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Monday, April 30, 2012

More On Testosterone For Type 2 Diabetics

I came across some information concerning testosterone that I want to pass along. For more information see my previous posts on that subject.

I will post a link to this article from Dr. Michael Cutter in this blog post, and will highlight a few of the findings I thought were interesting.

Apparently in the last 20 years or so men's testosterone level have dropped significantly due to STRESS, excess body fat and toxins in the environment. In 2007 in the Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism Journal it was reported that there was a 17% population decline in men's testosterone levels between the years 1987 and 2004. The article indicates that stress, chronic worry, anxiety, and depressed mood act as triggers to increase cortisol production. Cortisol in turn slows down testosterone production.

I recommend you read this article (LINK BELOW) and do some additional research on your own concerning low levels of testosterone and early death in type 2 diabetics.

Following is another LINK for the dangers to diabetic men with low T. Article published in Science Daily April 13, 2011


ScienceDaily (Apr. 13, 2011) — A new study on men with type 2 diabetes shows that those with low levels of testosterone may die sooner unless they are given testosterone replacement therapy. The findings were presented April 13 at the Society for Endocrinology annual meeting in Birmingham by Professor Hugh Jones (Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield).
Professor Jones' team conducted a six year study of 587 men with type 2 diabetes, splitting them into three groups: those with normal total testosterone levels (above 10.4nmol/L, n=338), those with low testosterone levels (below 10.4nmol/L) that weren't treated with testosterone replacement therapy (n=182), and those with low testosterone levels treated with testosterone replacement therapy for two years or more during the follow up period (n=58).
The findings show for the first time that low testosterone puts diabetic men at a significantly increased risk of death (p=0.001 log rank): 36 of the 182 diabetic men with untreated low testosterone died during the six year study, compared to 31 of the 338 men with normal testosterone levels (20% vs 9%). Furthermore, only 5 of the 58 diabetic men that were given testosterone replacement therapy died during the study (8.6%), meaning they showed significantly better survival compared to the non-treated group (p=0.049 log rank).

It is well known that men with type 2 diabetes often have low testosterone levels, so it is important that we investigate the health implications of this. We now need to carry out a larger clinical trial to confirm these preliminary findings. If confirmed, then many deaths could be prevented every year."


This is serious business if you are a man and have been diagnosed with low T or declining T levels. 2 years ago, mine were 442 which was well within the normal range. Then recently it had dropped to just over 300 which is on the low side. This article above (and others I have posted) indicates success with testosterone therapy in the form of Testim or Androgel (Gel you RUB on every morning) as opposed to shots, and other therapy.

As I have stressed in these pages previously if you are a male, and are diabetic or diagnosed as PRE-diabetic then you need to have your testosterone levels checked and if LOW, do something about it. Stress is prevalent in our society and getting worse all the time. The economies of the whole world are NOT stable and getting worse. UNemployment is at an all time high and not improving under our current administration in America. The housing crisis is still a crisis etc. etc.

Stress increases cortisol levels which decreases testosterone which if you are a diabetic interferes with your chances of living a LONG life. Don't be proud and don't be macho and don't be DUMB. Get your T levels checked is NOT painful and just might add years to your life.


"Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened" Winston Churchill

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