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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Metformin (Another Viewpoint)

I recently read an article by Julius Goepp, MD, in the November 2010 issue of "Life Extension Magazine". The article portrayed the beneficial effects of taking Metformin and went as far as to say this is the drug virtually everyone should ask their doctor about.

In 2010 alone, scientists at top ranked institutions made landmark discoveries that broaden Metformin's use to combat degenerative disease. The indicate Metformin's ability to promote weight loss and mention that few doctors understand that Metformin can PREVENT and even help treat certain cancers.

Based on a study by a team of Swiss researchers they found that diabetic women on a long term Metformin regimen (5 years or more) experienced a 56% reduction in breast cancer risk. It also slashed pancreatic cancer rates by 62% in diabetics and may cut lung cancer rates in smokers.

In the article a detailed link was made between impaired glucose control and cancer is detailed. There is a growing list of cancers Metformin MAY effectively combat, including colon, uterus and prostate. There is also a link make between the anti-cancer mechanisms of Metformin and calorie restriction.

Metformin apparently mimics the benefits of a hormone called adiponectin in activating AMPK-dependent growth inhibition in prostate and colon cancer cells.

The article goes on in more detail concerning Metformin's effects on endometrial cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and colon cancer, and lung cancer. One of Metformin's most heartening findings has been its effectiveness of against even some of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer, which disproportionately affects younger women.

I need to keep stressing that I have no formal medical training and my position for a long time has been that doctor's are prescribing way too many drugs on average as opposed to trying to help patients alter their lifestyles by eating less and exercising more. On the other hand it does not necessarily follow that I am against any and all drugs and that I feel they have no use fullness. Metformin is currently  prescribed to 100 million people world wide. I bring you this review on its own merits and I will give you a phone number listed in the article for questions concerning its scientific content . (1-866-864-3027) The article is well written and has (100)  references given to support the research. There is also a WARNING concerning people who cannot use Metformin as it has been associated with an increase risk of lactic acidosis, a rare but potentially FATAL buildup of lactic acidosis in the blood. Since congestive heart failure, kidney impairment, and liver problems increase the risk of lactic acidosis, individuals with these conditions are advised against using Metformin. People with metabolic ketoacidosis and people taking both gemfibrozil and itrconazole should not take Metformin.

In closing I have found Life Extension magazine to be fair and balanced over all on a number of articles i have read. The ability of Metformin to treat a multiple number of cancers should definitely be explored. See my article on Metformin for a listing of potential side effects. As always ask your doctor if you have any questions, and are taking Metformin, or any other prescriptions drugs for your diabetes.


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