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Friday, September 21, 2012

Push Ups and Walking

Hi There. I just returned last evening from a 5 week trip to Ireland doing ministry work. While there, we moved living quarters three different times and for the most part I did not have access to a gym or any workout equipment. What I did have is a couple of pairs of walking shoes and two arms. From 8/21/12 up to and including 9/20/12, I averaged an hour or more a day walking and I did 1600 military style, straight back, chest to floor while balancing on hands and toes push ups. I share that with you, NOT to brag although I take a certain amount of pride at my age in doing that. I turn 65 on 10/6/12.

I did 100 push ups on 3 different days, however I averaged 53 push ups a day for the trip. I was sick with a bad cold and flu like symptoms for almost a week and I did take a couple of days off. From 8/21 to 8/31 I did exactly 50 a day. On 9/11, I did my first day of 100 push ups. From 9/2 to 9/6 I did 50 per day again and after that bumped it up to 60 a day with 70 per day on a couple of days. The first 10 consecutive push ups I did had me thinking I am too old for this and it has just been tooooooooooo long ago. I persisted and it got better. The push ups became easier and I continued to PUSH myself to goals I did not think I could do. The first day I did 100 was a confidence builder.

I have not done that many push ups in a month since perhaps boot camp for the US Navy at Great Lakes Illinois back in 1965. My first day home today I did 60 and will probably settle on doing 60 a day on average along with continuing the walking and adding in some abdominals and working with the dumb bells. I FEEL GREAT. It has made a difference in my overall appearance and well being and certainly increased my UPPER body and overall strength.

I am NOT a fanatic about doing them or missing a day and yet on the other hand, if you don't stay focused and start making excuses why you can't do them today, you will quit in a hurry. I honestly feel I can do three sets of 20 each for a round figure of 60 per day almost indefinitely. It gives you a great sense of well being and it is good for the testosterone levels and BG readings.

EXERCISE IS IMPORTANT. If you are not already into a program, try the push ups and walking. I think you will grow to like it and everyone needs some sort of goal setting to keep you in the game.

God Bless,


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