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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More On Green Smoothies For Type 2 Diabetes

Based on my post yesterday concerning the health benefits of tomatoes, I decided to try a green smoothie tonight incorporating a whole medium sized tomato in the mix.

I also believe the best chef's never really measure anything, but  just have a feel for what works. I cut up 3 stalks of celery with the leaves into pieces about  one inch long. I dropped them into the bottom of the Vita Mixer. I then cut up one medium sized carrot also into pieces about one inch long and dropped them on top of the celery. I then cut a medium sized tomato in 1/2 and placed it cut side down over the celery and carrots. I then added a tablespoon of orange flavored Metamucil and one packet of Stevia. On top of that I placed a handful of baby spinach and 4 ice cubes. Finally I added approximately a cup of cold water, give or take.

I then blended the entire mixture slowly at first and finished up on high speed to everything was liquefied. I was NOT sure I would like it, but it was pretty good. My wife thought it was pretty good also. Maybe next time  will experiment with two Stevia packets or perhaps put a touch of seasoned salt to the mix instead. I will have to experiment until I get it right, however in the interim I know it is good for me. It is fun to experiment and it beats diet Pepsi and canned store bought juices hands down. The smoothies are more easily digested than eating all the ingredients raw.

If I have time in the mornings, I make the same basic smoothie, except, I throw in a handful of red grapes and an crisp red (cored) apple and sometimes a tablespoon of light vanilla yogurt.

I ran out of All Day Energy Greens recently and until I can order some more, I am trying to do (2) natural fresh fruit and veggie shakes a day.


When it seems that you are all alone in your illness, just remember that Jesus promised to never leave or forsake you "... surely I am with you always, to the very end..."(Matt 28:20)

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