four insulin shots daily.

DeWayne's background was in engineering and biochemistry and he used lots of PRAYER, along with studying type 2 diabetes and body chemistry and dramatically changed his diet, exercise habits and his LIFE and today is no longer a diabetic. He is living proof that it can be done, if you want if bad enough to take action.

His book gives a proposed program he calls the 6 stages of Diabetes control and REVERSAL AND I WILL OUTLINE THE BASICS HERE ON THIS POST:

  • Stage 1 NO blood Glucose (BG) Control
  • Stage 2 BG control with drugs
  • Stage 3 BG control with REDUCED drugs
  • Stage 4 BG control without drugs
  • State 5  BG and HbA1C control without drugs
  • Stage 6 BG and HbA1c tighter control without drugs

I can't begin to summarize this treasure chest of valuable information in one blog post, so I won't even try. I will refer you to the book and encourage you to purchase it on your own and read it through entirely the first time. then go back and read it again and make notes on the pages, and make up a chart as a word document on your computer (if you have that capability) and chart your progress as you follow his recommendations. He does NOT set a time limit on achieving this as we are all individuals. No two people on earth have the same set of fingerprints or identical DNA, or the same amount of determination, desire or attitude. All of us have to START somewhere and the information is this book belongs in your library and the steps outlined here could be invaluable to anyone who wants to BEAT diabetes and its many detrimental complications to their health and well being.

One excerpt page from book:

This Almost Happened to the Author!

Don't Let This Happen to You!
Amputation, Blindness, Kidney Failure, Ulcers, Heart Attack, Stroke, Gum Disease ...

Foot Ulcer     Toe Ulcer
Amputee (Loss of Leg)  Kidney Dialysis (Due to Kidney Failure)   Blindness & Cataracts  Gum Disease & Rotten Teeth  Heart Attack & Stroke

Diabetes doesn't kill you (directly) -- it rots out your body from the inside out one organ at a time. 

I strongly recommend ordering a copy for yourself. NO, I do not make any remuneration from the sale of DeWayne's book. I just want you to be aware of it. You can order it on this link:

I also strongly recommend that you stay in touch with your doctor and let him or her know you would like to dramatically improve your A1C and over all health and you are reading this book  and would like to dramatically improve your life with this research.

God Bless,


"The life of the flesh is in the blood" Leviticus 17:11

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