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Monday, January 4, 2016

More ON Doctor's and Hospitals and Prescription Drugs Deaths

I came across another article concerning death caused by doctors, hospitals and prescription drugs showing more detail. THIS IS IN NO WAY meant to bash any given doctor or doctor's office or particular hospital or to imply that anyone and everyone should immediately stop seeking medical help and or take it upon themselves to stop cold turkey taking any and all prescription drugs.

I am 68 years old and for the most part have not experienced gross medical errors in my own life or suffered any lasting detrimental physical damage from any doctors or hospital errors. I AM HOWEVER very susceptible to about any and all side effects of prescription drugs and consider that a gift from GOD. I am on the same  prescription drugs for blood pressure and type 2 diabetes that I have been on for over 10 years. I DID have my dose lowered on both sets of drugs a couple of years ago and am always seeking information on eventually weaning myself completely off them.

Here are some additional statistics on DEATH by the medical and prescription drug industry:

Health Care in America Today

The Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) was created by Congress to analyze scientific and technical issues in America. From 1972 to 1995, the OTA conducted studies on health care, pollution and other such topics.
After producing an unfavorable report of US health care, the agency was disbanded by Congress.
The OTA’s 1995 report on health care found that:
  • Life expectancy in the US was among the lowest in developed countries
  • Infant mortality rates in the US are poor
  • Technology in US medicine is expensive and unrestrained
  • 67% of physicians in the US in 1990 were specialists
  • The drug industry exacerbates health care costs while new drugs rarely provide more benefit than old
  • The FDA doesn’t consider the effectiveness of new treatments or compare new products to old
  • The FDA does not consider non-drug alternatives
  • The pre- and post-approval processes for drugs is lacking
The report concluded with these statements:
“Only 10-20% of all procedures used in medical practice have been shown to be efficacious by controlled trial,” and “There are no mechanisms in place to limit dissemination of technologies regardless of their clinical value.”
The Nutrition Institute of America funded an independent review of “government-approved” medicine that was published in 2006. Professors Gary Null and Dorothy Smith, along with doctors Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman and Debora Rasio titled the report “Death by Medicine.”
The researchers found that America’s leading cause of death isn’t heart disease or cancer: its conventional medicine. They found that the iatrogenic death rate in the US (death caused by doctors and/or medical treatments) is 783,936 a year. That’s 84,059 more deaths than those caused by heart disease in 2001 and 230,865 more deaths than those caused by cancer.
(MY INPUT ..........Just THINK about the next statement for just a minute! Incredible isn't it? There is an old adage..."Money talks, Nobody walks"
Over a decade, the scientists predict that iatrogenic deaths will total about 7.8 million, “more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the US throughout its entire history,” a death rate equivalent to that caused by six jumbo jets falling out of the sky every day.
They also believe the numbers are actually much higher because most iatrogenic deaths aren’t reported as such: only 5 to 20% of iatrogenic deaths are reported for fear of lawsuits and because codes for reporting deaths due to drug side effects and other medical errors don’t even exist in many cases. The number of deaths due to conventional medicine may be 20 times higher than the numbers depicted here.
The study authors, using the most conservative statistics they could find, broke down iatrogenic deaths over ten years as following:
Adverse Drug Reactions1.06 million
Medical Error0.98 million
Bedsores1.15 million
Hospital Infections0.88 million
Malnutrition in Health Care1.09 million
Outpatients1.99 million
Unnecessary Procedures371,360
The “Death by Medicine” doctors also took a look at unnecessary medical care over the course of a decade. They found that 89 million people are hospitalized unnecessarily each year and that 17 million iatrogenic events will occur among this number. 75 million Americans receive unnecessary medical procedures over a decade, 15 million of which result in an iatrogenic event. 164 million people will receive unneeded medical treatment within a decade.
So what’s behind these death rates and adverse events? Profit, politics, defensive medicine, lack of research on treatments, one-size-fits-all drugs, lack of doctor-patient time and the abuse and over medication of our elderly are all culprits.

I did a post a short time ago spelling out the LINK between type 2 diabetics and LOW magnesium levels. Since acting on the advice in the research, and increasing my magnesium levels, my blood pressure levels are excellent morning, noon and night.

BELOW is an excerpt from one of Dr. Mercola's articles on line:

The mechanism by which magnesium controls glucose and insulin homeostasis appears to involve two genes responsible for magnesium homeostasis.6Magnesium is also required to activate tyrosine kinase, an enzyme that functions as an "on" or "off" switch in many cellular functions and is required for the proper function of your insulin receptors.
It is well known that people with insulin resistance also experience increased excretion of magnesium in their urine, which further contributes to diminished magnesium levels. This magnesium loss appears to be secondary to increased urinary glucose, which increases urinary output.7
Therefore, inadequate magnesium intake seems to prompt a vicious cycle of low magnesium levels, elevated insulin and glucose levels, and excess magnesium excretion. In other words, the less magnesium your body has, the less it appears to be able to "hang onto it.8
Rarely do so many studies from around the world find universal agreement on a subject! The evidence is clear: if you want to optimize your metabolism and keep your risk for type 2 diabetes low, one of the things you need to do is consume adequate magnesium. Unfortunately, this is not the norm, as an estimated 80 percent of Americans are magnesium deficient.
(MY Input) The cause and effect of the above for me at least became relevant very quickly after increasing my magnesium intake.
Are you a type 2 Diabetic? I PRESUME you are or know someone who is. Ask yourself or them how many different BP meds you or they are on and has anyone EVER told them about any sort of link between low magnesium levels or increasing their magnesium levels under supervision and monitoring the results?
Again, I am NOT suggesting that you stop any or all contact with doctors, hospitals or go cold turkey off any existing prescription drugs. I am suggesting in this blog changes in your overall diet, exercise programs etc. to hopefully improve your quality of life and the extension of your life.
If your doctor's Modus Operandi is simply to put you on another prescription drug, or a stronger dose of the same or increase your insulin etc. without trying to work with you to lose weight, enroll you in classes, and help you change your lifestyle and diet to live a longer, healthier life you may not be in the right place.
God Bless,
Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint."

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