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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Recent Lab tests, X-rays, and Ultra Sound Results and Misdiagnosis

Good afternoon blog readers! I have not had any new posts in a while and thought I would do a revealing post as to why.

Approximately two and one half months ago, I started having some bouts of in-explainable severe vertigo and nausea. I am talking about three of everything in my vision spinning counter clockwise and unable to tell if I was standing, laying down, upside down etc.

At first it would come and go and then got more frequent and unpredictable to the point I was useless and bewildered. I went to a local medical center and after having several tests run, they determined that I had some blockage in the Sub-Clavian arteries in my neck and if the dizzyness came back, I should go to a hospital emergency room ASAP.

A couple of days later, I had another severe bout of vertigo and ended up in a local emergency room for 5 hours. I had blood drawn, more ultra-sound and several other tests run. The conclusion was that I had 70-90% blockage in my left sub-clavian artery and 50% plus in my right sub-clavian artery. I was given a Stat Urgent send off to see a cardiologist and he in turn put me in front of a vascular surgeon a couple of weeks later. I was told that I was in danger of a stoke and to take it easy.

The cardiologist put me on a blood thinner and baby aspirin along with 40 mg of Crestor. In other words I immediately got put on 2 prescription drugs and baby aspirin. I have been on lower dose statin drugs before and could never tolerate them ending up with muscle aches and joint pains etc.

I have to mention that the 40mg of Crestor came out to $118.00 a pop to fill since Crestor name brand was what was prescribed. To add insult to injury a low dose BP med I have been on for years (Felodipine) was changed to a tier 3 drug and instead of costing $6 a refill went to $89 per refill.

I left there bewildered and thinking that I was going to need surgery and started reading everything I could find on sub-clavian artery surgery and stents (vs.) cutting the artery out and replacing part of it etc. etc.

I have mentioned before that my wife and I do ministry work in Ireland and have for years. The day before my scheduled vascular surgeon appt, I received a Word of Knowledge, Word of Prophecy from one of our prayer partners in Ireland by email.

She indicated she had been praying for me and that I was to read chapter 37 of Isaiah (regarding the Assyrian King Sennacherib attacking different groups and his messenger being sent to see Hezekiah leader of the Jews to let him know he should surrender otherwise be attacked by the Assyrian army the next day. He told the messenger that God would protect them from the Assyrians. The messenger replied, "You mean like he protected all the other people we have already conquered?".

Hezekiah responded, "NO, their God's were made of wood and stone but we SERVE the one true God and he will protect us".

The Messenger said, OK, "You have had your chance to surrender".

That night the Angel of the Lord went to the Assyrian camp and slew 185,000 Assyrian soldiers. The Assyrian king fled or as we said as a Kid, "He exited stage left in a hurry".

That was very powerful to me and I cried when I read the chapter. Our prayer partner also told me that God strongly spoke to her that,  "I was to REBUKE whatever the doctors had told me THUS FAR.

My heart jumped in my chest that God would have a very powerful message like that sent to me and I met with the vascular surgeon the next day and his expert opinion after examining all the tests was that the diagnosis I was given was totally 100% wrong. My right sub-clavian artery is 20% blocked at worst and the left artery was 40-50% at worst near my collar bone and the rest was 0-20% which did not pose a threat. In addition he told me that the chance of having a stroke from a sub-clavian artery is statistically ZERO.


Now what?

I Received another word of knowledge from another prayer partner in Ireland the day before my ENT appointment. The word given was, "That I would being to rapidly improve physically and be restored quickly"

The dizzyness, vertigo problem had not yet been solved except the surgeon told me to see an ENT (Ear, nose, throat specialist) as he felt if might be an inner ear positional problem and had nothing to do with my heart or arteries at all.

I went to see a local ENT who put me on a diuretic and mclizine as needed for vertigo. From my first day on the diuretic, my problem with vertigo stopped  It was diagnosed as Menieres syndrome or disease). Turns out I have some excess water in my right ear cochlear bone which was the source of my trouble.

SINCE the misdiagnosis, I now replaced the Felodipine and the Crestor with two lower dose generic drugs and am back to feeling great again. It didn't hurt my feelings that 2 of the meds which were $207 per refill are now generic and a lower dose and only $6 for 90 day supply.

Isn't God Great?

God Bless and have a GREAT Day.


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