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Thursday, August 25, 2011

High Fructose Corn Syrup / Diabetes Drugs Failure /Green Smoothies

I know this looks like a crazy title for a new post, however I wanted to give you additional information on these three related topics.

Let's look at "High Fructose Corn Syrup" first. We have already covered it in this blog and it is time to look at it again. I am going to post a link below and some excerpts from an excellent article on why you need to AVOID high fructose corn syrup like the plague and learn how to READ LABELS of products before you buy.

LINK to Healthier Talk Site on High Fructose Corn Syrup


Well, looky here! We’re getting more and more proof that high fructose corn syrup plays a major role in the obesity epidemic.
Suspicions were high, of course. Between 1970 and 2005, the same period when our weight problems went berserk, so did the use of HFCS–which went up by 10,763%. I mean, that “coincidence” should get anybody’s attention. 
In fact, it got the attention of researchers. Now science backs up our suspicions.
First, some background. In 1994, scientists discovered leptin, an endocrine hormone created by–get this–our body fat. Leptin works as a fat tracker. It tells your brain when enough is enough, and we get the message to stop eating.
Or at least that’s the way God intended for things to go. When it works, nobody gets fat. When it doesn’t work, the brain never gets the message, and people plump up big time.
What gums up the works? Man-made fructose, which comes without the enzymes, fiber and other natural attributes seen in nature. Synthetic products not found in nature usually make a mess of things, and that includes high fructose corn syrup–which is what I’m talking about.
Sugar contains fructose, too, but it’s not loose. It’s bonded to glucose, which makes all the difference.


Loose fructose blows the whole leptin thing out of the water. Our bodies have no idea what to do with fructose. Every cell we own can metabolize sucrose–sugar–but not stand-alone fructose. And since our cells can’t handle fructose, it gets dumped into the liver because that’s where all the bad stuff goes.
Well, the liver doesn’t know what to do with fructose either. Adding to the problem, the liver can process–not metabolize, but process–about nine grams of fructose a day, while the average can of high fructose corn syrup laden soda has more than five times that amount–48 grams. And since fructose is everywhere, in almost everything, the overload doesn’t stop there.
So, the liver’s drowning in fructose. Eventually, cometh the fatty liver, similar to an alcoholic, with all the problems that entails.
Immediately, however, the liver’s struggles cause two things: A rise in blood pressure and a jump in our triglyceride level.
Doctors noticed long since a relationship between high blood pressure and obesity.
And now we know how leptin gets involved.
High triglycerides throw a blockade in front of the brain so leptin can’t get in to deliver its enough-is-enough message. That’s leptin resistance, the quick path to obesity.
But fructose doesn’t stop there.
Fructose messes with insulin, too. While sucrose gets the attention of insulin, fructose never does. Insulin, another endocrine hormone, makes sure sugar gets handled, but, again, it doesn’t know what to do with fructose.
Long story short, fructose leads to insulin resistance, which leads to Type 2 diabetes.
And did I mention that fructose raises uric acid levels, too? Leading to kidney damage if you keep it up.
Plus fructose makes your endocrine system look like the Keystone Cops in full chaos. In their all-for-one, one-for-all way, they leap into the fray to help their comrades in arms, sacrificing themselves in the effort.
To sum up: High fructose corn syrup marches into your body and starts breaking furniture. The more you take in, the greater the mess.


I have stressed in this BLOG on several posts that Prescription drugs do absolutely nothing at the cellular level to defeat and reverse diabetes. They merely treat the symptoms, and you will NEVER defeat diabetes by treating the symptoms. Yes you will be told that, "You Are Getting Good Control" and that is it. That being said,  I know several people who WERE getting good control at first, then needed stronger meds, and eventually ended up on insulin pumps. Some of them then understood that they could EAT any and everything they wanted because the insulin pump is taking care of their "GOOD CONTROL" worries again.
To my thinking that is a VERY slippery slope to be on. I didn't say their doctor or the ADA told them they could eat anything not nailed down or moving..................However I have met enough people on insulin pump to recognize many (NOT ALL) do feel the pump is a license to enjoy all the wrong foods anytime they want, since the pump will take care of it.

LINK to Diabetes Medicine Failure


Diabetes-medication’s failure is due to the fact that this condition is based on lifestyle, and no pill can solve that. The risk of organ failure is not delayed by near-normal blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. This shouldn’t be a surprising finding since diabetes is an inflammatory condition of the whole body.
Medication will not correct the underlining condition, which is inflammation throughout the body. Over time, diabetes damages blood vessels and is a major cause of heart disease. Inflammation damages artery walls. The longer a person has diabetes the greater the chance for complications to develop. This includes vision loss, foot ulcers, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.
Medication isn’t the answer and has deadly consequences for some patients. With all the drugs that are available diabetes isn’t managed very well. It is still a disease that can take years off a person’s life.
The reason is that diabetes in a condition and not a disease.


The Real Drug Failure Rate

A group of doctors have filed a suit against the Food & Drug Administration for failing to alert diabetes patients to safer alternatives to Avandia and other diabetic drugs. These increased the risk of stroke, and heart attack. It also has been blamed for the demise on some of the patients on these drugs.
The suit was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by the non-profit Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine.
The petition urged the FDA to require diabetes drugs to carry a warning label telling patients that a low-fat, plant-based diet can be as effective or better than drugs in reducing blood glucose and cholesterol.
These doctors saw people getting sick, because they were taking a medicine they may not have needed. In this case they said a low-fat, vegan diet is safer and just as effective.
Not only do medicines fail to help they can kill the patient.The problem is not only  a lack of knowledge, but in the retail thinking or the pharmaceutical industry. Their primary focus is profit and the primary vehicle for that is the drugs that they bring to market.
They have become disengaged from the primary purpose, and have damaged both their reputation, and the healthcare system. They are in the business of becoming more creative with production, so they don’t erode their profit margins. They produce one drug after another with an eye on returns, not on the public’s health.


Take very seriously the dangers of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils/ WHICH result in cells made by DuPont) and the dangers of carbonated beverages whether regular (meaning laden with high fructose corn syrup), or diet (meaning laden with dangerous artificial sweeteners).  Make sure you are getting enough green leafy and bright colored vegetables and fruits. My choice as outlined in these pages are VitaMix Green Smoothies to balance your PH factor and make sure you are getting enough of the type of food God intended for us to eat. See my post dealing with the PH Factor and Interstitial fluid which surrounds and bathes your trillions of cells. You have to stop thinking in terms of eating whatever you want and (NOT TO WORRY) - the drugs or insulin pump will balance everything out. ALSO remember that saturated fats are good for you, IF it is the right kind such as extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, cold milled flax seed oil, nuts (including almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, cashews) Lastly, you have to just have just have to do it.


Hos 4:6.............My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

1Pet 2:24..........(Jesus) bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness -- by whose stripes you were healed.
Isa 53:5.............He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.
Mt 8:17.............He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses.

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