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Monday, September 16, 2013

Vitamin C - I Am Switching To This Source

I have done many posts recently since my 7/24/13 heart surgery concerning Linus Pauling's heart therapy recommendations and specifically on Vitamin C. I have been searching under Google for the BEST Vitamin C and I am going to settle on this one. Obviously one can purchase Vitamin C everywhere from the grocery store to pharmacies to health food stores, and hundreds of places on line. How does one know what is the best and perhaps the most economical Vitamin C to follow Linus Paulings heart therapy program?

I have already listed the Vitamin C Foundation and his own Tower Labs. Both have proven excellent sources of Vitamin C. Both are on the expensive side, however to be fair, they contain all the ingredients in one convenient powder for your use. No swallowing several large pills each day and the obvious possibility of better assimilation.

On the other hand if I can find a source that is economical, I do not mind keeping track of what I take and saving money at the same time. I have been a follower and reader of Dr. Weil for many years and this is the Vitamin C he recommends. It is priced RIGHT and has the doseage that one needs to follow Pauling's heart therapy. It is called C-Salts and each bottle for $19.95 contains (43) servings and each serving is 4000 mg of Vitamin C along with potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, sodium free and non-acidic. I am switching to this product immediately. The BONUS is if you buy (2) bottles, you get the 2nd one at 50% of the cost.

(UPDATE 10/25/2013) they also have a more economical purchase that contains 143 servings.

YES, you will still have to buy the essential amino acid Lysine which again most pharmacies and even Walmart carry. I purchased my first bottle of Lysine at Walmart for $8.00 and each tablet is 1000 mg. (UPDATE - I have found Lysine in Walmart now for $3.32 for a bottle of 100 / 1000 mg tablets) In the morning I take 4000 mg of vitamin C and 3000 mg of Lysine and after a 3 mile walk, I have a whey protein shake which contains all 18 amino acids (including adequate amounts of Proline which is part of the formula). Later in the day I take an additional 2000 mg of Vitamin C and again before bedtime I take 1 or two more giving me a total vitamin C intake of around 8000 mg plus whatever is in my daily multiple vitamin. In addition I take 100 to 150 mg of CoQ10, 1000 mg of L-arginine, and several other supplements.

Doesn't taking all those supplements get expensive? SO DOES OPEN HEART SURGERY AT $100,000 AVERAGE PER PROCEDURE, not counting lost time from work and sometimes a painful and long recovery and restrictions on operating a vehicle etc.

This makes for a very affordable formula and one that is readily available.

Here is a LINK: (Including a few testimonials I added in)


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C-SALTS™ (8 oz)

Product #: CS8OZ
Size: 8 oz = 227 grams
Strength: 4000 mg
Serving Size: 1 teaspoon
Availability: ships immediately 
Suggested Price: $24.98
Our Price: $19.95

You Save $5.03!
Buy 2 bottles and take 50% off the 2nd! (Limit One Per Order)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
based on 28 reviews
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C-SALTS™: The Best Form Of Vitamin C

The Best Form Of Vitamin C: C-SALTS™ - Buy C-SALTS™, the Best Form Of Vitamin C on the market today online at Wholesale Nutrition.
“The best form of Vitamin C I have found is called C-SALTS™...made by Wholesale Nutrition” - Renowned author and nutrition expert Dr. Andrew Weil in his best-selling book “Natural Health, Natural Medicine”

C-SALTS™ is the most effective non-acidic, effervescent and refreshing vitamin C drink on the market today.

With C-SALTS™, you get your vitamin C as a great-tasting carbonated mineral water beverage, plus a unique blend of hard-to-get minerals all in one highly absorbable solution.

When a rounded teaspoon of C-SALTS™ is added to just 1/8 to 1/2 glass of cold water, a good-tasting, effervescent Vitamin C drink is obtained containing 4 grams (4000 mg) of Vitamin C plus 14% of your RDA of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, all as their ascorbates. Of Vitamin C's acidity, over 90% is neutralized - and there is NO sodium.

C-SALTS™ is 100% natural and contains no sugars, flavors, or fillers of any sort - you get only what is listed on the label. A C-SALTS™ drink can be mixed in a few seconds, making it the perfect digestive aid after meals, or just a convenient, pleasant source of daily vitamin C.

C-SALTS™ - The Best Vitamin C.

Read more on our Learn About C-Salts page.

