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Monday, January 3, 2011

The "Hydrogenated Oil" story as the cause of Type II diabetes

I might as well admit right here early on, that I personally feel that  hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils have a great deal to do with Type II diabetes. In the approximately 50 years since their introduction in this country, Type II diabetes has increased by 1000%. That is significant. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel here, I am going to post a link to an important web site that mirrors several other articles I have read concerning hydrogenated oils and Type II diabetes. The amount of money spent according to the American Diabetes Association on research concerning both type I and Type II diabetes as of the latest figures available from 2007, was 176 BILLION dollars. Unfortunately I believe that a large percentage of that is drug and surgery related with very limited emphasis on diet, life style change and the root cause of diabetes. There are numerous websites and books, other blogs and magazine articles indicating the validity of nutritional based cures for many diseases including Type II diabetes. The FDA suppresses all of that information and takes the position that only drugs can cure. Here is a link offered indicating FDA activity, on the subject of "cherries" being labeled as a drug. By doing so, of course the FDA can prevent any articles, research etc. being done without their permission. My position for some time now has been that if the FDA approves a particular drug, it is automatically suspect in my mind until proven otherwise.

Link to Mike's Site  (From Mike Adams - the Health Ranger) Put this on your favorites for additional nutritional based cures and research


Here is an excellent read on the dangers of,  "Hydrogenated Oils and Trans Fats".

Link on Danger of Hydrogenated Oils    / You may want to add this to your own personal search for a cure for Type II diabetes.

Another Link On Hydrogenated Oils     / another link on hydrogenated oils and the Type II diabetes link

My personal position on Type II diabetes from a layman and Type II diabetic:

#1 I am always looking for a CURE and taking responsibility for my own dietary habits, trying to stay abreast of the latest findings on BOTH sides of the Aile including the medical field and the nutritional field. Even IF both the medical community and the nutritional community both fail to find a legitimized acceptable cure, there is a GOD in heaven and there are thousands of documented cures and healing all through God's word, the Bible and countless documented cases of miracle's taking place.

#2 In the interim, I continue to improve my diet and exercise habits and take my medication, while working closely with my own doctor and testing frequently and having frequent A1C tests performed.

#3 If all else fails, my lifetime goal is to be FREE of diabetic complications such as stroke, heart attack, neuropathy, amputation, blindness, and other related complications. I have read that eventually (in other words IF you live long enough with Type II diabetes) you have a 4 out of 5 chance to develop one or more of these complications.

In closing this post, I cannot stress strongly enough, that you must play an active part in your own health. You must ask questions, and also do your own research. If you are on prescription drugs or insulin, then do the research. Look up the side effects, both short and long term, and then pay attention if you develop any such side effects. I like to also check the "forums" to get a real world perspective of what people who are taking a particular drug experienced. You must also make your doctor aware of any natural supplements, herbal formulas etc. you are taking and make sure they have a complete list of all your non-diabetic prescriptions also to check for any synergism that may be taking place.


Jeremiah 30:17 "For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds, saith the Lord"

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