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Monday, November 21, 2011

Lipitor Update

I have mentioned the dangerous side effects of several drugs including  "LIPITOR" previously on this BLOG. Today I learned something new but NOT surprising. The patent on Lipitor will expire soon and that would have meant the price for a daily dose of Lipitor would have went from $4 a day down to 25cents per day. that is because once a patent expires the drug can be sold in generic form greatly reducing the price as in this case 1/16 as much as the name brand Lipitor.

HOLD THE PHONE - it looks as though Pfizer who produces Lipitor one of the most successful drug runs in history has conspired with drug company RANBAXY to keep the price the same until spring. All in the interest of serving the public, no doubt. There are possible pending Antitrust law suits coming, but it remains to be seen if the price will change or not.

Any prescription drug that makes 1 billion dollars a year, is considered a block buster. Lipitor has apparently done that for 15 years running and makes 1 billion dollars in a MONTH.

Refresher on the side effects of Lipitor:

Please review this link for pros and cons on LIPITOR.


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