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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More On Interstitial Fluid and Type 2 Diabetes

I came across this website and found a lot of the same information I have been gathering from many sources ALL ON ONE SITE.

I wanted to make this available to you including the books offered on foot reflexology and massage, drinking ionized water, acid (vs.) alkaline PH for interstitial fluid etc. There is a lot of information on this site.



It Starts with A Shift of Paradigm...


Misconception No. 1: Sugar Causes Diabetes

If you are a diabetic patient, your body has a problem regulating the sugar level in your blood. Just a single-course high carbohydrate meal or a glass of sweet juice will cause a definite surge in your blood glucose levels - which, in turn, will require a much longer time to stabilize and return to normal levels.
You cannot put the blame on sugar, just like you cannot blame the cars (glucose) that stuck in line at a malfunctioning autopay gate (glucose channel). It isn't the fault of the cars that has caused the failure of the gate to allow them to pass through. It is the same inside your body - it's not the glucose that causes the inability of your body to utilize the insulin floating in the bloodstream. Glucose is a victim, not the culprit.

Misconception No. 2: Diabetes Is Caused by Lack of Insulin

Yes and No. It is only true for Type 1 Diabetes (accounts for 5 - 10 % of diabetes cases), but it is not the primary cause of Type 2 Diabetes, which affects a much larger subset of the adult population.
Typically, for Type 2 Diabetes patients, their insulin production level is normal during the early stage of the onset of the disease (when they were first diagnosed as having hyperglycemia). It is only at the later (or near-end) stage that their pancreas become weak - thus decreasing the production of insulin.
What's Wrong With Conventional Medical Treatments?
The sad thing is that most of the conventional medical treatments for diabetes are centered around these 2 Misconceptions. Doctors will advise all diabetes patients to minimize their sugar and carbohydrate intake, some even to the extend of total abstinence from all glucose producing foods. This will only put the patients in a state of constant fatigue and tiredness because there is no input of energy source to the body.
Eventually, it will evolve to a stage where the patient loses weight drastically within a very short period of time. This is a sign that the body is forced to 'burn' itself away to "squeeze" out whatever source of energy (fat & muscle protein) that is stored in the body. This quick lost of body fat will suddenly release the toxics (that was hidden or 'wrapped' by the fat over the years) into the bloodstream and kickstart a series of diabetes related health complications.
Pumping in more and more insulin is just a temporary solution. As the diabetic condition worsens, one will need to increase the dosage as well as the frequency of the insulin injections.
In order to cure your Type 2 Diabetes (Thus far, there is no cure for Type 1), you will need to understand the primary root of the disease, which is Insulin Resistance. You have to understand and believe that Insulin Resistance is Reversible before any solution can be recommended to you.

You Don't Need Medication, What You Really Need Is...

Re - Education

What is The Actual Root Cause of Insulin Resistance? How to Reverse It?

Before discussing what causes Insulin Resistance, I would like you to imagine an aquarium that is filled with hundreds of fishes. If, one day most of the fish in the tank were behaving abnormally and seemed sick. What would be the most likely cause that comes to mind? The water! There must be something wrong with the environment that the fish are living in.
One hundred trillion of our body cells are like fish living in a sea of body fluid called Interstitial Fluid. Interstitial fluid is the medium where the exchange of nutrients and/or toxic waste between cells and blood happens. A bad Internal Environment will only cultivate unhealthy and crooked cells - eventually leading to Insulin Resistance.
The 2 major destructive forces within a 'polluted' internal environment are:
1. Acidic Corrosion
2. Free Radical Oxidation
Below is the illustration of what happens to your body cells when exposed to an acidic and oxidative environment for a long period of time.
insulin resistance

What Creates An Acidic and Oxidative Internal Body Environment?

Most Type 2 Diabetes patients have had a very imbalanced diet since they were young - at least 80% of their daily diet consisting of acidic food. If you want to know the complete list acidic food - google it. Generally, acidic foods are foods that are high in protein and calories. Protein will be broken down to amino acids after digestion and the metabolic process of handling the excess calories produces organic acids in our body.
High concentration of acidic compounds floating around the interstitial fluid will create a lot of positively charged hydrogen ions which tend to rob away electrons (oxidation) from other elements and create free radicals that attack the cell membrane. And this oxidation process is a chain reaction that consists of multiple free radical attacks which are very destructive to the cell membrane.
Why Ionized Alkaline Water?
The reason I'm sharing all this information here is because I have seen many cases where diabetes patients have successfully reverse their Insulin Resistance problem after they began drinking Ionized Alkaline Water. The reason I have had the opportunity to observe this phenomenon is because I have been in the Alkaline Water Ionizer business for more than 7 years and have had significant positive feedback from my clients.
I have read countless books about different types of water processing technologies and natural health care. The consistent positive feedback from water ionizer users has only served to validate my personal research findings. As I hear more and more testimonials, it motivates me to do more study about the diseases and unveil the mystery of how Ionized Alkaline Water helps to reverse and cure the diseases.
One 'correct' common sense observation often leads to the discovery of another! I strongly believe that this water can kick start a health revolution. Now I'm a full time writer and health consultant. I'm a scientific person and I'm going to explain the benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water from a scientific perspective, sans the emotional hype of an endless stream of testimonials. It's just pure simple science...

The 5 Unique Characteristics of Ionized Alkaline Water

  • High Alkalinity - Neutralize or Detoxify The Acidity In The Body
  • High Anti-oxidant Power - Combat Free Radical Oxidation
  • Micro Cluster - High Penetration Power, Easy for Absorption
  • Oil Solubility - Strong Emulsification Effect, Fat/Cholesterol Reduction
  • Active Neutralization - Actively Search For Acid For Neutralization
After a few years of reading and talking to many diabetic patients, I have successfully compiled the following book specifically on Ionized Alkaline Water and Type 2 Diabetes.
Again I have NO product to sell and I have not personally written any books and i do not have any formal medical training. I LIKE this site and am going to look further into the ionized water concept.

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