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Friday, September 2, 2016

Lessons Learned Regarding Previous Post (Get Second Opinion)!

One of the things that in my case was reinforced in my mind, is BEFORE having surgery done get a second opinion to be sure. In my case and with a history of my wife and other prayer partners giving me "Words of knowledge and Words of wisdom" from the Lord to confirm actions I should take or not take regarding my health, the outcome was in my favor.

For readers and followers of my blog, you can look at the listing of my many blog posts and find dozens of posts regarding the "Unified theory of heart disease" (vs.) the medical professions "Blood lipid theory of heart disease". The story of Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Matthias Rath is a fascinating one especially their work in reversing heart disease and clogged arteries with huge doses of Vitamin C, L-Lysine, L-Proline and other nutrients.

I have learned over time that the medical profession for the most part is tied deeply with the pharmaceutical industry and the first line of defense for many doctors to to simply prescribe a prescription drug or several drugs.

Look at some figures:

In 2014 American's filled 4.3 billion prescriptions and spent $374 billion dollars doing so which was UP 13% over the previous year!

Think about that for a minute. Ask yourself a question. Is heart disease being cured and other diseases being eradicated  by filling all the prescriptions. I think not.

The American diet has not improved and the junk food isles of grocery stores constantly are getting bigger. I see on average more over weight people that I ever remember growing up.

When I grew up, the family doctor sat down and interviewed his patients. He or she wanted to know what brought them in to the office. They would ask about your diet and what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They wanted to know if you drank alcohol or smoked or chewed tobacco etc.

They would ask about your exercise habits etc.

More and more it seems to me the first line of defense is to put you on a statin drug, a blood thinner and/or baby aspirin etc.

I am fond of the old saying, "You are what you eat". What happened to changing your diet, going on an exercise routine, standing on the scale every morning to find out where you are at.

I am of the opinion that I do not have a statin drug deficiency. In other words I view drugs in general as foreign substances in my digestive tract. They are NOT FOOD and are not digested as food. They work primarily by interfering with bodily functions and not by replacing needed nutrients.

In the process they cause lots of side effects and misery and in many cases drug interactions that are not healthy. If you have more than one doctor or specialist, you need to spend time researching interactions and side effects of the drugs you are on and make sure your different doctors are co-ordinating what they prescribe with drugs you are already on to avoid interactions which sometimes can be fatal.

Don't get me wrong, as I am NOT saying prescription drugs have no place at all in your life. It is just that I feel they are the first line of defense and an auto response of sorts for many doctors today. You have to do some homework and some study on your own. You not only need to read and understand the side effects but also the cautions of what other drugs might dramatically increase your risk of being harmed or might even prove fatal.

Don't take my word for it. Here is a book I highly recommend that might just change your health situation dramatically.

It is titled, "Eat To Live" by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

It will teach you how to eat right and change your life for the better and very likely allow you to wean yourself off some or all of your drugs over time. It can add years to your life and LIFE to your years.

God Bless,


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