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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Role Of Trace Minerals

I am going to list some important trace minerals for your health. For the most part it is not recommended that you take a trace mineral supplement as most minerals can be found in the right foods. The key here is that they are called TRACE minerals for a reason. If you have special needs, have the tests done first and then consult your doctor.

You will see selenium mentioned and this is one you can overdose on fairly easily. ONE brazil nut a day provides 100% of your selenium requirements. If you are taking Kelp tablets or another form of iodine, you should not take it without selenium. One brazil nut a day will do it. It follows that 10 brazil nuts a day ARE NOT BETTER. I take two NATURE'S WAY kelp tablets from GNC a day (providing trace minerals and 800mcg of iodine)  and eat one brazil nut a day. The RDA on iodine is 150mcg for the average person.


Here is a link to trace minerals in general:

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