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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Are You A Big Yogurt Fan?.....WATCH The PH Factor?

I occasionally throw a tablespoon of Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt into a green smoothie for taste? I had sort of mentally calculated that it is low in calories and added a little texture and taste to a celery, apple, cucumber etc. smoothie. I have to admit, I had never thought about testing the PH of store bought yogurts.

I am going to post a link here showing results from some researchers that did exactly that. They tested the PH of several name brand store bought yogurts and almost all of them fell into the 4.2 to 4.9 range which essentially makes them acidic (LESS than 7.0 PH) They are certainly BETTER than drinking any of the popular carbonated colas on the market which are in the 2.0 range on average.

I do not eat as much meat as I used to, and try to pay attention as much as possible to an alkaline diet by eating more fruits and vegetables. Once in a while I get a craving for a SAUSAGE AND ONION AND GREEN PEPPER SANDWICH, AND I usually give in to the urge when I go to the NYS Fair in August every year. The PH of a cooked sausage sandwich does not make the alkaline hit parade of things to eat. I try to eat steamed broccoli and green beans, and kale at least 3 or 4 times a week. I try to drink a veggie based green smoothie at least once a day and twice if I have fresh produce on hand. I do experiment with the smoothies as sometimes I put in a scoop of whey protein powder, a couple of stevia packets, occasionally an Emergen-C vitamin C packet and if I have it on hand a scoop of "All Day Energy Greens" or Barley Grass Powder, etc. to vary the flavor and nutrients. MY essentials are celery (including the leaves), and usually a medium Gala apple, along with 1/2 cucumber, a carrot, ice cold water etc. mixed up in my Vita Mixer. The American diet is on average way to acidic and this can be a BIG factor in Type 2 Diabetes and a host of other ailments.

The article had NOTHING to do with Type 2 diabetes per se, and was geared towards people who suffer from acid reflux. The results speak for themselves however and I will cease and desist from using store bought yogurt in my smoothies.

I think all of us as diabetics need to take the initiative on our own to examine what we eat and drink on any particular day and think about the PH factor along with looking at the fat content, the sugar, the hydrogenated oils, the food additives etc.


Reflux Diet Cookbook’s Top 10 Best Yogurts for People with Reflux
StonyfieldPlain OrganicFat free4.9Pure organic yogurt (no fruit)
DannonPlain (“all natural”)Fat free4.8Pure yogurt (no fruit)
DannonLight & Fit BlackberryFat free4.8Blackberry flavored (no fruit)
StonyfieldBlueberry OrganicFat free4.8Organic Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom
StonyfieldStrawberry OrganicLowfat4.8Organic Stawberry Fruit on the Bottom
La YogurtProbiotic Pina ColadaLowfat4.8Pina Colada flavored (no fruit)
La YogurtProbiotic StrawberryLowfat4.8Strawberry flavored (no fruit)
DannonCherryLowfat4.9Fruit on the Bottom (more fat than most lowfat)
DannonLemon (“all natural”)Lowfat4.8Lemon flavored (no fruit)
FageGreek Strained (“all natural”)2% milk4.9Pure yogurt (no fruit)

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