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Thursday, December 29, 2011

More On NUTS and How To Eat Them

I am finding a lot of possibly NEW /OLD information on the healthy aspects of nuts for everyone including type 2 diabetics. Here are some tips on eating nuts:

  • Almonds - for better digestion SOAK your almonds in water overnight and eat them in the morning.They have an enzyme inhibiting substance in their natural brown coating. Soaking them first removes this inhibitor so they are more easily digested and you get better health benefits from them.
  • Brazil Nuts - you should limit yourself to two or three brazil nuts a day because of the high selenium content
Nuts in general are better if eaten in the raw state as opposed to being over processed, with too much salt and cooked at possibly high temperatures with oil. Over processing could destroy valuable nutrients and interfere with digestion, and cause other health issues.

It is very easy to get raw nuts from your health food stores and some larger supermarket chains have a natural food section with raw nuts. Stay away from the canned and screw top bottled over processed nuts cooked in canola oil and with added salt, and other flavorings.


What is Canola?

  • Canola is an acronym for Canada oil, low acid, and was contrived by the Canadian oil industry in 1978. Canadian scientists genetically modified the rapeseed plants for the express purpose of processing the oil for human consumption. It was cheap and easy to grow. In the 1970s, the food super-companies were looking for substitutes for saturated fats, which were being blamed for heart and other health diseases, and Canada was set to fill the need with canola.
    Natural rapeseed oil is poisonous to humans and animals. It contains high levels of erucic acid, which causes heart lesions and other problems. Reasons for the need to change the name for marketing purposes are obvious. Rapeseed has been used as a source of oil for thousands of years in Asia and Europe, but it was unprocessed cold-pressed oil.

Read more: The Dangers of Canola Oil |

(MY INPUT) - I TOO have been guilty of eating too many processed nuts, under labels that indicate "Honey Roasted", "Sweet and Salty", etc. etc. I am switching to as close to RAW as I can obtain on a daily basis. My local health food store has RAW, Unprocessed, UN salted, Uncooked in oil, with NO additives, NO preservatives etc. That is the proper way to go. REMEMBER to SOAK your raw almonds and don't go overboard on the BRAZIL nuts due to high selenium content.

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