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Monday, October 19, 2015

Taking Control and Taking Care of Yourself!

I assume if you are reading and following this blog, you are a diabetic or borderline diabetic. If you read my blog, you will know that I am NOT a fan of prescription drugs and never have been. For the most part I think they have replaced medicine as I knew it growing up. It seems to me that prescription drugs have replaced doctors advising patients to change their diet, exercise more, avoid certain foods and drinks altogether in order to gain back their health.

It is all too easy today to simply prescribe another drug to the possible long list of drugs that a given patient is already on. Lately in watching TV commercials it seems that the diabetes business is coming out with a new drug almost every day. We are NOT winning the war against diabetes and in fact it is growing at a faster rate than ever despite all the Pharmaceutical purported efforts at eliminating it. Could it be, there is a profit motive at work here? NAW, can't be. Just a silly uncalled for remark on my part.

Case in point / 1.7 Millions new cases of type 2 diabetes were diagnosed adults in 2012 and it is on the RISE and not on the decline.

Isn't the onslaught of new prescription drugs hitting the market pulling in the reins so to speak on the escalation of Type 2 Diabetes? Sure doesn't appear to be the case! What about high Blood pressure?
We have Beta Blockers, diuretics and new drugs all the time and yet blood pressure continues to be a problem for a large portion of the population at large.

My own Blood Pressure has been pretty good for a while now. I am on two drugs for that condition which are  Lisinopril and Felodipine. Both come with a long list of side effects and the funny thing is that I can't find one side effect that I like. I did have my dose cut on both drugs  a couple of years ago. I now only take (1)  Felodipine ER 5mg in the AM and (1) Lisinopril 40mg in the evening.

I would like to get off both of these drugs, however if I do that, I need to be working closely with my doctor and letting her know what I am doing. I also would NOT go cold turkey off from both. I would work with her to wean myself slowly off one of these at a time and closely monitor my BP in the process. In that process I understand that my body has been accustomed to taking these drugs for several years and my blood pressure might be a little whacko for a while. In laymen's terms my body would react to the changes and adjust itself over a period of time. There would presumably be some withdrawl symptoms in the mix.

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE, I would replace those drugs during the weaning process and afterwards with natural food based supplements and veggie/fruit smoothies.

As an example:

I just finished drinking a 16 ounce glass of ice cold water, which contained one medium size red beet with the beet greens attached, one fresh crisp tart apple, 3 or 4 stalks of celery with the leaves attached.

SEE LINK FOR ALTERNATIVE and additional information on beet juice:

It was delicious and my intent is to drink at least one 16 ounce glass of this type of smoothie every day

To the above regimen I have pretty much already went off the GRAINS except for oatmeal in the morning. I rarely have a slice of bread, or any kind of muffin or any processed sugar laden wheat product breakfast cereal. I studied the "Wheat Belly" diet approach and it made sense as a type 2 Diabetic to get OFF from the wheat, and other grains, and get away from bread entirely. I eat more fruit and expanded to a lot more veggies and a bigger variety of veggies in my diet.

My breakfast is Quaker oats (NOT the prepackaged over processed packets), along with Carrington Farm's organic flax chia blend which contains 3000 mg of Omega 3's in two tablespoons. To that I add 3 or 4 green or red seedless grapes and a handful of blueberries. I use Stevia in the raw to sweeten.

I eat a lot less meat and a LOT more beans from pinto beans to Lima beans to black eyed beans, to kidney beans, baked beans etc.  Beans provide additional fiber and protein. I stay away from empty calorie foods that are full of sugar and simple carbs. This makes up 95% of what I call the "Crunchie/Munchie" isle of your grocery store.

I try and eat large raw salads every day with sweet peppers, lettuce, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli etc. with a low calorie vinaigrette dressing.

I will post my results here on how my BP is doing with the beet, celery, apple smoothies and the change in breakfast routine.


 I also still walk a LOT, do push ups, abdominal crunches and other exercises.

I just turned 68 October 6th and don't let my age slow me down. I want to do everything I can as long as I can. The thrust of this post is that YOU can play a major part in your own recovery and you don't have to spend the rest of your life on prescription drugs. Drugs should be your last line of defense and not your first choice.



ANS. "IN THE BEGINNING GOD........................"

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