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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aerobics and Weight Resistance Training

I have read a couple of different articles recently concerning exercise. To be specific, the benefits of doing BOTH aerobic and weight resistance training either together or on alternate days has show to be beneficial for Type II diabetics. The lowering effect on one's A1C was significantly better than just walking or running alone and just doing weight resistance training alone.

See the link below for more detail  to support for what I am talking about:

Here is an excerpt from that article

The Best Exercises for Diabetes

Saturday September 29, 2007

Exercise is important for people with diabetes -- especially type 2 diabetes -- because it helps regulate blood sugar and provide cardiovascular fitness that protects against heart and artery disease.
But which type of exercise is best? Cardio, weights, walking -- or perhaps a combination of aerobic and resistance training?
That's apparently what a team of scientists at the University of Calgary attempted to find out by evaluating 251 adults, aged 39 to 70, all with type 2 diabetes and whom were not regular exercisers. The scientists formed four groups and gave them different programs:
  1. One group did aerobic (cardio) exercise for 45 minutes, three times each week.
  2. Another group did resistance (weights) training for 45 minutes, three times each week.
  3. A third group did both cardio and weights for 45 minutes each and three times each week.
  4. A fourth group did no exercise at all.
The study team measured a key indicator of blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetics, known as A1c, before and after the various exercise programs. A1c is an indicator of blood glucose over the previous 2 to 3 months.
Would it surprise you to hear that A1c dropped by twice as much in the group that did the combined cardio and the weights? Well, that's exactly what occurred. . .but they did twice as much exercise didn't they? The results for the cardio or weights groups alone were similar to each other and the A1c lowering effect was doubled in the combined group.
While this story created headlines all around the world, did it really answer the question "which exercise is best?" No it did not, but what it did suggest is that either aerobic or resistance training is equally good at lowering A1c.
And, that doing both provides an additive effect, which may not have been as obvious an outcome as it first seems.

One does not need a full set of weights to do resistance training. The lowly push up qualifies for this type of exercise as does working with a set of dumb bells, and a curl bar. If you are experiencing inclement weather like we are in Central NY this time of year, you could use a treadmill, or an exercise bike or a Nordic Track etc. Even Pilate's would count. The important thing is to do SOMETHING. I now do 50 push ups every other day, but obviously did not start out doing 50 push ups. I worked my way up to that. The important message is that a combination of aerobics (in my case walking), and weight resistance training is MORE beneficial that just doing one or the other.


Happiness lies, first of all, in health.
- George William Curtis

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