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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CholesLo Started Today 12/19/2012

I received my 3 month supply (THREE BOTTLES)  of CholesLo today in the mail and am starting the regimen today for 90 days and will post my results here after the 90 days is up. Directions are in my opinion a little confusing. The bottle indicates that one serving is (1) capsule. It then indicates you can take (2) capsules 2X daily. Then again it indicates you could take 2 capsules twice daily and skip weekends OR you could take two capsules twice daily every other day.

Any way you slice it the math does NOT add up for me. The bottle contains 80 capsules and is supposed to last about a month. If I took 4 capsules daily times 30 days in a month, it would only last exactly 20 days. If I took 4 capsules daily and skipped weekends only, then on average 30 days minus 4 weekends or 8 days leaves me 22 days so I am still 2 days short based on directions to have the bottle last a month.

If I take 4 capsules every other day, I would be averaging 4 (X) 15 days or 60 capsules so now I have 20 left over at the end of the month. If I only take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening or a total of two each day for 30 days, that is 60 capsules and I have 20 left over or enough for 5 days the following month.

I find the doseage recommendations rather confusing. It would have been easier in my opinion to indicate to simply take 3 daily with meals and put 90 caps in a bottle instead of 80. This is NOT a criticism of the formula itself  as it seems to have a good track record. I realize some people with very high cholesterol might want 4 daily, however I don't understand skipping weekends when most people eat more on a weekend that during the week.

In any event I have decided at least for now to take 3 capsules a day during the week and on weekends only  take 2 capsules per day. Even doing it that way I would have 7 of the  eight weekend days  that I could take 2 capsules and then just skip one day a month totally. Here is the math ( 30 days on average in a month MINUS 8 weekend days would leave me with 22 week days (X) 3 caps per day would us up 66 capsules. 80 in a bottle minus the 66 taking 3 a day during the week leaves me with 14 capsules left over. if I TAKE 1 CAPSULE 3X A DAY and then (2) capsules a day on weekends, I would end up skipping one day a month with ZERO capsules.

I revisited the website and got a little more insight on the results of this product. here is a link that show several testimonials:

I should mention there is a money back guarantee spelled out in the link above for this regimen.

In my personal case, Niaspan has not had much effect on my triglycerides which is my main concern, so even with somewhat confusing doseage directions, I am willing to give this product a fair test.

Again this is a Cholesterol lowering natural supplement with a track record for increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and reducing triglycerides.


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