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Customer Reviews

215 of 415 found the following review helpful:
5 StarsMiracle C
by kLa from East Tn on Feb 22, 2012
Positive - I think they named this product wrong. Can't tell you the number of times it's kept me from getting sick. I start taking it the minute I think I'm comming down with something and keep taking it till I'm all better. Gen in 1-3 days I'm fine. It's never let me down. Negative - I don't like the taste and anyone I've given some to felt the same. My little one said he'd rather be sick than take it. So I mask the taste by adding juice. Which helps but doesn't totally mask it.
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406 of 829 found the following review helpful:
5 Starsbest C I've tried
by a member from Florida on Sep 18, 2009
I've taken C on and off for many years. This is by far the best. I notice it's direct effect right away. Like if I have a canker sore in my mouth, I immediately take C-salts a couple times a day and it substantially cuts down the healing time. This is the only real helpful thing I've found for canker sores as far as C goes. Same with colds, sinus infections, etc. I notice immediate results. I cannot say enough about C-salts.
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440 of 852 found the following review helpful:
5 StarsC-Salts
by Sandra from Charleston, SC on Jul 6, 2009
C-Salts is the best Vitamin C product I have ever used..and I've been taking Vitamin C for over 40 years! This extremely easy to drink and tastes good, and very economical as well. Every person should be taking some form of Vitamin C, especially since our food has very little nutrients....and our fruits have been traveling and in warehouses for no-telling how long. I used to live in Florida, where I could walk out my door, pick a fruit and eat it. That is the only way I know to be sure a fruit is fresh! I also love your new website...good work..I shall send a link to everyone I know.
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77 of 140 found the following review helpful:
5 StarsC-Salts, A Great & Very Important Supplement!!
by Evert G. from Perth, Western Australia on May 10, 2013
Been taking Vit C for years (inc IV Vit C) and then found C-salts! Great, easy to use product and love the fact there are no fillers or other nasties, and that it's GMO free - please keep it that way!! Thanks for a great product and thanks for delivering to Australia (even if customs always opens the parcel to check the "Powder")
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154 of 316 found the following review helpful:
5 StarsC-Salts
by a member from CA on Sep 25, 2012
In my personal opinion I believe the most important vitamin/supplement is Vitamin C and if I were allowed only ONE supplement to consume that would be it! I highly recommend C-Salts and by far is my first choice, it's easy to consume and tastes pretty good. My second choice is liposomal Vitamin C, which I have taken but unfortunately is a bit pricey. I am extremely grateful to have found C-Salts and I will not be without it, I'm a customer for life!
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5 StarsC-Salts
by a member from Plymouth, MA on Jun 4, 2012
I have been using C-Salts for over 15 years and highly recommend the product. It has dramatically reduced the amount of colds I have had previous to my using C-salts.

189 of 391 found the following review helpful:
5 StarsC-Salts & Rebuilding Your Arterial Blood Vessels 
by Robert / Diversified Services from USA on May 22, 2012
Health researcher Jay Patrick, is reported to have said that Hypoascorbemia, a major genetic disease that oppresses all humanity is being virtually ignored. Hypoascorbemia is the inability to produce Vitamin C in our own livers, as do 99.99% of all other animals. The known exceptions: humans, the guinea pig, monkeys, apes, a type of bat and a rare rat. In a 76-year lifetime, the average human heart, weighing a little over one pound, will pump some 52,680,000 gallons of blood, which the arteries must carry about the body. The coronary arteries can withstand this enormous load and the friction on the vessel wall, which are maintained only by continuous replacement of the inner lining, the intima. This lining must remain smoother that the finest silk for good arterial health. But because of poor nutrition, the new cells that try to provide a new lining every two or three days are, with advancing years, of poor quality - the surface of the lining becomes rough and then starts to bleed. Mineral ascorbates hold the key and are essential to maintaining the integrity of the wall of your body's 75,000 miles of arterial blood vessels. Lacking sufficient mineral ascorbates is the beginning downward slope to arterial leaking and body deposition of the combination cholesterol, lipids and calcium. These products, which are essential to body function and, for perhaps 40 years, have circulated freely over a very smooth surface, now start to accumulate, forming sludge that blocks circulation, ultimately bringing on death, or the very temporary patch-up job of a heart bypass. We tell our clients that it is not enough to clean out plaque with products such as EDTA oral chelation - it is also essential to rebuild ones cardiovascular system and that is where C-Salts is an outstanding product of immense benefit, which we recommend to all of our oral chelation clients. So for longevity and disease resistance, C-Salts is a good health insurance policy. Thank you for making this product available and wishing you much success in helping the many who are ready to benefit by incorporating C-Salts into their daily diet.

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