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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Avoid Sugar?

Here is a link you may want to explore on the dangers of eating too much sugar. If you have Type II diabetes, chances are you already know the dangers of eating too many refined carbohydrates and excess sugar.

LINK to dangers of eating sugar

At the end of the 1700's sugar consumption was around 20 pounds per person per year. By the end of the 1800's it had risen to 63 pounds per person per year. It has now risen to more than 152 pounds of sugar per person per year.

As mentioned in other blog posts here:

Eat fruit as opposed to drinking processed fruit juices - it will digest more slowly and you are also getting fiber, and other vitamins and minerals naturally occurring in the fruit itself
Avoid empty calorie foods such as potato chips, french fries, most vending machine snacks, anything with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in it.
Remember the world does NOT run on Dunkin
Eat oatmeal and add a little flax seed oil and cold milled flax seed to it - avoid sugar laden cereals or adding any sugar or even most sugar substitutes to it. If you want to make your oatmeal sweeter try STEVIA or one of the substitutes like Truvia that uses Stevia in it.
Avoid white flour and white bread products and instead use a multi grain bread
Be a label reader - educate yourself and know what to look for

Here is another link to eating more RAW FOODS:
LINK to raw foods

A LINK for education on extra virgin coconut oil - an excellent source of fat for type II diabetics:

A tip from Jack La Lane: "If Man made it, don't eat it"   I personally own a "Vita Mixer" and like it very much. In doing some research on juicers, I think Jack's is one of the best. For a Type II diabetic, my own experience is to zero in on GREEN smoothies, and use the fruit sparingly until you have enough experience with it to determine how the fruit is going to affect your blood glucose readings. I like Strawberry flavored WHEY protein (26 grams to (1) scoop, with 1/2 a banana, some flax seed oil, and a large scoop of All Day Energy Greens, and maybe a tablespoon of low fat, LITE vanilla yogurt for an occasional snack. One can add a handful of baby spinach leaves to the mix also. I mix all of this with 8 ounces of skim milk.

Matthew 21:21 "Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth. IF you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, Go throw yourself into the sea and it shall be done"

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